Introducing the latest cushion compact from SULWHASOO, PERFECTING CUSHION BRIGHTENING.

I was invited to the launch with fellow bloggers at their counter on Seibu, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. I was a big fan of Sulwhasoo’s previous cushion compact, PERFECTING CUSHION, and I’m sure I’m going to love the new version because: it’s more brightening and more matte! They claimed that PERFECTING CUSHION BRIGHTENING with magnolia extract and Pearlescent Complex will left our skin bright and luminous for up to 12 hours. And rather than regular water, they used Sulwhasoo’s own purifying water blend with skin-clarifying licorice extract to keep skin hydrated, too.

Wait….are you familiar with Cushion Compact in general? Well, if you’re still in CC cream or BB cream (helloooooo), now is the time to move on to this genius product. It is liquid foundation but soaked in cushion like pillow. The cushion allows uniquely weightless and buildable coverage, perfect for that flawless (read: Korean) makeup look. And unlike general traditional foundation, cushion won’t crease nor cake because the texture is super light. Let’s just say: it’s more breathable. 

At the event, I met Woori Han, Sulwhasoo’s Makeup Artist from Korea. I swear, her skin was so flawless, and when I asked her how many steps she did everyday for her skincare routine, she answered 8. I wouldn’t mind those 8 steps just to get skin like hers.

Woori also shared her tips at the event, on how to apply Perfecting Cushion Brightening Correctly. TAP! Yes, tapping with the puff provided in the packaging (not sliding) will deliver that flawless complexion you always wish for. And she also shared how to highlight with lighter shade of cushion, using the W technique. Apply lighter shade shaped into a letter W just below the eyes. She also shared the L technique to apply blush. Apply blush shaped into a letter L just below the highlight. I’m so gonna try her techniques. 

She recommends to use Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher before applying Perfecting Cushion Brightening to make it last longer.

She also carried some of the latest Sulwhasoo’s products which will be available here in Indonesia by June 2016. Blushes & lipsticks! Yeay! Can’t wait!

Well, stay tune for the review!



This week VOV Indonesia sent me these VOV SUPER FITTING LIPQUID to try. 

FYI, VOV is a cosmetic brand from South Korea since 1981 and owned by LG Household & Healthcare Korea. Available in Indonesia since 2004, their latest concept is “Girly and Modern Chic”. 

And of course, that very concept was truly represented on their products. Just take a look at these lipsticks they sent me!

Priced at IDR240K each, don’t get fooled by the packaging. They might look like ordinary lipstick, but when twisted to open, voila! 

(From Left to Right: Orange Scene, Sweet Rich Pink, Signature Red)

They are liquid lipstick. Well actually VOV Super Fitting Lipquid is a combination between lipstick, lip tint and lip stain altogether. Different from other liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried which basically matte or suede in texture, it’s more light and watery. But no worries, it wasn’t runny at all. In fact, I was surprised by the highly pigmented color, even though I just swiped once. 

I used ‘Sweet RIch Pink” for the pic above, and I like how it felt really comfortable on the lips. The applicator also made it easier to apply. I decided to pull on the full lips, though I eager to try the lipstick to create Ombre Lips which they recommended on the press release. Stay tune for the Ombre Lips look!

VOV Super Fitting Lipquid is now available in 10 colors, which you can get on their counters, in SOGO Kelapa Gading Mall, SOGO Kota Kasablanka, MATAHARI Supermall Karawaci, METRO Plaza Senayan and many more. Visit their instagram @VOVMakeupID for more infos. 



…. simply because you’re afraid of the shots and the after effect, you might want to consider these latest products from L’Oréal Paris, REVITALIFT FILLER [HA].


[HA] stands fro Hyaluronic Acid, the so-called superstar ingredient that we actually have in our skin. [HA] has the ability to retain moisture, and very important with regard to aging. What’s more: [HA] also provides antioxidant defense against free-radical damage. Sadly, [HA] will decrease drastically once we hit 30. That’s why adding [HA] to our skincare routine, especially for women above 30 years old is highly recommended. Some opt for injections, which apparently gave instant result but we have to repeat every 6 months (not to mention that it will cost you a lot and gave bruises for some), or for safer options, apply [HA] topically. 


Earlier this week, me and fellow bloggers were invited to the launch of L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] with two products in the line: Revolumizing Cushion Cream & Micro Volumizing Essence. 


At the event, they provide skin diagnosis, which you can do in L’Oréal Paris counters in department stores. 


Well, turned out I need more hydration, even though I always felt that I applied enough moisturizer every day. As we age, our skin might not get drier per se, but they’ll definitely need more moisture. And [HA] is just the perfect ingredient for mature skin to bring back those plumpness, hydration and firm skin. 


Inspired by filler injections, they even created the Micro Volumizing Essence packaging to look like one. I’m impressed with the pump action packaging which allow us to distribute the right amount of product for each application. Specifically, the essence contains of 1000 mg of Pure Hyaluronic Acid, so imagine how powerful that can be! Both of them look really luxurious in terms of packaging and scent. As for the cream, it’s very smooth and kind of velvety, which left skin super soft & felt hydrated properly. I’ll check back after a month of trial.



…. you might love this latest fragrance from LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE, BALLERINA NO 3. 

Just look at that black everything! Black matte flacon and that black tulle! So I’ve been told that it’s hard to find tulle fabrics in Paris? Seriously?

Why number 3? This is the follow-up to the previous Ballerina No 1 and 2. If you missed my post about them, click here

In my earlier post, I mentioned about Black Swan and guess what? Actually, Ballerina No 3 was inspired by Black Swan. In the press release about this fragrance, Ballerina No 3 noted as a perfume with double personality, just like the character in Swan Lake Ballet. At first, it was delicate, soft and cheering…but then it turned to voluptuous, powerful & captivating. 

Invented by Delphine Lebeau, Ballerina No 3 sort of reveals the most secrete & dark part of the ballerina. Warning you: this ain’t no sweet ballerina with pink tutus. 

Head notes: fuchsia flowers, rose buds, black pepper & pink pepper
Heart notes: black rose & violet leaves
Base notes: sandalwood, oud, cashmeran, caramelized vanilla, cedar wood, patchouli and amber.

Amber note made this women fragrance super long lasting, and based on the notes above, Ballerina No 3 can be categorised as a Woody Floral Musk Fragrance. Available in 50ml and 100ml EDP, I can say this fragrance is very feminine yet powerful. So fierce at its’ own, I feel guilty if I don’t wear my black attire with this fragrance. 


Congratulations IOMA Indonesia for their newly opened counter in Sogo Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

It’s IOMA’s 9th counter in Indonesia, and earlier this month I was invited to check out the counter. And of course, I wouldn’t missed the opportunity to redo my skin check.

I did my skin check with IOMA before, just in case you missed my previous post, click here. It’s recommended to do skin check on monthly basis, so we’ll know our current skin condition.

That’s IOMA Sphere 2. A very clever machine that can detect our skin’s imperfection which most often invisible to the naked eye. 

So how’s my skin report card?

Well, even though I believe I applied moisturiser religiously, my skin still need more hydration. Bacterial activities is also high and I was faced with clogged pores and dead skin cells. Fortunately I do have some good points as well, such as no sagging skin (yeay!), less wrinkles and dark circles (yeay again!). 

The whole diagnosis will only take less than two minutes, and we can even compare our condition (if like me, you already tried IOMA skin check before). Yes, they kept the record, just like doctor. 

IOMA Sphere 2 will also suggest what combination of their products that we should use, according to our skin report card. That’s what I like about IOMA, they have a bespoke day & night product that exactly made to fit our skin needs. 

Eight active serums will be mixed in front of our very eyes by the therapist, and one pump every morning and night is enough. Very practical for busy woman like myself. 

Another cool product from IOMA is IOMA YOUTH BOOSTER. So advanced, we can check our hydration level, anytime, anywhere with this product. Not your ordinary anti-aging skin care, this can be use to check our skin’s hydration. The lid is actually a sensor to place on cheek for two seconds until the red light lit up. I was given this product, and will review them soon, so stay tune to find out more about this unique skin care product. 



…. it’s an attitude! 

As a firm believer of that quotes and as a person who literally dressed in monochrome almost every single day, I’m still a girl who believe in the power of pink. I do have a pink bag and of course, pink lipsticks.

Earlier this week, me and fellow bloggers were invited by L’Oréal Paris Indonesia for the launch of their latest lipstick collection, COLOR RICHE LA VIE EN ROSE. At the same event, they also introduced their latest Brand Ambassador, Maudy Ayunda. At only 21 years old, she scored one of her dreams to become L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador. 

This year, L’Oréal Paris will focus on makeup, other than skincare or haircare and they’ll name it MAKEUP DESIGNER. It’s great to know that they will make this brand accessible to customers, not professional makeup artist. Yup, they will encourage normal people like us to be our own makeup designer, because we know our face better than everyone else. 

Sharing you the pics from the event. 

Me and Maudy dressed up like Parisians. 

They pinkified the venue. 

Back to the lipstick collection….here in Indonesia, they only bring 6 out of 12 shades. They chose only the pink that most suitable for Indonesians skin tone, so the pinks won’t be too pale on our mostly yellowish skin tone. And these 6 shades were inspired by L’Oréal Paris Ambassadors, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Liya Kebede, Jennifer Lopez, Doutzen Kroes and Aishwarya Rai.

Last but not least, the swatch!

From left to right: Jlo (Rose Lotus), Eva (Nymphea), Doutzen (Camelia), Aishwarya (Iris), Liya (Fuchsia) and Blake (Primrose).

Matte finish with no dry feeling. That’s what I thought about these lovely pink shades. Unlike some matte finish lipstick, these felt velvety when applied and didn’t give me that one dimensional flat look. By the end of the day, they won’t cracked. Like most lipstick, the shades might vary on different skin tone. So I really suggest to try them on yourself, instead of just judging from the swatch. 

My favorite out of 6 shades? Eva Longoria’s Nymphea. Peachy pink with slightly yellow-ish pigment, perfect to complement my warm skin undertone. I believe it made my face look brighter when I wore it. Check my instagram @shintarosvita to see each swatch on my lips.

To find complete shades of L’Oréal Paris Color Riche LA VIE EN ROSE, (if you live in Jakarta), visit their counters at Matahari Department Store at Cilandak Town Square, Pejaten Village or Mall Taman Anggrek. Go find your perfect pink! 



Calvin Klein is back with (what they called) a gender free fragrance: CK2.

Way back then in 1994, CK One was a big hit for being the unisex fragrance for young generation. Two years later, there was CK Be, also known as unisex fragrance. Now in 2016, there’s CK2.

Now that things have changed a lot, ‘unisex’ are no more. Instead the term ‘gender free’ was used to address the young generation which named the Millennials. 

I was invited with others Sociolla Bloggers to the launch, and they had this capsule. We experienced the virtual 360 panoramic picture inside the capsule, very millennial-ish indeed. 

So, what’s in the fragrance?

Those are just some. But yes, those are literally stones. One of the notes is wet cobblestone, along with wasabi (yes, that bitter dipping in Japanese restaurants), sandalwood, mandarin, violet leaf absolute, orris concrete, rose absolute, vetiver and incense. 

Being a gender free fragrance, it’s really fresh and I found it more masculine than feminine, though. In the press release, they announced CK2 as Urban Woody Fresh. So, yeah…it is fresh at the very beginning and turned very woody when dried down. 

Only available in 100ml EDT Spray bottle in Indonesia, I love the minimalist design of the bottle (however, minimalism is essential to Calvin Klein’s DNA). It reminds me of bulb, and it can be viewed upside down, as the cap also serves as a stand to maintain the bottle. How cool and futuristic! 

Check out the video which was shot in Puerto Rico, to capture the essence of CK2 as a gender free fragrance.