You’ll love Bobbi Brown.

“I believe all women want to look like themselves, only prettier and more confident” – Bobbi Brown.

At the exclusive beauty bloggers event this week in Rustique, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, me and fellow bloggers were properly introduced to the beauty brand made famous by a professional makeup artist which started her makeup line in 1991. Amanda, trainer for Bobbi Brown Indonesia explained, “It was very hard for Bobbi to find a natural color lipstick at that time. Everyone was into rock and roll, so red color was very in. That’s why she created a line of natural color lipsticks which debuted at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.”

The makeup maven also created 10 step beauty, her simple 10 step (literally) makeup routine. Bobbi believes with the right knowledge and the right products, any woman can be her prettiest and most confident self. And here they are: 
Step1 Corrector/Concealer 
Step 2 Foundation
Step 3 Powder/Bronzer
Step 4 Blush
Step 5 Lipstick/Gloss
Step 6 Lip Liner
Step 7 Brows
Step 8 Eye Shadow
Step 9 Eye Liner
Step 10 Mascara

If 10 steps scared you, no worries, because Amanda also shared that we can always stop at step 6 if we’re short of time to do our makeup in the morning. As Bobbi herself believes that with blush and lipstick, we’re good to go. Interesting, right? 

And always…always remember that a good healthy skin is an important base to any makeup, natural or not. So, never skip a good moisturizer, a good eye cream and last but definitely not least a balanced diet and life!