Thanks to my younger years when sun tanning was such a joyful thing to do, minus SPF skincare or so whatever. I believe my dark spots are not literally caused by those sun rays, but also signs of aging (sigh). The obvious one popped out near my cheeks, more obvious when I applied blush on. What to do, what to do?

Enter Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Spot Serum. Lately, I’ve been using more Korean brands’ skincare as I believe they react more on my Asian (read: oily & troublesome) skin. As the name stated, this is a spot serum so basically it’s recommended for those who have dark spots. Formulated with traditional Korean herbs (as you might already know, Sulwhasoo is big for ginseng ingredients), it’ll help to relieve dark spots from its source. It features white ginseng saponin to suppress the formation of melanin & prevent skin from forming more dark spots and Mulberry root extract to keep skin from drying and recover.


Comes in a dropper, this is one clever bottle. Twist open and the knob will pop up with the filled in dropper. And if you close it again, it’ll go down automatically. No need to press manually to pick up the serum. 


As for the scent, don’t worry about ginseng strong smell, as it’s very gentle and quite soothing. The texture is milky and liquid, so if you’re targeting on spots, just drop a little on your finger tips. In fact, I only use one drop for my spots. I was quite worried that it might left white residue, but it didn’t. It felt cool when applied and absorbed fast without no drying effect afterwards. And after a few days of wearing, I didn’t see my dark spots turning red, as I’ve experienced with other spot treatments. Oh yeah, I’m planning to use this on my acne scars as well, as they also stated so on the instructions leaflet inside the box. 


Apply this spot serum every morning and evening after your face serum, by pressing on the spots for about 3 seconds using the index fingers. If you love to brighten the whole face and have no dark spots yet (lucky you!), try their whole whitening line, Snowise EX Whitening to enhance the strength of your skin against this harsh sun rays. 

Keep posted, as I’ll update you about the result on my dark spots after 28 days using this spot serum. 


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