Living in a digital era, I have to ask you: When was the last time you actually printed pictures from your digital camera?

Me: like 11 years ago. I know, right? The last photo album in my family is my son’s baby album. Now, every single shot, every memories are well kept inside my Macbook Air, or uploaded to facebook. Reason: don’t have time to print, nor to make the album which will end up sitting there with our books collection and a pile of dust. I’m just not that type, that’s why I consider myself lucky to live in a digital era. 

But, this instant camera from FujiFilm, might change my mind. Since I love black, the previous member of the FujiFilm Instax family, Instax Mini 50S (released 2010) caught my eyes. It looks so elegant, comparing to the others which might look a little girly for some. Small and light enough to travel with, it includes macro lens that lets us to take great closeups (up to 30 cms), intelligent flash which will illuminates the surrounding details without washing out faces, two shutter release buttons so we don’t need to stretch for portrait or landscape pic, and most importantly, self timer.

The latest addition to the Instax Mini family, is the Instax Mini 8 (released September 2012). Available in 5 colors, it will create photos with a bright and soft look (which apparently preferred by female users) by manually adjusting the dial to “Hi-Key” mode (look at the sample pictures above).

I totally agree, that taking pictures should be a fun process, and one of this instant camera will be on my number one Christmas’ wish list this year. 

FUN FACT: Instax Mini was first released by FujiFilm in 1998. The bright and soft look of instax photos is one of the factor for its popularity among teenage girls and women in their early 20’s who are unfamiliar with analog printing (from


Inspired by her romantic couture bridal creations, Monique Lhuillier designed a unique collection of engagement rings (shown all above) and wedding bands exclusively for Blue Nile.

There are four styles she created for the engagement rings, “Romance” was inspired by a lace wedding gown and features interlacing bands of pavé-set diamonds, “Tradition” was described as simple, yet elegant setting, “Antiquity” embodies the glamor of the past with rich detail and “Modernity” incorporates micropavé diamonds around a center stone. Every engagement ring is adorned with a blush pink sapphire which symbolized a blushing bride and now are available online with price points between US$1800 and $5000.

Monique’s designs which stand out and captured the essence of femininity and glamor of modern brides, combined with Blue Nile’s well known high quality diamonds will make every brides blush with glory, indeed. 

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness. And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Audrey Hepburn


Exploring his design possibilities with material like plastic, Jason Wu did it again with Melissa shoes.

Started their collaboration for the Spring 2012 collection, look at his midas touch for the Brazil brand. He played with Melissa’s unique patent plastic, named Melfex to create his own imagination of jelly shoes. I love the flats, especially the green Melissa Moon+Jason Wu.


It’s about time someone think about something fun yet look so edgy. 

Branca Cuvier created a brand, Baguera in 2011. The Portuguese brand (surprised?), focuses on contemporary fashion culture to create fun jewelry with simple concept. And this latest clutch collection, named Vectory is really an innovative, not too mention, gorgeous kind of way to show the brand’s creativity. 

Traditional shape of a cut diamond with angular construction, made from materials such as pleather, acrylic and metal, with eye-popping colors, goes for 70-200 Euros only (surprised, surprised). FYI, the most expensive ones is the Mirror (which I like the most, by the way). 


Selena Gomez really likes to blow her kisses, don’t you think? And for a girl who loves to blow kisses that much, manicure is very much important. 

That’s why I’m not surprised that she’s following her former boyfriend’s path in nail polish collection. As we might remember, JB had his nail polish collection with Nicole by OPI. Her collection, however, will be out later on January 2013. Get ready for 14 colors from bold, sparkles till girly colors named from her movies and hit songs like “Love Song” and “Spring Break”. Just in time for Spring, indeed. 


Being a sweet teeth, I always love the sweet scent of sugar. And when I first tried this body scrub, it smell so divine, I really want to eat it.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub is filled with goodies great enough to eat like smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. See, even the ingredients are so tempting, right? And as any Soap & Glory products, it looks good in the bathroom. 

Why I love it?
– It smell so sweet.
– The texture is not as harsh as I expected, don’t imagine sugar as sugar for your coffee. Trust me, it’s nothing like ordinary sugar. It’s more pasty.
– It leaves my skin so soft afterwards and the scent does stay for a while, even my bathroom smell heavenly. 
– It doesn’t irritate, scratch, leave sticky feeling afterwards.
– Great product with an accessible price always a winner.
– It won’t give me sugar rush or added calories intake. 

How to apply?
– Before using soap in the shower, damp the whole skin (body only, please), and scrub evenly. 
– Scrub more on hard spots, like knees and elbows (sometimes I use it on the back of my feet too)
– Rinse well and never forget to use body lotion.
– Recommended to use depending on the level of scaliness you have to deal with. Mine will be once a week.

Repurchase? Yup!


Number 23 in the famous Bond franchise is coming to my hometown, Jakarta on November 1, 2012. Are you ready for some action or some glam feast for the eyes?

Skyfall is the 23rd James Bond 007 movie, and reportedly is the one of the most hotly anticipated movie of the year. Daniel Craig as Bond no 6 is coming back to the 007 franchise with hotter body ready for some huge action. Enough about him, let’s talk about the Bond girls, shall we? 

Especially Berenice Marlohe whose character, Severine, will be wearing a gown with  glittering Swarovski crystals, 60.000 of them. They all applied by hands and it took 6 months for the Skyfall’s costume designer, Janey Temime to create this black backless gown. Watch closely for this gown which will be appeared on the casino scene, when Severine meets Bond for the first time. 


There’s no mini me version in my family, so I could only dream about having one wearing this adorable shoes from Melissa.


This will be my first post for everything that I have emptied from my adventure on beauty and body care products.

Personally, I never leave half empty products hanging around my drawers or in the bathroom for too long. I tried, I conquered and I’ll make sure I finished it if I love it. The rest is history, as I hate to see clutters.

Now, I’m going to share the products that I’ve emptied recently.

I’ve been using this compact powder foundation for ages. So, to tell you the truth this is not my first MAC Studio Fix I’ve emptied. It works wonder for my oily skin and stay forever until I took it off after a long day. Repurchase? You bet!

This delicately cherry fragranced hand cream is one of my must have. Contain nourishing shea butter (FYI, L’Occitane shea butter hand cream is sold every three seconds around the world), this is my day hand cream. Repurchase? Too bad, this is a limited edition product, so I might switch to other similar scent from L’Occitane, Fleur Cherie.

Whenever I got a chance to go abroad, I’ll stock up on this facial cleanser from the drugstore. With a very accessible price, this cleanser really did what it said. Deep clean. It gives my oily skin a matte looking face for hours and keeping the acne at bays. It gives enough foaming action without no scent. Repurchase? Yes. But if I’m running out of stocks, usually I switch to SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser, which I love as well.

Phew, that was a long name for a product, don’t you think? When I had my naturally straight hair (I had mine curled now), this product is a true helper since I will use my straightener every day. Not only protecting my hair from the heat of straightener, but I feel my hair got straightened more easily. And I love the floral scent it left on my hair. Repurchase? Maybe, if I ever decided to get back to my straightener and straight hair again.