Being a health freak that I am, I wash my hands (I think) more than normal people do every day. Dry skin on the back of my hands and torn cuticles are the most disgusting problems when I forgot or too busy to care for my hands.

I typed (when I work to write for magazines or to blog), I deal with chains & the necklace making tools (when I work for my accessories online store) and I do my own laundry (I don’t trust my helper, pronto!). So, imagine how busy my hands are every single day. And…how often my hands being washed, dried, dirty, wash and dried again. Over and over.. Well you got the idea.

That’s why I keep my hand cream close. That close! I always have one in my beauty bag to travel and I keep one closer, on my bedside table. I tend to slathered more at night time. Me resting, and so do my hands! As you can imagine, I’ve tried plenty of hand creams. Many..many brands. But I found my hands keep coming back to L’Occitane. The good and trustable, Shea Butter Hand Cream. It absorbed quickly as 1,2 3, I love the tube packaging and the scent reminds me of Provence. Apparently, I’m not the only fans, as one tube of Shea Butter Hand Cream is sold every three seconds around the world. 

This year, Shea Butter Hand Cream celebrates its 20th anniversary (Yeay! Congrats!). And L’Occitane Indonesia invited me to try their famous signature hand massage and manicure in their pop up booth at Pacific Place, Jakarta, yesterday (thanks L’Occitane Indonesia). After the hand massage and manicure at the booth, I believe it’s very easy and time saving for all of us to try this hand treatment at home, instead of just slathering on hand cream to keep them hydrated. First, scrub for one minute with L’Occitane One-Minute Hand Scrub then rinse properly. Dry your hands with towel, and apply your choice of L’Occitane Hand Cream liberally on the back of the hands (& palms if you wish). Finally, brush on Shea Butter Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil on the cuticles. Voila! That simple and fast. 

You can easily find these L’Occitane products at L’Occitane authorized boutiques. Please be aware of counterfeit products, especially via internet sales. Where to shop? Please visit L’Occitane Indonesia’s website here