With SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum. 

My upcoming beauty resolution for 2015 is to take care of my skin more. Not that I neglected doing so this year, but smarter moves for better skin is very much needed. After all, healthy and flawless skin will always be a perfect base for any great makeup, right? 

But first, let me share some skin facts according to SAMPAR which might freak you and make you want to run to get this serum, stat!

  • Starting at 20, each woman will lose average 1% of collagen each year.
  • Skin aging starts silently around 15 years of age, become visible starting 30 and accelerates by 40-50.
  • Every day, the skin loses 1/3 hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid diminishes by 50% starting at the age of 50 years.

For the everlasting search of a perfect serum, search no more as SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum reunites 5 serums (hydration, first wrinkles, deep wrinkles, anti-age spots & complexion radiance) in 1. A super concentrated serum with both preventative and corrective powers that promised to reprogram facial youth. With four patented active ingredients, Skin Youth Reverse Peptide, Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin C, Glucosamine-6 and Adenosine, it said it’ll intuitively adapts to cells regardless of our skin age. 

This smart serum comes with a dropper (great hygienic factor) and a light milky texture which absorb quickly. It didn’t leave any oily filmy residue and skin reactions for me. Usually, I use 2 drops for face and neck in the morning and night time after cleansing and before moisturizing. I’ve tried this for about 2 weeks, I feel my skin is brighter, firmer and more toned. 

From the product’s info, this serum is dedicated from 20 to 60+ years. SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum is now available at Sampar Boutique, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta and Beauty Box Stores near you. 


Love the particular scent of musk? You’ll fall deep for MODERN MUSE by ESTEE LAUDER.

Here’s the history of my Estee Lauder’s fragrance: First was White Linen and the last one was Sensuous. And now…Modern Muse. Dedicated for strong & confident woman, enhanced by her own intrinsic femininity & individual style, it features a lush blend of rich florals & sleek woods. A contrast blend of exotic mandarin, jasmine sambac, amber wood and patchouli. 

I found this fragrance as an easy to wear and clean scent. Perfect for day use, as Modern Muse is so light (even though they came in Eau De Parfum). First spritz (in this hot & humid weather) lasted for about 3 hours, so might need to reapply. I love the chic packaging with the bow-like top (like a representable display for its’ feminine scent), and yet easy to spritz (with no cap, yeay!). When I said feminine, please do not imagine sweetness, it’s so not. As I’m very picky when it comes to fragrances (who doesn’t as it will stay with you throughout the day), Modern Muse won my attention. And it seems my hubby’s attention too. I always said that if someone (especially loved ones) even bothered to ask you what fragrance you’re wearing, it must be a winner! Don’t you think so?


….latest luxurious fragrances from BVLGARI, LE GEMME. 

Last week I was invited by L’Officiel Indonesia to witness the latest launch of these unique fragrances in The Bimasena, The Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta. Inspired by semi-precious stones and their historical trade routes, they are named Le Gemme (that’s Italian for the gems). Six pieces of high end Eau De Parfums are: Lilaia (Peridot), Ashlemah (Amehtyst), Amarena (Tourmaline), Noorah (Turquoise), Maravilla (Citrine) and Calaluna (Moonstone). All were created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier and it took her 3 years to create these perfumes. Well, it wasn’t easy to create scents inspired by stones, don’t you think?

At the event, there were only 3 available scents (which apparently only these 3 are sold here in Indonesia): Ashlemah, Lilaia & Maravilla. From all 3, I was attracted the most to the purple bottle, Ashlemah. Inspired by the amethyst, it’s a symbol of perfect balance. The essence of lavender, iris absolute and musk are quite an elegant dream, considering the name Ashlemah was taken from “Achlemah” which means sweet dreams. I am sure I’ll dream about having this one day!

With the bottles inspired by the Roman urns, I wasn’t surprised by the pricing of these luxurious fragrance. I mean, it is Bvlgari, people! 


… comes JURLIQUE. And their story began in 1985.

This beauty brand actually is a phonetic combination of Jurgen & Ulrike Klein, a German couple who migrated to Australia. Jurgen is a biochemist and Ulrike is a botanist with the same vision to create the purest skin care on earth. Combining their knowledge, they knew that in order to do such, they need earth, water, air and sun at their most pure. And they found the perfect place for Jurlique’s first farm, the pristine hills surrounding Adelaide. There, they foster richer soil, grow healthier plants which are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides to create more efficacious skincare and body care products. Once picked and sorted by hands, their ingredients will go through a unique extraction method called the “Bio-Intrinsic” process, a three-stage process to create a highly potent extract without any plant material wasted. They do follow strict organic and biodynamic (certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) farming principles. And last but not least, they do not test their products on animals. 

Now sold in more than 20 countries around the world, they still grow their potent herbs and botanicals in the Adelaide Hills. Their Rosewater Balancing Mist is the first Jurlique product I’ve tried, especially needed when I travel by air. I love the relaxing scent of rose and it hydrates practically (just spritz!). Gladly, now I don’t have to buy Jurlique in Singapore anymore. Yes, Jurlique has officially opened in Jakarta, Indonesia this December 2014. Located in Plaza Indonesia, me & fellow press were invited to their first concept store cutting ribbon ceremony. 

The store itself stays true to Jurlique’s natural concept with wood materials used for its exterior and interior. I love the warm and calming atmosphere they created and how easily we can browse through their products according to the scents/ingredients and specific needs. It’s as simple as their packaging. In the store, I also spotted their latest skin care range, Rose Moisture Plus, made specifically for dehydrated skin. And, since it’s almost Christmas, they have several gift boxes to choose too! I can’t wait to try Jurlique’s other products, stay tune for my reviews.


If you do, you’ll love BEYOND, Korea’s number one Eco Beauty cosmetics brand. 

I was surprised when I was told by BEYOND Indonesia’s team, that LG (yes that electronic brand from Korea) was behind this eco beauty brand. Apparently in Korea (which sadly I haven’t visited yet), LG also produced household and health care products. 

Committed to sustainable beauty in consideration for our environment, BEYOND was born in 2005. Practically new, but they do have a total care brand which encompasses Face, Body and Hair Care. They even have products for Kids. With their ‘Eco Values’ belief, they went through the entire process from finding raw materials for ingredients to packaging. Natural ingredients stored in eco-friendly containers, and not tested on animals. That’s really BEYOND. 

Thanks to BEYOND Indonesia, they sent me these two products to try: REAL MINERAL BB & Just BEYOND REAL MINERAL Glow Highlighter. As we all (might probably) know, minerals will let our skin breathe more easily and give that special glow like no other. And these two products did just that. The Blemish Balm (BB) is probably the most lightest BB Cream I’ve ever tested. It didn’t feel like a mask and glides evenly when applied. Yet, this triple functional mineral BB cream is still good enough to cover up imperfections like acne scars and big pores. And talking about pores, natural minerals supposedly won’t block pores, which is a good news for those who have sensitive skin or prone to acnes. It really gives that extra dewy skin look, so if you want it to be more matte, you might considered to dust some loose powder afterwards. Only available in one color, thankfully the shade fits me just right. It didn’t give me that greyish or pinkish tone like some other BB Cream I’ve tried. 

Perfect for highlight, is Just BEYOND REAL MINERAL Glow Highlighter. As the name stated, this mineral compact did give skin an extra glow by its’ own. When applied by provided sponge, it showed tiny shimmers particles without making skin look whiter. However, I recommend not to use this as an all-over face powder, especially if you applied BB Cream previously. Apply with contour brush on the high points of your face (bridge of nose, brow bone, cupids bow and cheekbones) to reflect light off your face. 

Overall, these two products are perfect to give us that dewy, glowing and fresh looking skin for everyday makeup. 

For more on BEYOND, click here or visit their cute BEYOND Eco Atelier (that’s what they called their shops) in Indonesia, in Taman Anggrek, Pondok Indah Mall 1 & Kota Kasablanka (just to name a few).