Because we’re different, NUSKIN introduced their latest customised skin care product, AGELOC ME.

This is the dispenser, that stores, combines & dispense. A unique product innovation that can dispense the skin care products in such hygienic way. AgeLOC Me will automatically sense our hand and delivers a precise dose of serum & moisturiser every day and night. Imagine, we don’t have to guess how much skin care products that we need to apply. That is really awesome!

As you can see, these are the 5 cartridges (which can be refill, by the way). 3 specific cartridges are serums with active ingredients to target a wide range of ageing concerns like lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pore size. The other two is AgeLOC Me Day & Night Formulas, which are moisturisers to improve cellular turnover to refine skin texture. These moisturisers can be customise, by adding fragrance and SPF. 

As a busy woman myself, it’s nice to know that we can customise this online. Yup, we can take the assessment online (even on mobile). They will asks questions about all the factors that influence the way we age differently. Our answers will make NuSkin’ experts able to deliver an algorithm that will give us the precise & personalised regime from more than 2,000 combinations. 

AgeLOC Me will be distributed exclusively to NuSkin loyal distributor by April 2016, and widely available in Indonesia by the end of 2016. I can’t wait to try them myself. 


…. since LANEIGE, one of the best Korean beauty brand is available in Indonesia. 

Yesterday, I was invited to their exclusive event at Raffles Hotel, Jakarta to celebrate their anniversary with fellow bloggers and their loyal customers. 

How cute is the cake?

And yesss…free pampering session from facial. hand massage, nail art, makeover by Laneige Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Shaping by Touch. 

At the event, we were introduced to two latest products: TWO TONE LIP BAR & TIME FREEZE EYE SERUM.

Angled & slanted, TWO TONE LIP BAR is the lipstick you want to get if you want to create that ombre lips which are super famous in Korea. With this one lipstick and special application technique, you don’t need two lipstick to create that ombre lips look. They come in 10 colors (ooopss, I only took 8 of them, my bad). 

As for the TIME FREEZE EYE SERUM, it claimed to reduce signs of aging around the eyes area. I’ll do separate review on this one, promise!

This year, there’ll be more makeup for Laneige (yeay!) even though they’re well known as a skincare brand. Looking forward to it. 

Thanks for tagging me on your instagram, Laneige. More successful years to come for you. 



Sharing you my haul from my favorite online beauty destination, SOCIOLLA.

That pretty little pink box came two days after I ordered online. Super fast service, no hassle at all. 

And, this is why we’re so addicted to buy more…another discount coupon. 

I purchased three items: EMINA Crème de la Crème Lipstick, MASAMI SHOUKO Angled Shading Brush and ITSY NAILS Luxury Nail Wraps. If you follow my instagram (@shintarosvita) you’ll realized that I will never have enough lipstick in my makeup drawer (LOL). So, I decided to try this local brand lipstick, Emina. And to add to my brushes collection, I need to own a brush to contour my nose, Masami Shouko is very affordable. As for Itsy, I love their collection, as their nail stickers are so practical for those in-between manicure session. 

Damage? Rp 128.900 for these 3 items. I know, right? Very affordable and I didn’t even pay for the shipping fee. This is why I love to shop at Sociolla, not only for me, but for gifts as well. Click here to see what’s new and to check out their promotion. Happy Shopping!



Before you know how to treat hair loss, let’s separate hair loss fact from fiction, shall we?

Myth: Cosmetic hair care products will cause hair loss.
Fact: Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray or temporary hair coloring only offer temporary changes to the hair. So, even though they deliver selected ingredient to the hair follicle, they DO NOT cause hair loss.

Myth: We shall brush our hair 100 strokes each night.
Fact: Over-indulgent brushing & combing, especially of wet hair, is probably the most damaging of all. Aggressive combing, particularly to remove tangles will result in apparent hair loss.

Myth: Tight braids, ponytails & buns will not cause baldness.
Fact: Wearing specific hairstyles which apparently too tight over an extended period of time, will cause hair loss. Opt for looser hair styles that minimize scalp tension.

Myth: Brushing thinning hair will make them fall out faster.
Fact: As long as we use good brush in normal daily brushing, it will not accelerate the normal loss of hair from the scalp.

Myth: Sunburnt scalp will lead to hair loss.
Fact: Well, actually it’s kind of true.  Severe sunburn that occur over time may damage delicate hair follicles at the root level. Avoid scalp burns by protecting your scalp with sun protection product (just like what we do for our skin) and wear hat.

Myth: Smoking will accelerate hair loss.
Fact: Yup, smoking is bad for our hair. Not only it has been conclusively linked to accelerate hair loss, according to J.G Mosley in an article of Science News (1997), smokers are also four times more likely to have gray hair than non smokers. So, quit smoking. Now.

Myth: Cutting hair will make them grow faster and thicker.
Fact: Sorry, but cutting your hair won’t solve hair loss problem. Thin, limp and fine hair will not ever grow thicker in response to a hair cut.

Myth: Hair loss is genetic.
Fact: Well, hair loss is polygenetic. Means, your hair fate is decided by a pretty random assortment of genes from both of your parents. So, if hair loss is generally runs in the family, most likely you have to deal with hair loss problem too.

Myth: Hair loss only happens when we age.
Fact: If you start losing more than 100 strands a day, you are in trouble, no matter how old you are.

Myth: The only treatment for hair loss is topical treatment.
Fact: Topical treatment is not the only treatment for hair-loss problem as there are some treatment that proven to stimulate hair growth from within. For me, after using it & see the result, Abbott CG 210 is the best solution for hair loss management. So, for you who wish to reduce hair shedding, increase hair thickness and promote new healthy hair, you should try this hair & scalp essence.





These are their first product: SUEDED! Lip & Cheek Cream. I believe all liquid lipstick lovers will go gaga over these colours. Very subtle colours, nude yet intense. 

I was invited to their launch event at RUCI’S JOINT, Jakarta and met the lovely girls behind the brand: Dina, Sarah, Naya & Novi. 


Based on their own experiences, in need of something practical and simple for makeup routine, they created SUEDED! which can be used for lip & cheek. They decided to start with 5 nude colours, because nude is very popular for everyday lip colours look. They will be available soon on their web store.


These photo props are so cute. 


Very simple and minimalist in design, SUEDED! actually created with 5 different colours that each represents different personality & character. 

I got the chance to swatch all five colours with natural daylight, (from top to bottom:  LUCY, LIZZY, SADDIE, PRUDENCE, SALLY).


My personal favourite will be PRUDENCE. Described as a warm brownish red brick, it reflects elegance & maturity in an effortless way. So me! 

Stay tune for my next post as I will review each and every colour available, and how they look on my lips. 



…. but at least my brows are!

Thanks to Anggie Rassly, whom I met way back in 2013 when I did my writing gig for Dewi Magazine. Yes, she did my eyebrows embroidery, and I am very fortunate, because I heard from a friend that her waiting list is already until 2019. Seriously? 

She is that good! And I’m very proud that finally she launched a book last February 2016, same time as her birthday. What a way to celebrate a birthday, right?

The first ever beauty book about brows in Indonesia. There are lots and lots of beauty book about makeup, but not very much about eyebrows. Anggie’s vision and mission to broaden people’s horizons about how eyebrows can make or break the whole makeup were poured on this very book.

Love the illustrations!

Very detail explanation about eyebrows anatomy.

Great advice!!!

And who doesn’t love the before after pics? In this session of the book, Anggie really showed how everyone have different type of eyebrows and what’s best for each face shape. Her passion of doing eyebrows embroidery and her attention to details really shine through this book. 

Take it for me, while waiting for her waiting list, read the book first. 

Anggie Rassly on the left, me on the middle and Cisca Becker on the right; at her book launch party earlier this February. 



Just in time to welcome spring, the latest fragrance from DIPTYQUE, EAU DES SENS.

This week me and fellow press were invited to the launch of this adventurous fragrance. 

It was a fantastic dinner at SHY, one of the most prestigious fine dining restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. And right from the moment we stepped in the restaurant, there are literally orange everywhere. 

Why orange? Because some of the composition of Diptyque Eau des Sens is orange blossom and bitter orange, alongside with juniper berry, angelica and patchouli. 

This genderless fragrance was developed by perfumer Olivier Pescheux and I believe it channel the zest and vibrancy of the citrus fragrance, with the presence of floral. 

At the event, we were given out this special card. It looked blank when we received it, and once they sprayed with the fragrance, the humorous three monkeys popped out. 

Speak no evil, look no evil and hear no evil! Yup, Eau des Sens is definitely for those who appreciate fragrance that delight the senses. Another unusual fragrance landscape from Diptyque, indeed. Fresh like orange at the first whiff, and lingered to sensuous woody notes.

Diptyque Eau des Sens will be available in Jakarta, Indonesia this very month (March 2016) in Eau de toilette 50ml and 100ml flacons.