Eyes Are The Mirror Of The Soul

So they said. 

Yesterday, I attended Exoticon, soft cosmetic lens brand event, and they introduced their new brand ambassador, Pevita Pearce. 

This brand has been well known since 2001 and ever since, they’ve worked with many Indonesian celebrities before as their previous brand ambassador such as Krisdayanti and Agnes Monica. 

At the event, they explained that as a pioneer brand for colored soft lens, Exoticon and their campaigns “Play It Safe” and “Love Your Eyes” which will help and remind customers to use contact lenses safely. Yes, we want our eyes to look beautiful, but beautiful must first be healthy. And they will show us how to use contact lenses correctly. Perfect for first user like me. Yeah, (to tell you the truth), I’ve never ever wear contact lens before. The idea of inserting something inside my eyes terrifies me. But maybe that will change after I know the safest way to use one. I mean, getting gold colored soft lens will be super awesome. 

And thanks to the technology called SDD (sandwich Dyeing Doughnut), Exoticon is safe and comfortable. Registered to Ministry of Health in Indonesia, this multi-layer polymerization technology will make sure the color won’t fade too. They have lots (seriously, lots) of colors and patterns. Some came with cute boxes too. 

If you’re confused which collection to choose (they have X2, A+ and ICE), because they are very different in design and pattern, they have X2 Society App. Available in Google play, try this virtual app to choose every shades from their collection. 

Choose your skin tone and choose along all Exoticon collection. 

Comparison is also very important, to see which one suits us best. 

In this app, we can also find out detail information about products and beauty tips. 

For further information, please visit www.x2.co.id


We Shall Have This in Indonesia

The Body Shop Green Sanctuary. It’s The Body Shop Spa, located in Singapore. 

Thanks for The Body Shop Indonesia team, I got a chance to experience the spa on my last trip to Singapore earlier this month. It was a great spa experience indeed, considering that I got exhausted from all the walking and shopping, LOL. 

The Body Shop Green Sanctuary is located on Basement 1 Paragon, right on the heart of Orchard Road. Who would’ve thought there’s a spa inside the store? With 4 treatment rooms and 1 steam room, you really need to make a reservation before coming here to experience body treatments, from facial to foot massage. Unfortunately, some of the treatments are exclusively for ladies, such as body treatments. But no worries guys, you can still do facial here. 

My treatment that day was REVITALISING FULL BODY RITUAL, which is one of their new body treatment. This treatment promise to stimulate and rejuvenate a tired body and mind, and highly recommended for busy individuals who need a recharge. Sounds perfect for me! 

The whole treatment took about 90 minutes, and yes, it was a 90 minutes well spent for me during my holiday trip to Singapore. Sally, my therapist, began with a very firm back massage. And to tell you the truth, coming from Indonesia and having experienced spa here and there including Paris, this might be the very first spa experience when I really felt the strokes. Most of the spa experiences I had outside Indonesia before were not that memorable. So yeah, Sally rocks! LOL.

After the back massage, the treatment continues with scrub and mask wrapping. Below are The Body Shop products that Sally used during my treatment. 

I love how the clay mask felt. It felt cooling yet warming at the same time. And having the treatment on a warm electrical bed added to the pleasure, indeed. 

Mind the grin on my face and ignore my double chin, please. LOL.

After the treatment, it was shower time. They do provide some choices of bath products in the shower cube as you can see below. 

After the 90 minutes treatment, I felt so relaxed and my body felt lighter. Ready to walk and shop some more. 

I do really wish that The Body Shop will consider to open this same concept in Indonesia soon. Of course, I’m going to be one of the very first to try one in my home country. 

Thanks The Body Shop Indonesia and The Body Shop Singapore who made this happened. 

290 Orchard Road
#B1-14/15 Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel: 6733 2221


Now that Ramadan’s month is approaching soon, look no further to buy presents for friends, relatives or colleagues. 

The Body Shop Indonesia launch their Ramadan Festival 2016 last Friday, with choices of makeup trends, gifts choices and donation. 

Since 2012, The Body Shop Indonesia has been launching different gifts collection for Ramadan. And this year, to celebrate Ramadan 2016, their theme is “Give A Heartful Gift”. Packed in Ramadan’s theme tin and card boxes, there are choices from bath and body care to fragrance with variable prices, start from IDR 129.000 to IDR 1.109.000. 

At the event, they also displayed quite a lot of skincare array, specifically their Drops of Youth and Oils of Life line. 

As skin might get drier and look dull during fasting on Ramadan’s month, our skin needs extra caring and hydration. And these two lines from The Body Shop can help tackle those problems. 

Oh, by the way, they’ll launch new products soon from their Drops of Youth line.

I (super) love the new bottle packaging.

I believe their skincare line gets growing, a very good sign that we now have much more alternatives to take care of our skin, especially during fasting month, when skin needs it most.