Betty Boop, the flirty cartoon character with black hair (thanks for the thought). Now in fragrance too!

A classic look of Betty Boop now standing tall on my beauty drawer, thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia who sent me the fragrance “PRINCESS”. Comes in 75ml bottle of Eau De Parfum (yes it last longer!), with fruity top notes such as Grapefruit & Bergamot, dries down to floral middle notes like Jasmine Petals, Gardenia & Velvet Rose, to the base notes Liquid Amber, Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla & Soft Musk.

If you love vanilla scent, its’ light vanilla will not overwhelm. It’s truly a fun & flirty fragrance, just like its’ character. IMHO, perfect for day use for its’ lightness. After I finished the whole bottle, I’ll definitely keep the Betty Boop figurine for collectibles. She’s just too cute.


I’m in that never ending battle for super soft look and feel of long hair.

Ever since I’ve grown my hair long (and longer these days), I’m getting more serious of my hair care. Seriously, longer hair need more attention, more TLC than shorter ones. I believe in using good shampoo, conditioner and mask, as ordinary hair care products in supermarket just don’t cut it anymore (I ended with that non long lasting scent of clean hair, oily scalp & tangled long hair). 

That’s why I believe in salon quality hair products. Currently, I’ve been using the latest from L’Oreal Professionnel Innovative Serie Expert, Pro-Keratin Refill shampoo and masque. Combination of Keratin (FYI, our hair is made up of 85% Keratin that gives hair shine, flexibility & strength) and Incell work together for stronger and more resilient hair. They’ll help to strengthen weak and damage hair too! So, cleansing, strengthening & nourishing? Yup! After a week or so, I do feel my hair is more resistant to breakage. They feel softer without the oily scalp at the end of the day, easier to comb and their fresh scent last. Even without the help of flat iron, a simple blow dry made my hair looked sleek (check out my Violet from The Incredibles’ impersonation pic above #LOL). 


When I met you in the my heartbeat sound…

That Calvin Harris song “SUMMER” straightly went to my mind when I got the chance to sniff at this new range of fragrance from COMME des GARCONS, “BLUE INVASION”. 

Three ‘blue’ unisex fragrances, BLUE ENCENS, BLUE CEDRAT & BLUE SANTAL presented in blue gradation bottles, were created to accentuate radical contradiction of fresh and non fresh, cool yet warm. Very unexpected, with cooling look yet warm notes like cedarwood & sandalwood. 

They all come in Eau de Parfum 100 ml Natural Spray. And, my favorite will be BLUE SANTAL. I found it unique and more feminine amongst the other two. Now available at The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, Indonesia.


I really hope I’m one of the five lucky winners who’ll win a trip to Japan, brought to us by one of my favorite brand, UNIQLO.

To celebrate their first anniversary in Indonesia, UNIQLO is having a special campaign for their customers: 1st Anniversary Thank You Campaign. From May 23 to June 29, 2014, those who shop for Rp 250.000 will get one sticker and when you reached 10 stickers, you’ll get a chance to fly to Japan for free! There’s more: the exact coupon with that 10 stickers stick on it can be used as Rp 100.000 shopping voucher from July 1, 2014 onwards. Oh, and the 5 lucky winners will be announced on July 10, 2014. Wish me luck as I have 5 inside their box already (yeah, I shopped that much!).

I was there at their celebration party in Foundry no.8, earlier this June, and boy it was packed! I love how they installed UT t-shirts everywhere and they even invited DJ Elly Rose from Japan. And check out those ‘sushi train’ (cute, right?). Congrats for UNIQLO!!! (I’m crossing my fingers for that trip to Japan). 


If you’re not into football and that FIFA World Cup thingy, the new collection from L’Occitane is a great way to put a colorful mood of Brazil for your body care regime. 

Feito no Brasil (made in Brazil) was born by L’Occitane founder, Olivier Baussan’s trip to Brazil. Not just the craze of Brazil, but also the artists, musicians, spices, perfumes & flowers. Two new ingredients was picked for this new range of body care products, JENIPAPO (fruit tree from Cerrado) and VITORIA REGIA (giant water lily from Amazone). Thanks to Brazil illustrators, Andres Sandoval and Joana Lira, the packaging looks’ are very very Brazilian indeed, with all the colorful designs. 

I was invited by L’Occitane Indonesia to their event at Skye on a very nice afternoon with all the Brazilian snacks and drinks, I felt I was in Rio. LOL. There were Capoeira and samba dancers too! 

VITORIA REGIA has two scents, made from two different phases of the water lily flowers. The Day Flower’s fragrance is fresh with green notes, mixed with orange, lemon & green apple. While the Night Flower’s fragrance is more floral and powdery with a touch of green notes and lime, hyacinth, peony, musk and sandalwood. 

JENIPAPO, also included a range of sunscreen for face and body, with fruity and floral scents, such as citron, watermelon, pinacolada, lily of the valley, frangipani, musk, sandalwood & vanilla. 

My favorite range is VITORIA REGIA Night Flower. I love how sophisticated the powdery scent from the Eau De Cologne. I wish they’ll make Eau De Parfum version of it. These range will be available in L’Occitane Indonesia stores just in time for the World Cup kick off, on June 12, 2014. Get ready to shop!


Ah, jewelry. I always have a thing for two for beautiful accessories. And MANJUSHA NUSANTARA is one of my favorite brand from Indonesia.

Last May 2014, they’re celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a thematic fashion show “Eksotika Kalingga” which presented an interpreted collection of classic traditional Javanese jewelries from the 6th and 7th century. 

The best part of the collection: it’s very affordable as they weren’t made from gold or silver and very easy to mix and match with modern clothing. Just check out the pics above.