Hi Folks! Sorry for such a long hiatus. I’m back as full-time worker, so I have limited time to blog. One of the positive side of going back to work is applying makeup. And here’s one of my current favorite concealer, because it’s also proven to be safe for fungal acne. 

Mine is shade 120 Light, and actually I’ve used this before. This concealer is unique, it comes with the cushion applicator. If you’ve been following me, you’d know that I don’t use foundation as a base, instead I use concealer on just some part of my face. But in this specific post, I’d show you the concealer effect on under eyes.

If you noticed, I only applied this on inner and outer corners of my eyes. Why? This is a trick that I’ve learned watching Wayne Goss’ YT, to avoid creasing under eyes, especially for aging skin. And talking about aging, this concealer is not just a coverage concealer per se, it is infused with goji berry Haloxyl. It is an anti-aging concealer, and because it does have a light texture, it doesn’t sit on lines and crease-resistant. Try using setting mist before applying concealer to set, instead of using setting powder that will increase the chance of getting creased under eyes.

Before concealer
After concealer (no setting powder), as you might noticed, lines and dark circles are sort of erased naturally
Final look with eyes makeup

I hope my pictures do the rest of this review. See you on another post (hopefully soon). 

Wear test, it still didn’t crease under the eyes (mind the grease-ball look)