Every day, our skin cells loose their energy (just like our smart phone, I suppose). Without that energy, skin cells produce less fat, collagen and elastin. Here’s when it get more interesting. At the heart of our skin cells, there are a powerful element called Mitochondrial DNA. They control the whole mitochondrial (the place when cells are located) function and play a huge roll for skin cells energy production. Our everyday stress, UV rays, pollution and free radicals, attacked this fragile and vulnerable Mitochondrial DNA which triggered worsen skin aging.

But how on earth are we gonna recharge our own skin cells?

I found the answers at NUXE PARIS event earlier this week, when they launch their latest duo products, NUXELLENCE.


This new range is essential for daily skincare routine as they will help to repair Mitochondrial DNA to lastingly reveal skin youthfulness for women of all ages.


Why two? During the day, NUXELLENCE ÉCLAT will help smoothes, plumps up and illuminates skin. While NUXELLENCE DETOX will regenerates and revives dull complexion at night.


At the event, there are lots of beautiful flowers decoration. And for obvious reason, because Nuxe has always drawn its effectiveness from the very heart of flowers. Specifically for Nuxellence, their laboratory studied three flower extracts : Passionflower, Anchusa and Poppy to help repair Mitochondrial DNA appearance. 


The good thing about these products, they can be combined with other face care to increase the effectiveness. And Nuxe has quite an extensive range of skincare products which already available in Indonesia (yeay!). You just have to choose which one is the right range for your skin need. 




For the longest time, I thought I always had allover oily skin. NOT.

I wasn’t born to have perfect skin, eventually. I had severe acnes during teenager period and that problem still chasing me until now. Adult acne sucks! So, of course I have oily skin, but not like allover. As I grew older, seems like the oil production slow down and some dry spots below the cheeks near my jaw, appeared. 

Before I found out about MULTIMASKING technique, I use to apply facial mask on my oily part only. The rest are left behind blank. For those who are not familiar with multimasking, it’s actually a clever technique to apply different mask at the same time on different part of face. So, mask for oily skin goes to the oily part, and mask for dry skin goes to the dry part. Yes, this is a current huge trend in beauty world, and THE BODY SHOP are jumping on it.

Welcoming a range of facial mask, THE BODY SHOP SUPERFOOD MASKS. 

Five different facial masks, packed with natural ingredients and 100% vegetarian. They’re also paraben-free, silicone-free, mineral oil-free and paraffins-free.

  1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is 100% vegan, and great for detox.
  2. British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask is also 100% vegan and great for adding hydration.
  3. Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask is also 100% vegan and great for energising. 
  4. Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask is great for nourishing.
  5. Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask is great to brighten. 

Each mask comes with different purpose and textures (cream & gel). But they all have one thing in common, they smell amazingly natural. As big fan of roses scent, I love British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask scent. One of them even looks great enough to eat. But don’t!

Made out of Ethiopian Honey, the gel texture really resembles honey shades and scents. When applied on my dry part of face, it sort of melting on the skin, and left mine feeling calm and relax. So yeah, instead of leaving my dry part blank, now I’m multimasking with two types of masks. 

This range of mask will be available throughout The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores next month, October 2016. Make sure you pick the right masks for your skin need. 


To celebrate SULWHASOO’S 50 years of ginseng research, 50 Inspiring Women was chosen by the Korean brand in Indonesia. And yours truly is one of them. It is a great honor to be one of them, I’m humbled by the whole experience. 

With their “50-year Great Journey to Holistic Beauty”, it all began in 1966 with the birth of the world’s first ginseng cosmetic, known as ABC Ginseng Cream. 

Their journey continues until this very day, by using the most precious botanical ingredient in Asia as we all known as simply ginseng. If you want to know more about the whole journey, Sulwhasoo is having an exhibition on this long weekend holiday at Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. Here are a few pics of what you might see there,

To capture the essence of 50-year ginseng heritage, Sulwhasoo is reaching out to the world with this wonderful product, CONCENTRATED GINSENG RENEWING CREAM EX. This promised to restore natural vitality in the skin by unlocking ginseng’s vitality through their 50 years of research. 

And lucky me, as one of the chosen ones, I got the special limited edition collection of this cream. Made of porcelain with white jasper spatula, and placed in a very beautiful engraved wooden box I’ve ever seen. Yes, it was inspired by the 1966 packaging of ABC Ginseng Cream. Super glam yet still very intact with the heritage, just like the brand itself. 

Congratulations Sulwhasoo for the best 50 years, and cheers for more years to come. 


The collection is Renaissance arrives at Studio 54—I like to talk in more than one language. Fashion isn’t about going in just one direction; I think it’s very contemporary to have many different inspirations.

Gucci Creative Director

Last week I went to see Gucci’s Fall Winter 2016 private viewing cocktail party. 

And I stumbled upon these. Too bad they don’t have the Gucci Ghost version. But I love the red ones, what do you think?

Darn it! I just realised that tote matched my outfit of that day! *drool*

Even though they don’t carry the Ghost tote..they have the pouch!

This red pouch is located on the men’s section, so yeah..I explored men’s one before the ladies.

Those Princetown tartan slippers for guys is just to die for!

Then off to the ladies….

I swear to God if I don’t have to save for this year end of holiday’s trip, I’ll snag these metallic mid-heel pumps. Seriously, mid-heel is the ‘it’ height to be seen these days..what stilettos?

And last but definitely not least: the sneakers. These are the same type of sneakers that Taylor Swift worn (google them, you’ll find the pic). 



The Body Shop Indonesia launched two range of skin care products: DROPS OF LIGHT and SKIN DEFENCE MULTI-PROTECTION ESSENCE SPF 50 PA++++ this week.

Always searching for new natural ingredients all over the world, now it’s red algae, from the deep North Atlantic ocean. They also uses Vitamin C, which we know is a popular ingredient to blur dark spots & hyperpigmentation. Drops Of Light is a skin-brightening regime that promised to give us another dose of radiant and smooth skin day after day. Good to know that sensitive skin can use this range, too. Hold your horses, as this range will be available in The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores on September 19, 2016.

The other product they launched is their new SPF. As I age, I got paranoid of the effects of the sun. We all need a good SPF, stat! Unlike other SPF, this is not creamy in texture. Instead, it’s very feather light, thanks to their milk-to-water essence formula. With broad spectrum UV filters, and added ingredients like brightening red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C. this unique SPF will protect our skin against multiple skin aggressors, while being comfortable to use. It won’t give us that weird white casts post-applied. 

It’s completely vegetarian and formulated without parabens, mineral oils & paraffins. Recommended to use under makeup, and don’t forget to reapply frequently if you’re going to be out in the sun. 

If you live in Jakarta, or happened to be in town this long weekend, drop by to Grand Indonesia to try them for yourself. You can also do your skin check here, to see their product recommendation. 



As a beauty enthusiast, I love to find out new things related to beauty. But foremost, at beauty soiree, we have a chance to mingle with the same crowd.

Thanks to Hellua aka The Lipstick Mafiaaa (with that stunning hair shades) who invited me to join Nuxe x Elle Indonesia Beauty Soiree yesterday. 

I picked up several beauty tips from NUXE at this event and found out that they have perfume other than their well-known skincare. One of France’s bestselling pharmacy (they called it pharmacie in French) brands was launch in 1991 by Aliza Jabès and their first product which catapulted NUXE to the world was Huile Prodigieuse aka their multi purpose dry oil. 

This star product embodies the brand’s philosophy, a blend of pleasure & efficacy in a voluptuously addictive experience. I love to apply this on hair before blow drying to protect hair from heat, it left the hair feels softer and their signature fragrance was divine. No wonder Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan!

At the event, their head trainer from Hong Kong, Ryan, shared valuable tips like:

  • When we apply face mask, do it in thick layers, as one thin swipe won’t be able to absorb any dirt or sebum.
  • If we found scrubs are too harsh, mix them with facial foam
  • Warm your face cream before applying by rubbing them with your hand palms to trigger the effectivity of the product. 

See, I learned much more when I attended Beauty Soiree. And because sharing is caring, of course I shared that with you guys. 

NUXE has been around in Indonesia for about two years now, you can find them in Sephora and Galeries Lafayette. 



This wonderful product by DIPTYQUE surely arrived at never better timing. 

I was watching tutorial by Wayne Goss (I’m a huge fan, by the way!) and it was a tutorial video on how we can make our foundation works better. Wayne suggested a drop of oil (whatever as long as it’s not lavender) and my beauty fairy seems to hear my wish. Came along DIPTYQUE INFUSED FACE OIL.

I mean, who doesn’t love their luxurious candles with their wonderful scents? The thrill when we open the box and smell the scent coming out was pretty magical, and so it did when I unboxed this on instagram. 


The scent didn’t come up like when we opened the candle box. But take a deep look on that bottle!!! To see rose petals floating around inside the bottle was pretty magical for me. It’s so gorgeous!! Very Diptyque, I might say. 

And when I opened the luxurious dropper bottle, the fragrance blew my mind. It’s not rose per se, more to powdery iris & almond scent. And being a dry oil, it feels light on skin and absorb really well. A part of L’Art du Soin for the Face, DIPTYQUE INFUSED FACE OIL claimed to boosts radiance, revitalizes & smoothes. 

Inspired by Wayne Goss’ tutorial on youtube, I decided to mix this with my regular foundation. Let’s see how it goes!

As you can see, it looked way better when I mixed my foundation with this oil. It feels better on my skin and blended very well too. My skin looks healthy and radiant, I’m very pleased beyond words with the result. I believe my lines look softened and my foundation didn’t set on my lines. 

There are many recommended ways to use this oil. We can apply this by its’ own as morning & night time skin routine, use it for face massage or mix it with your regular face cream to boost more radiance.