Camera 360 watch out…we might not need you anymore. Thanks to THE BODY SHOP All-In-One INSTABLUR.

Shine Controlling, check! Reduce appearance of pores, check! Blemish hiding, check! Complexion Unifying, check! Make up extending, check! Sound like missions for beauty apps, no? Apparently not, as now, getting a flawless looking skin in an instant is just a swipe away on your own skin! At the launch event of InstaBlur last week, me and other fellow bloggers and press were told how to apply the latest All-In-One 5 Action Perfector. One swipe was actually all that it needed, to avoid the crystalized form of this face perfector (made from Community Fair Trade Marula Oil). The balmy texture felt super silky and not sticky at all when I tried it on my face. Instantly, I felt the softness when I applied my concealer and foundation afterwards. I do recommend this for those who love to use primer to keep your makeup less shiny and last throughout the day. As for blemishes, especially the raging ones, you still need to apply concealer on top. Tips: a small squeeze of InstaBlur was all that you needed and apply where you needed the most (for me it’s definitely the T-Zone). 

And don’t just blurred the face imperfections, apply the other InstaBlur for your eyes too! At the event, I’ve also got the chance to try the other InstaBlur, All-In-One Tinted Concealer + Primer Colour Intensifier. Now this will complete your whole makeup. Not an ordinary eye primer, as you can use this for eye lids and under eyes to blur that ugly dark circles (as it contained yellow toned concealer). As I believe lots of us are dealing with oily eyelids which made eyeshadows hard to last, this specific InstaBlur is a winner! It also neutralises the appearance of redness on eyelids, and it did intensify the colors of eyeshadows I was wearing. Apply this before your usual under eyes concealer, and notice how it won’t create any single crease. It just blurred as stated, literally. Tips: same like the face perfector, a tiny squeeze was all that you needed. 


Actually it’s not new. RESTYLANE launched in 1996 and since then, millions of people (ladies and gentlemen) have used it and experienced the (sort of) instant results. 

Claimed to be one of the safest aesthetic treatments in the world, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based aesthetic injection treatments. They’re also non-animal which means there’s a minimal risk of allergic reactions. You see, hyaluronic acid is found throughout our body with its’ ability to give our skin elasticity and bind large amounts of water. Yup, it’s sort of like our very own natural skin moisturizer. With the unique NASHA technology where the hyaluronic acid closely resembles our body’s own hyaluronic acid, Restylane won’t affect any facial expression or movement. Yet, of course, it’s non-permanent. You have to repeat the treatment to maintain the result after 6 to 12 months for wrinkles and within 6 months for lips. 

Thanks to Restylane Indonesia, me and fellow bloggers were invited to experience “Clinic Tour-A Day with Restylane” last Saturday. We were supposed to visit two clinics, but due to my hectic Saturday, I was able to visit one clinic only: Miracle Aesthetic Clinic in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, while other bloggers went on to Impressions Body Care Center in Sunter also in North Jakarta. 

At Miracle, we were explained (and there was a demo too on one of the blogger) about the on trending V shape face. Face reshaping by Restylane Dermal Filler is really a cool alternative for those who are afraid of surgical procedures. With very minimum downtime, the whole process took about 1 hour (45 minutes waiting for the anesthetic cream to work and 15 minutes injection time) and the results can be seen instantly.

At the event, they also explained about two injection techniques: one with the injector (the sharp ones) and cannula needles (less sharp and more flexible). Since Restylane was formed in a gel texture, once it was injected, the physician will ‘mold’ the shape to desired needs. It was great to see it by my own eyes how Restylane was injected, form sort of like petite bumps on the skin (especially under eyes skin-the thinnest ones), and the molding process. Truly reminds me of claying. LOL. 

There are different range of Restylane for each problem, so you should always contact a qualified Restylane practitioner and their physician will give you a precise Restylane to suit your needs best. Fill in wrinkles? Add volume? Shape your face or lips? Or simply to rejuvenate your skin? Find your nearest Restylane clinic here


The Body Shop fans, rejoice! Time to shop for your favorite product(s) at lesser price.

I’m such a late bloomer. I went to The Body Shop Anniversary Sale like two days before it ends (it started from Sept 25-Oct 5). But as they said, better late than never. I went to The Body Shop Senayan City’s store, and beforehand I’d like to thank the team there who let me took pictures while I shopped. 

So, what did I buy? 

  • Olive Big Size Shower Gel. This is a limited edition bottle. I always love the fresh scent of Olive Shower Gel, so it’s a winner at 20% off. 750ml pump bottle for Rp231.200. 
  • Blueberry Body Scrub, Shower Gel & Body Lotion. I’m a new fan of this limited edition summer range. Fruity without being to sweet (or I might worried I’ll get stung by a bee, LOL). Such a bargain for buy 2 get 1 free. FYI, the free one is the cheapest, and for me it was the 250ml shower gel for Rp109.000.
  • Well, the rest of the items that I bought were actually not on sale, like Rainforest Balance Shampoo, Colour Crush Lipstick, Arber Hair & Body Wash (bought it for my hubby), and Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. 

Hurry down to your nearest The Body Shop Indonesia’s store, as tomorrow (Sunday, October 5, 2014) is your last chance to shop the sale. Some of their body butter like Honeymania, Mango & Olive are on sale for 20%off. EDT (Brazil Nut, Satsuma, Vanilla, Strawberry & Moringa) are also 20% off. Shower Gel (Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma & Coconut) are also on sale for 20% off. Check out the rest of the sale on the store, so you won’t missed it or you can also shop online here. Happy Shopping!


After their home Paris, New York and Dubai, now Jakarta, Indonesia has our own CARON PARIS flagship store.

Located in Plaza Indonesia level 2, it actually had opened since the first of September. But they made the grand launching just last night. I was invited to the event and I believe this is the first time I ever took so much pictures in one place. Not just a place, the CARON Paris boutique is so….Paris. What can I say? Just look at the pics above and see if you agree with me. 

When I stepped into the store, the Parisian charm and the scent of luxury perfumes greeted me. Let’s just say every corner of the boutique had me at hello. Pretty artsy displays, yet very informative with every fragrance description and for me, the best part is their Fountain Perfumes. Something new for me, but CARON’s Fountain Perfumes is actually legendary. They offered their customers to fill a bottle (and you can pick the bottle there) and the fragrance will be dispensed from a little bronze tap. FYI, these Fountain Perfumes ‘dispenser’ will be clean by a special sort of ceremonial cleaning process every month in the store. Wow, I’d love to see how they clean that. 

As Indonesian, I’m proud that CARON Paris considered Jakarta as a potential market. I mean, CARON is one of the major perfume houses and Jakarta’s store is number 6 in the world. How awesome is that? Its’ unique history amazed me too. In 1904, Ernest Daltroff opened CARON’s first door in 10 rue de la Paix, Paris. His love for his colleague, Felicie influenced his constant fragrances creations. He and Felicie created “N’Aimez que Moi” in 1916, “Tabac Blond” in 1919, “Fleurs de Rocaille” in 1933 and the men fragrance “Pour Un Homme” in 1934. Each fragrance has their own stories, and the one that intrigued me is “Royal Bain” which was created in 1941. Back then, it was created exclusively for a Californian billionaire who wanted to replace his extravagant champagne baths. This one of the very first unisex Eau de Toilette is believed to bring happiness. Ever since they were created, those fragrances remains the same for their formulas and scents (they only changed the packaging nowadays to suit a more modern era). Until today, they work with their own perfume creator. 

In the 30’s Ernest also developed a manufacturing process for “Poudre Libre”, the loose powder. His method remains a trade secret until today, making their loose powder ‘the finest in the world’. I got the chance to try their loose powder and I love it. The expensive scent of Bulgarian Rose and its’ delicate feather puff added the pleasure of powdering your nose. If you love more indulgence, try their special “Powder Puff”. It was made of genuine soft goose down, but don’t worry, no goose was harmed. They plucked the bottom part of the feathers which will eventually fell off by time, anyway. 

Yup, you can find more than just perfumes in CARON’s boutique. They have porcelains and glass collections too. Every single one of them are just too fine to describe. Go visit their boutique, because seeing is believing!