Ines de la Fressange: French fashion icon, once a muse for Karl Lagerfeld, star model for Chanel for 7 years in a row, now collaborates with Uniqlo.

Parisian chic style really gets me. I mean, come on, dress like a Parisian is so elegant yet effortless, who wouldn’t love it? And one thing for sure, we don’t have to live in Paris to achieve our very own Parisian chic style. Thanks to a special collaboration collection of Uniqlo & Ines de la Fressange, just in time for Spring Summer 2014.

Last Wednesday, March 26, 2014, I was invited to the launch of Uniqlo Spring Summer 2014 at Ice Palace Theatre, Lotte Shopping Avenue. There were special guests at the event, Daniel Boey and Pevita Pearce, Indonesian actress. Yasuhiro Hayashi, President Director & COO Uniqlo-PT Fast Retailing Indonesia also commented on why Uniqlo use the tagline ‘LifeWear’. “It actually came from our customers. Something to wear everyday, it’s not sports wear or casual wear. It’s LifeWear.” I totally agree, as I found Uniqlo as very comfortable for Jakarta’s harsh weather, and very affordable as well. Linen and Supima Cotton are just two of their premium materials, fabrics that offer a comfortable experience for those wearing it, everyday. So comfortable, Ines de la Fressange, the style icon herself, is indeed a real customer of Uniqlo before her collaboration collection launched. The Ines de la Fressange collection comprises four lines, “Petite Parisienne”, “Bleu, Blanc, Parisiennes”, “Note Parisiennes” and “Souffle de Parisiennes” in total about 70 items which will arrive gradually in Jakarta stores. Meanwhile the first line already in stores since March 26, 2014.

At the launching event, I also got a chance to meet Daniel Boey. You might recognize Daniel from his works for Asia’s Next Top Model, and he worked for celebs like Tyra Banks, the gorgeous supermodel Bar Rafaeli and Adam Lambert. The ever humble Daniel shared his tips on fashion styling for everyday wear, “We need a strong foundation of basic items, which we can find easily with attractive prices at Uniqlo. And always dress for yourself, don’t pick up the trend just like that. Pick a fashion trend that suits you.” He shared his inspiring ideas to mix and match the LifeWear 2014 Spring Summer Collection. Three looks to be exact: Denim on Denim, Eclectic Mash Up & Athletic Chic (see the pics above).

Denim on Denim is my personal favorite. Daniel recommends to play with different colors of denim or texture, add some accessories like suspender. Foremost, is to feel confident on the look. For Eclectic Mash, you can start conservatively like a simple basic T-shirt then mix and match prints and colors. The point is to go bold without being over the top. And Athletic Chic screams sporty not sloppy. Add feminine touch like a scarf and accessorize to make this look appropriate for work.

Fellow bloggers, fashion students and stylists were asked to join the styling competition at this launching event as well. Two bloggers won the competition, chosen by Mr.Yasuhiro, Daniel & Pevita as the judges. And the other fashion students won favorite style, chosen by the guests. After the event, all of guests were invited to Uniqlo store, just downstairs of the venue, for a store tour. Fun fashion day, indeed.





Frankly speaking, I’m not a huge fan of liquid foundation. See, I love to do my makeup as quick as possible, and using liquid foundation with brush and the need to blend them didn’t attract me. Until…

Yves Saint Laurent introduced their latest foundation, YOUTH LIBERATOR SERUM FOUNDATION. It’s the first serum-foundation by YSL and infused with the latest skin science, Glycanactif Complex, which does 3 actions in 3 compartments of skin for lift & pump effect. Let’s just say it works long-term under the skin as well as instantly gives that glowing complexion at the surface. 

I tried shades B30-Beige, and I love the result. My first selfie pic on the left shown myself without any foundation and concealer. The middle pic shown after using foundation only. And the after pic on the right shown after I set the foundation with powder. Surprisingly, even though the texture is quite thick, it was very easy to blend without using a brush. I pumped twice for the whole face only and it didn’t take long to blend. 

As for the coverage, it is a medium to high coverage foundation. So as you can see, I didn’t use any concealer to conceal my uneven skin tone (worst part on both sides of nose). Very good to hide any redness and small blemishes. I did feel like my skin glows from within without using any brightening powder, and even after I set with a non matte face powder, it’s still look naturally dewy. Thanks to YSL’s Color Tune-Up which reduces the appearance of the visible effects of time & magnifies skin tone to add a natural healthy glow to the complexion. 

It lasted really well throughout the day and the best part, it didn’t cake. Don’t be surprised if the shades look a little bit lighter on your face once applied, because it has SPF 20/PA++. The shades somehow will tune in to your own natural shade by time. 

Of course it’s a winner for me as it does save my time doing my makeup with a glorious glowing from within result. 

  1. I can skip my face serum
  2. I can skip my sunscreen
  3. I can skip my concealer

Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation, now available in Indonesia at retail price Rp 750.000. Remember to always pick your shade correctly. 


Don’t you just love Spring makeup? Showered with gorgeous bright colors, Spring translated to be one of the most wearable makeup in the beauty business. Don’t trust me? Check out these looks by Make Up Store.

It’s great to know that our very own Jakarta, Indonesia has the first concept store in Asia which resembled the one in Make Up Store’s native Sweden. When I met Elaine Fong, Marketing Manager Make Up Store for Singapore & Indonesia for the Spring 2014 product launch previously, she said, “Even Singapore & Hong Kong haven’t got one.” Now that they have more than 200 stores worldwide, their Plaza Indonesia store is the must visit ones for beauty addicts. Check out my pics of the store above.

Make Up Store has different collection for each 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. So you can imagine how walking to the store feels like. Lots and lots of makeup products, not to mention they also have range for tools, body care and face care too! This Spring, Make Up Store presents three collections and looks: FUSION, POETIC & DELUXE.

For red and pink colors fans, you’d be delighted with FUSION, a futuristic & eclectic interpretation of two feminine colors.

How to get FUSION look:

  • Blend the new Marble Eyeshadows in Blue Venato & Volcano to create colorful composition.
  • Apply Eyepencil in Not So Dark to complement the eyeshadow shades.
  • For a waterproof result, mix Cake Eyeliner in Dark Grey with Mixing Liquid to frame the eyes.
  • Stroke Volume Mascara to the lashes for that thick luxurious volume without the clump.
  • Pick your gloss. LED Lipgloss in Hot Pink, or Lipgloss Wand Duo in Clementis.

If you consider yourself as an artistic & dreamy, you’ll love POETIC. Sheer, romantic and light, this look also focus on nail decorations, perfect for nail art.

How to get POETIC look:

  • Blend Marble Eyeshadow in Rossi Asiago which is great as blush too.
  • Apply high pigmented Microshadow in Tiffany, Harlequin & Cava to create rich colors & long lasting result.
  • For more intense result, apply Eyepencil in Not So Dark to create that beautiful dark grey color.
  • Decorate your nails with choices of Flowers or Butterfly.

Last but not least, is my favorite look above all, DELUXE. The name said it all, it shows a luxurious look for those who enjoy all the good things in life. Perfecto! I tried the DELUXE look myself (as you can see at the pic above), thanks to Yani from Make Up Store Indonesia.

How to get DELUXE look:

  • Use Eyeprimer before applying Microshadow in Old Lace & Thistle for more long lasting effect, especially if you want them to last the whole day.
  • Complement those colors with Eyepencil in Not So Dark.
  • To add more shimmering effect, dust Eyedust in Sparkle & Umber.
  • Lipstick in Bittersweet will nurture and color your lips in the same time.
  • Top the lipstick with more sparkle using LED Lipgloss in Elegance.
  • Set the brows with Brow Set Fix in Tinted. Your guy can use them too!
  • Color those nails with Nail Polish in Jessica. It screams spring!

For more updates on products or promotions, follow Make Up Store Indonesia’s instagram @MAKEUPSTOREINDONESIA and their Facebook Page: MAKEUPSTORE-INDONESIA


If you love to eat as much as I do, there’s a (quite) new bar&grill in Jakarta that you have to try.

Bluegrass Bar & Grill is located at Bakrie Tower in Kawasan Rasuna Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jakarta. They claimed themselves in their facebook page as an Asian Fusion Restaurant and American Restaurant. I went to this restaurant before they moved to a new location, and I personally love this one better. They have a quite large space to separate the smokers and non smokers, and the bar is the heart of the it. The ambience is quite masculine, do not expect girly things inside, but it’s cozy enough for family dine out (they have Kids Meal!).

When I visited BlueGrass today, it was lunch time, so lots of working people and I spotted some expats having their lunch break there, too. Miranda Tobing, Marcomm Manager for BlueGrass said, it’s much more crowded after office hours with lots of expats and younger crowds on weekdays. I can imagine the empty bar at lunch turned crowded after the sun goes down. 

From Miranda’s recommendation, I tried the appetizer, their signature mocktail, their best seller burger and the yummiest dessert ever! Let me break it down.

Perfect Chemistry: Very very refreshing but not too sweet mocktail. Combination of peach, lychee, kaffir lime leaf, lavender & peach syrup with fresh lime juice. It was a hot day, so this cold mocktail did live up to its’ name. Perfect!

Margarita Grilled Shrimp: Not even a touch of fishy smell from the grill prawns (maybe because they marinated it with Tequila?) and I love how they served them like satays. And the fruit salsa is very fresh, it really complement the taste of the grill prawns.

American Classic Burger: As classic as it can be, with a choice of bacon (turkey or pork). And yeay! They served chips, rather than french fries (lots of restaurant bored me with these burger companion). Also on the plate, fresh coleslaw. The homemade beef patty was marinated well and it didn’t taste dry. And the buns… they’re soft without crumbles and delicious.

Banana Cake: This made me bananas! What can I say, I have sweet tooth. Served warm, this sweet banana cake has this incredible sugar frosting on top which taste cold when you put them inside your mouth. Incredible warm and cold combination of dessert. Me likey!


As I love the taste of honey, and legend said that honey was Cleopatra’s secret beauty weapon, the latest range from The Body Shop will definitely be my favorite beauty regimen. 

What a better way to experience the whole range of The Body Shop HoneyMania, than a spa treatment. At the Spa Hotel indonesia Kempinski, I got the chance to luxuriously dip into The Body Shop’s latest body care range. The range contains Community Fair trade honey collected from handcrafted hives in the Ethiopian rainforest, made from the nectar of a thousand of wildflowers, and they carry soap, lip balm, EDT, shower gel, body scrub, body butter and the innovative Bath Melt. 

My treatment at the Spa began with a warm bath. I felt like a queen bee, literally! I love the texture of Bubble Bath Melt, which really resemble honey. So deliciously looking and felt really soothing on skin, thanks to the creamy bubbles it created. And the smell is absolutely luxurious, very rich floral and honey scent. 

After the bath, time to scrub with HoneyMania Body Scrub. Don’t worry about harsh texture as I can feel it’s very creamy. Before the body massage, time to shower with the Shower Gel, my personal favorite! The soap-free shower gel will be the best way to start lathering on the scent. Next step is the body massage, using the Body Butter. I always find Body Butter is very good when my skin is very dry due to harsh weather, thanks to its’ buttery texture. Who knows it’s also good for body massage as it glides on really well? Well, from now on, I’ll bring Body Butter to my regular spa rather than using unknown oil on my body, for sure!

Last but not least, spritz of EDT will complete the whole sweet & luxurious experience of HoneyMania range. It’s very light, but if you use the layering technique, the rich floral scent surprisingly last longer than ordinary EDT’s. 

Overall, even though honey is literally the main ingredients for this body care range, they’re different from other honey products. It must’ve been the contribution of a thousand of wild flowers scent which made these products didn’t smell like (literally) honey! I love the scent and the soft silky skin result after trying the whole range. And the packagings was so attractively yellow bright, with deliciously looking honey comb illustration, I believe it’s hard not to touch them on store display. 

Remember, to always watch out for counterfeit products, therefore I always recommend to go to The Body Shop stores near you or for Indonesians, you can shop online, here


How desperate am I with my own natural lashes and brows? That desperate, I decided to do lash extension and eyebrows embroidery. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love how they both worked out. Instantly, my eyebrows look darker and full of shape, and those lush lashes are to die for. Until, one of those unlucky day when my eyelash extension fell into my own soup, a tell-tale sign that they desperately need retouch, and so are my eyebrows which getting lighter and lighter. *sigh*. 

When I do my regular retouches, even my beauty therapist said I need a vitamin for my lashes to keep their roots strong to hold the fake lashes extension. And what a perfect timing, RevitaLash Indonesia invited me and fellow bloggers plus medias, to learn more about their products. The event was launching/presentation/pampering time at Blossom Nail Spa in Hotel Intercontinental Kempinski, Jakarta. Listening to presentation while manicuring & pedicuring was heaven! 

The brand’s background is L.O.V.E. Michael Brinkenhoff, MD came up with RevitaLash Advanced as a present for his wife, Gayle while she was recovering from metastatic breast cancer treatments. Her eyelashes had become dull, brittle and lifeless due to intensive chemotherapies. Thus, a product which was created for one special lady has become a world wide known product which can be used by any gender who long for thicker and fuller lashes.

Sandra Natalia, owner of PT Cantika Berkat Abadi, main distributor of Revitalash in Indonesia said that if we use RevitaLash Advanced regularly (as in only once at night), we can see the changes within 3 weeks. They recommend to apply a thin line with brush provided, directly to dry & clean eyelashes, right above the level of where you apply eyeliner. And she reminded us to always use clean hands when doing it. 

As for the eyebrows, there’s RevitaBrow Advanced. With the power of peptides & botanicals for strengthening & conditioning, I can’t wait to see my eyebrows getting fuller, thicker and in beautiful natural shape within 4 weeks. And again, if I use it regularly on clean & dry eyebrows, once at night before bedtime with the special wand. 

It’s good to know that RevitaLash Indonesia carry the whole range of RevitaLash products. The addition are: 

  • Hair Advanced by RevitaLash to improve the look of fine & fragile looking hair.
  • FineLine Primer to create silky & smooth texture on skin.
  • Volumizing Primer to give lashes a boost before mascara.
  • Volumizing Mascara to maximize lashes with clump free formula.
  • Spotlight Highlighting Pencil to highlight and perfect for eyeshadow primer. 

How much if you might asked? In Indonesia, RevitaLash cost Rp 1.2 million (for three months supply) & RevitaBrow cost Rp 1.375.000. Pretty reasonable price, considering the high conversion rates nowadays. 

For more information about the products and how/where to get them, visit their website here. You can also follow their instagram (@revitalashindonesia) or Facebook Fanpage

PS: I’ll update this post by reviewing both RevitaLash & RevitaBrow after minimal 3 to 4 weeks use. I hope I’m patient enough to wait for them to grow. 


If a beauty product can be such a hot trend because lots of Hollywood celebs are using it, then I don’t see why not follow. 

I remember the first time I read about GlamGlow, the famous mud mask. I read that some of Hollywood celebs (not just the ladies) were using it right before their glam and important event, you name it, movie previews, award shows, etc, to get that ‘glamtastic’ skin. I’m so excited now that GlamGlow is retailed also in Indonesia, precisely in their own stand alone boutique in Plaza Indonesia, Level 4, Jakarta, and at Beauty Box stores (Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Trans Studio Mall, Makassar and Paris Van Java, Bandung).

Thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia, I got invited to the launch event of GlamGlow and met the husband and wife team/co-CEOs of GlamGlow, Shannon and Glenn Dellimore. They shared stories behind the brand and how they found the product that changed our perspective about mud mask. 

The inspiration for GlamGlow came when Glenn who ran a celebrity event business & spa consultant previously, met Keanu Reeves through a mutual friend. Keanu mentioned his frustration with taking a jet overseas, arriving super tired, having not slept and needing to be camera ready when he landed. Keanu practically wished for a product that would get his skin screen ready. Then, Glenn thought if it would be possible to create a fast acting treatment that would save those problems. To cut things short, Glenn and Shannon came up with common ingredients in a lot of skincare products, mud and green tea extract. Shannon was the first to try the mask. Then, they gave the jar to Keanu (of course!), Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan who were visitors at the Spa when Glenn worked. And the rest is history, viva voce continues as they love the immediate glowing result after they applied the mask on their face. 

At the event, press and fellow bloggers were encouraged to try the Supermud on our noses. I felt the tingling on it, but not for long as it began to dry (it’ll dry in 10-15 minutes depend on your skin condition, the oilier it is, the longer it’ll take to dry). Half dried, I can see the dots which apparently are the oil that the mask has pulled out of my clogged pores. Not a very good sight, but afterwards, I can see my pores on my nose shrank and the skin felt smoother. Not only for pores, and oil problems, GlamGlow Supermud (in white packaging) can also help fight all common skin concerns like blemishes, spots, black&white heads, even razor bumps and in-grown hair. 

This is what I personally called the wonderful life of living in a now beauty world, where they promised faster results. Consider yourself lucky to live in this era, when there’s a beauty product designed as a 10 minutes anti aging facial in a jar. GlamGlow Youthmud is a treatment you can rely on for that immediate camera-ready glowing skin a la Hollywood superstars. Youthmud & Supermud retail at Rp 780.000 each, quite a reasonable price for imported items considering the conversion rate nowadays.

For more infos, you can visit their website, here.