What would you say if I tell you that there’s help?

Internal & external factors like UV rays, stress & hormone imbalance will contribute to slow hair growth. They caused a situation called Normoxia (over production of oxygen), which made it harder for the follicles to produced new hair. At this phase named Dormant, hair follicles activities will stop & produced no hair for 2 until 12 months before they enter the new life cycles. If you’re unlucky, hair follicles can be stuck in this phase until 10 years!

Oh dear…But thank goodness for L’Oreal Research which found a fact that during this Dormant phase, stem cell hold a key role in the hair renewal process.

The latest hair serum from Kérastase, DENSIFIQUE, was launched last week at La Seine by Marquee, Cyber Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia.

This very innovative product can mimic the essential condition of stem cell activity on our scalp and reactivate the follicles to reveal up to 1700 new hair in three months. At the event, Caroline Dery, Group Product Manager Kérastase Paris explained how to apply DENSIFIQUE everyday. “This will be a new routine for our scalp and hair. Apply one bottle a day to a freshly cleaned (after shampoo, conditioner or mask), towel dried hair.” Currently, you can buy DENSIFIQUE in 128 Kérastase Salon in Indonesia for Rp 785.000/box of 10bottles.




Ever since Oprah raved about the genius pantyhose back in 2000 and claimed that the fabulous footless hose has changed her life, every women in the world wanted Spanx. Including me. Hey, I want my life to change too, you know?

Looking at my mom’s corsets back in the days was definitely not a good sight as I recall my teenager’s memories. It was painful to look at and I can’t imagine her feeling wearing one. But Spanx is nothing like the good old corsets. The material is way thinner, the style is much cooler and the best part is…they’re nothing in sight if we’re wearing tight clothes. I used to buy Spanx whenever I got a chance to go abroad, but not anymore. Last year, Spanx arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia.

And then came September 2, 2013. I was invited to the launch of new line from Spanx, Assets Red Hot Label (still from the uber famous Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx). So what’s the difference with the previous Spanx? They aim to make Spanx more accessible to younger market and more affordable as well. In Indonesia, Assets Red Hot Label by Spanx is 20-30% cheaper than their Spanx counterparts. Launch for the medias at Avorio Italian Restaurant in Plaza Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia, I can see why this new range is more suited to a younger market. I saw fun laces here & there (but do not worry, they won’t show under those body con dresses of yours, trust me!), and (the best part) they’re shorter in lengths. God forbids that Khloe Kardashian’s moment with her Spanx.

The range are designed to go with every outfit (YES!) and features bras, light slips, shapers with lace, slimming tops, and of course, full body shapers & the ever favorite high-waisted pants. If you haven’t jump into the wagon of ‘the power of a shapewear’, I believe this is the right time to do so.

Red Hot Tips: Always, always pick the right sizing. Read the labels behind the packaging or go to Spanx website to check yours. 

Assets Red Hot Label by Spanx are now available at Metro Department Store, Jakarta, Indonesia.