Yet, another proof that we all shall move on from matte lips and shine!

Thanks Sociolla for sending me these lip tint to be review.

Packaging wise, they’re like no other lip products I’ve seen. It’s sort of flattened
round tube with a neon-pink applicator.

Here’s how they look like on my lips

No 1 (Fruit Punch)

No 2 (Light Pink)

No 7 (Apricot)

No 8 (Berry)

They do shine sensationally, don’t you agree?

Infused with a water lock-in formula (contains 30% water), it provides all day
moisturization and that fresh watery sensation . Yes ladies, we can skip that
lip balm. I did.

How to use? Simple, really. Use the applicator wand provided and start at the
center of upper lip to the outer corners. Then finish by gliding the wand
across the entire bottom lip.

FINAL VERDICT: their consistency are quite thick for such things named Lip Tint. As
for pigmentation, they’re sheer but after I ate and drink, they stain like a
normal lip tint. Just remember not to blot in any case possible, as the tint
will be patchy. Always reapply (by reapply, I meant wipe them off before you
eat and reapply on dry clean lips after you ate). They do have this fruity
scent, but it didn’t bother me because the scent will disappear quickly. I do
like their applicator, it glides easily for the bottom lip, but need a steady
hand to do the upper one. Try to apply this quickly as it tends to get patchy
when dry.

There are 4 vivacious shades that you can get in Sociolla, click here



Time to say au revoir to those matte lipsticks, it is 2017 people!

Thank heaven I am in the beauty business, as rapid changes intrigued me. I got bored easily, especially when it comes to makeup, so when new trends or products or brands come along, I am super excited beyond words.

Enter GUERLAIN LA PETITE ROBE NOIRE DELICIOUSLY SHINY LIP COLOUR. Thanks Guerlain Indonesia for sending me this lipstick to review.

First of all, the packaging. It is the resemblance of La Petite Robe Noire’s original perfume bottle. The transparent case allows us to catch a glimpse of the shade. As the name already stated, it does deliver shiny color. It comes with fruity and floral scent from La Petite Robe Noir Fragrance. At first, I am quite skeptical about this lipstick because of those two factors: shiny and fragrant, just because I am so used to matte and lightly scented lipsticks (which is so 2016 by the way).

Mine is #13 Leather Blazer. It is a plum shade with pearl pigments. If you see it did match my gel nails.

DSCF1308 copy

The fun part of this lipstick, it is very buildable. To create natural effect, just apply one coat.

Two layers for casual chic effect.

And….three for sophisticated glamorous effect. So it’s either sheer, bright or bold kind of look, only by using one lipstick.

Final Verdict: it is very creamy for a glossy lipstick. It creates those stain/glossy look without the feeling of stickiness. As for the staying power, well…it is a gloss so what do you expect? But at least it didn’t flake or crack. Let me remind you once again, that this lipstick is fragranced. And it lingers quite a while, so yeah if you’re not into fragranced lipstick, you won’t like this one. For IDR 440K a pop, it’s not cheap either, but at least it looks great on the vanity and when you apply it in public.



When I received the invitation from The Papilion, little I know that I’ll try one of the trendiest coffee in the world.

This ain’t no ordinary KOPI TUBRUK, for sure. With special device named SIPHON, the barista will brew your coffee in front of you. So, how does it work? Check out my video post in my instagram (@shintarosvita). I tell you, it’s like watching a scientist doing science experiment 🙂

There are two glasses compartments, and the barista will fill the bottom one with hot water (approx. 90 degrees Celsius).

Then he’ll heat the bottom glass, vapor pressure forces the water to go up into
the upper glass.

Then coffee grounds went in (I tried the 60% Robusta and 40% Arabica which is not too bitter nor sour and perfect with strawberry shortcake as the pair).

After the barista stirred, the mixed coffee is pulled back down into the lower glass, via coffee filter which located on the bottom of the upper glass.

After a while, the bottom glass filled with filtered brewed coffee. The whole process took about 4 minutes.

Siphon coffee is popular in the United States and Japan, and The Papilion uses one of the most popular system used in cafes hail from Japan, HARIO. This unique method of coffee making will insures the finest cup of coffee by actually filtering the coffee and not destroying its original flavor. Don’t just take it from me, you gotta try it to believe it. You
too can enjoy this special coffee next week at Huize Van Wely at The Papilion.



I can’t go out without my foundation. Yes, I am that insecure. If I have flawless skin, I’d go bare. Unfortunately I don’t. So yes, I am a foundation kind of girl.

Thanks Guerlain Indonesia for sending me their latest foundation to be review. GUERLAIN LINGERIE DE PEAU NATURAL PERFECTION SKIN-FUSION TEXTURE SPF20. If I’m not mistaken, they do have Lingerie De Peau before. So I believe this is the latest version with added technology and SPF.

In their origin, they carry 18 shades, but here in Indonesia, they have half of the shades which priced at Rp 895.000 each. With three undertones, Cool, Neutral and Warm, you’ll find your matching shades easily. My shade is 02W which is Light Warm.

Here’s how it look like, not blended and blended with fingers.

It is Guerlain, so it is pricey. But it’s worth every drop as I believe I have found my perfect shade and texture. You see, I’ve tried other brand’s silky foundation before (HG of many if you know what I mean), but the dewy result just turned me off. It went super oily by midday and foundation melt-off is just bad, real bad.

Different case with Guerlain Lingerie De Peau. Their latest invention, named Bio-Fusion micro mesh, weaves natural silk and linen fibres and knits them with stretch fibres with smoothing properties to form a feather light veil that sort of hugs the face and promises total lasting comfort. The result: airy texture that glides effortlessly. Especially if you
blend well with their foundation brush, the result will be very smooth and even. Your skin but much better, I might say.

Like putting on lingerie, it is a pleasure to apply this foundation. It’s not thick in consistency, nor watery. And the fact that it comes with a pump really help.

Very subtle fragrance, it doesn’t accentuate lines and gives that natural (not dewy but not matte either) look. I wore this with setting powder, but you can skip if you have dry skin.

Here’s how it looks like when freshly applied.

And…..5 hours later….after lots of coffee drinking on Friday night 🙂

Final verdict: I love how it blend easily, I applied with damp beauty blender and set with loose powder. I didn’t use concealer just for you guys to see that this foundation has light to medium coverage, so if you have things to hide, use concealer after foundation. It felt so light on the skin, like wearing literally nothing. I love the foundation, but remember to blot every two hours if you have super oily skin like mine.