Thanks L’Oreal Paris Indonesia for this lovely beauty box. 

From skincare, haircare to makeup, I am spoiled with choices. Just check out what’s inside!

These certainly saved my beauty budget for awhile, and I’m super excited to try them. Stay tune for the review, either here on my blog post or on my instagram (@shintarosvita) for a shorter version. 



Thanks to Menard and Marie Claire for a Saturday well-spent.

Me and fellow influencers were invited to a Beauty Weekend Escape at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta, to experience the whole new range of New SARANARI from MENARD. The former Saranari line was created in Japan in 1984, and this new range is carrying a new formula & scent. Known as the queen of the lilies, they extracted Casa Blanca Lilies small young buds which just sprouted, to create skin care for beautiful skin. 

Me and fellow influencers were treated by a facial to experience the New Saranari range, followed by a nice brunch at Peacock Lounge. 

This was my second time of Menard Facial and I always enjoy them. The massage, the hot towel, the mask, it was a delightful facial. 

After the facial, we were given a change to redo our makeup with bunch of Menard makeup. 

At the event, I discovered the fact that skin quality differs depending on the part of the body. Skin of inner arm and skin of face are pretty much different, due to sun exposure. Of course, the best quality of skin is on our inner arm. Check out the very much difference on mine. 

After the skin check using Menard Total Beauty Adviser (which available on Seibu Grand Indonesia and Sogo Central Park, Jakarta), they recommended me to do massage every night with Saranari Refresh Massage. Things that I rarely do, but I will after I saw the result. 

As you can see, my skin texture is just average (cry). Need to boost the level of moisture with the help of Menard Saranari. They recommended me to check again after 3 months, so I will update on this. Wish me luck.



This week I attended the launch of SOCIOLLA POP UP STORE in Jakarta.


After Bandung & Makassar, this is their third Pop Up Store. You can visit them until February 24, 2016. Located in the Atrium on Level 4, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, they have a special theme “Beauty Now & Then”.

If you’re one of those who still love to touch the items before you actually buy them, you have to visit this store where you can experience lots of products, from skincare, makeup to perfumes.


You can experience their ‘Smart Mirror’ where you can get recommendation after you answered questions about your skin and beauty routine. You can also trade your old lipstick with new one in this Pop Up Store. And you can also shop online there, as well.

At the launch event, they also launched their printed ‘Beauty Journal’ (the one that you usually read online) with four different covers which represent their 4 muses.


If you’re not in town and can’t visit the Pop Up Store, you can always shop online, here.



Fragile yet strong. Meet the latest KENZO Paris Parfums, FLOWER BY KENZO L’ELIXIR.


Inspired by poppy flower which eventually scentless, this new fragrance is soft and sensual. Launched to celebrate 15 years of the famous Flower by Kenzo fragrance, I found L’Elixir more intense than their previous ones. 


As we can see on the bottle, the notes are: Framboise (raspberry), Essence de Rose (from Bulgarian Rose), Praline (which gave this fragrance a gourmand effect) and Absolu Vanille (aka Bourbon Vanilla Absolute). As precious as the notes, the bottle also look sophisticated. It’s dark, mysterious. 


I went to their launch event and it was all Poppy Red. Check out Ming Xi, the gorgeous Chinese model as their face. 

Check out their video below!



I believe most of us have the experience of needed something but too lazy to go shopping. Been there, done that!

Online shopping have save my day…a lot… I used to love buying things at retail stores, touching and seeing the real things. But hey…this is 2016! Either you already know what you’re going to buy, or just eager to try because your friend recommended it or you saw it on my blog :), nowadays everything became more simple. Read online for the reviews, and shop online too. Awesome, right?

Here’s why I personally love doing online shopping:

  1. I don’t have to leave my bed to do so. Especially on weekend, stuck in traffic like weekdays then looking for parking in malls are not my cup of tea. 
  2. I can find everything. Literally. With all these online shops popping out like mushrooms in Jakarta where I live, it’s a breeze to find whatever I’m looking for.
  3. I don’t have to deal with shop assistants. Some of them is really disturbing, don’t you hate it when they follow you around like you’re gonna steal something?
  4. I can do my multitasking at home. I don’t have to decide: do I want to do my laundry or having a new pair of pants to laundry. I can do them both. 
  5. Sometimes, it’s cheaper online. Make sure you know which one is having a promotion will help. A lot. 

For my beauty stuffs, I rely on SOCIOLLA.

They have things that sometimes I couldn’t find at retail stores in Jakarta. 

They also have BEAUTY JOURNAL. Beauty articles in a blog writing style. Very informative!

And I like how easy it is to shop on this online beauty destination. They categorized things by departments, and by brands as well. Once in a while, they also have promotions.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to shop, now. 


Ever heard the phrase “the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, the key to a lady’s heart might be inside her bag!

La Clef de mon Cœur est dans mon Sac. That’s how we read the cute pink cards with a set of symbols above.

For its new ROSAVIOLA scent, DIPTYQUE collaborated with fashion designer known for her collection of embroidered book clutches, OLYMPIA LE-TAN. 

Just in time for upcoming Valentine’s day, Olympia Le-Tan interpreted Diptyque’s iconic packaging design in embroidered form which reprinted as the label and packaging for a quirky ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. Expect the box with felt-made kisses, hearts and keys with ribbons. And yeah, they’re pink!

Available in candle, solid perfume and scented oval form, the Rosavolia fragrance is a lady’s treat by itself. Inspired by the mystery of what’s inside a lady’s bag, it’s a predominance of rose, traces of lipstick and the subtle warmth of leather. The rose-violet fragrance also smells powdery, very playful yet romantic, just like the Olympia Le-Tan’s style. 

The solid perfume is just too cute. Check out the petite cloth drawstring bag patterned in lipstick, rose, heart and kisses. Such a perfect gift idea for upcoming Valentine’s day, or might as well treat yourself and put these limited edition collection on your wish list. 


Check out their video!


For me, it is VERY important. I will take any of my available time (trust me, not so much) to just reboot. Do you know that taking time for ourselves apparently has psychological & physical benefits? 

Yes, dearest. We juggle our career and family everyday, wouldn’t it be good to have ‘me time’ for our sanity’s sake? And what’s better than pampering yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom, with the latest spa collection from THE BODY SHOP “SPA OF THE WORLD”.

Check out my pics from their launch event in The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta.

I love how each packaging look so luxurious. I also learned at the event, that dark colored packaging is very much needed to keep the benefits of their essential oils. 

They have bath milks, massage oils, exfoliants and creams. In total they have 11 products which divided into three beauty rituals: RELAXING, BLISSFUL and REVITALISING. They named this collection SPA OF THE WORLD, because each product features ingredients from different part of the world. Yup, now creating a spa experience at home is much easier. 

At the event, they also launched OILS OF LIFE, skincare range that specifically created to intensely revitalise skin, revive radiance & leave our skin feel nourished. If your skincare regime need a new life, well you gotta wait, as this range will be available in Indonesia by early March 2016.



I’ll be a very happy person if Jakarta has winter like Hong Kong. Therefore all layering will be out without a sweat.

Tried my best to did OOTD while in Hong Kong and Macau. Yes, we did one day trip to Macau, which apparently ended up in a rush (literally). People, one day trip was not enough to visit Macau. There are too many beautiful sights (not talking about the sea of humans on Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul) on unknown streets around old Macau. Definitely will visit again another time.

Here are some of my OOTD that my hubby took around HK & Macau.


I learned that in gloomy weather, we really should amped up on brighter color for lips. 


Thanks to my youngest boy who love museums, now I begin to like them too. At least I wasn’t swamped by sea of humans here. I felt very zen in Hong Kong Museum of History.


Black leggings and high top sneakers are a must whenever I travel to a colder climate country. Time to wear those wools!


Another museum visit. This time to Museu De Macau on top of the hill. Long coat and quirky sunglasses made my day.


Crossed the busy street near Time Square, HK. Bright coloured accessories such as scarves will add a pop of fun to winter clothes (which mostly come in darker shades). 



Hi All, sharing you my family trip last December 15 – January 16.


It was an unplanned trip, really. As I never got the thrill of being swamped inside sea of humans in the mission of watching firework on NYE. Seriously guys, firework look better on TV!

But, being with family and dear friends on welcoming the new year was the whole point of this short trip.


We had our NYE’s dinner at Jamie’s Italian.

So, of course, it was lots of food journey and OOTD moments. This post is specifically for food which I had in Hong Kong. 


Jamie’s Italian. Their desserts were awesome. Panacotta with berries was such a flavourful closing with burst of sourness from the black berries. Love it!


Spaghetti House Pasta. They used to have this restaurant in Jakarta, but no more. So, as pasta lover, I wouldn’t missed it.


Tsui Wah for breakfast style a la Hong Kong. Didn’t like their macaroni soup, but the bun and their milk tea are the winner!


BLT Burger. Enjoying New York style burger in Hong Kong. Not a fan of burger, so can’t say much. But their milkshakes is super tasty!


Greyhound Cafe. Pad Thai, which I love dearly. Very yummy.


PRET. Wouldn’t missed this oven toasted sandwich. What can I say, I prefer hot meal. 



Happy New Year, all. Sorry for such slow post as I’d been traveling with my family to Hong Kong.

As you might already experienced, traveling with others is not easy as too many things to do have to be accomplished in such short time of holiday. So if you have personal mission to achieve on family holiday, forget it! 

But at least, I was well prepared with my things to bring for the holiday!

Of course, one might not neglect hair care while on traveling too. That’s why my Abbott CG 210 was there inside my traveling beauty bag, alongside other important stuffs (like stronger perfume and stronger shades of lipsticks). It wasn’t a hassle anyway, CG210 was like spray twice a day on dry clean hair, massage for a minute and out the hotel door! 

I’ve been using CG210 for about 90 days now, so how did it differ from my previous post here? Well, as you can see from the pic below, I did perm my hair. Inspired by Aimee Song, I decided 2016 will be the perfect time to rock the Japanese wave. So yeah, I did it. Bye2 straight hair (for now). 

I believe that my hair shaft is getting thicker, even when I permed my hair at the salon, the hairstylist was surprised to see less hair fall like her other clients. She said, usually her clients who have strong colored hair like mine, will lost lots of hair while being permed. Meanwhile, my roots appeared to getting stronger, thanks to CG210. 

Unlike some haircare or hair treatment products that I just leave at home while traveling, because they will consumed my precious holiday time, CG210 is literally spray and go. Especially now that I have that ‘messy hair don’t care’ look, I never brush my hair anymore (lessen my hair routine time). 

Sharing you my OOTD look from Hong Kong, below, so you can see my hair from the front view.