I have to admit, my legs and feet are the most neglected part of my entire body. Mostly, I scrubbed…but that’s all. Anyway, I rarely wear mini skirt, so why bother, right? 

Well, until GEHWOL Indonesia sent me this great product, I realized the importance of soft feet and legs. That’s why they have this ‘well-cared head to toe’ thing, right? More than just a scrub, it’s a peeling with natural bamboo granulate & jojoba wax. GEHWOL Soft Feet Peeling will gently scrub and thoroughly removes dead skin cells for feet & legs. 


On the box, they recommend to apply the scrub to moistened skin. Maybe because some people will find it more easy to apply when they shower. But for braver ones like me (especially those who are familiar with lulur), I prefer to use it on dry skin before I jumped to the shower. If you can stand the lulur, you’ll easily pass this one too. It’s way softer and I found the sugar crystals worked their magic to remove loose skin scales. When applied, you’ll see this tiny green dots from the bamboo granulate (never mind my dry looking legs). 


Massage them in, and you can see it turned crystal-ish. Unlike the body scrub that I usually use, it didn’t feel dry when I massage them on. In fact, check out the moisture left on my fingers. Yup, now my fingers are soft & smooth too. You can go all the way to your knees and the soles of the feet, which are often dry. 

Overall, I love this product. It did moisten well, even if you forgot to wear body lotion after you rinsed. Instantly I felt my legs (and my fingers who did the massage job) were softer & smoother. As for its’ scent, I found it a bit strange…maybe it was the strong bamboo scent? But after I rinsed and dried, it softened. So, yeah, I can bare with the scent. I recommend not to use body soap after you rinsed, just let them be, and feel the difference. Just like a face peeling could do, this feet peeling thing will reveal a fresh new set of legs. 


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