If you are looking for a skincare makeup or famously known as Hybrid Makeup, which combines the benefits and texture of skincare in your makeup, then this will be the right product to start.

Obviously BB Cream is not something new, but let me tell you why I found this different. While slightly covers imperfections, it also prevents hyperpigmentation with its’ light texture. Dermatology tested on Asian sensitive skin, it’s also non-comedogenic and fragrance free. Even though it does contain some ingredients that are stated as not safe for Fungal Acne, but it didn’t trigger mine. It didn’t cause my skin to break out and act weird, too.

TBH, it does feel more like a tinted sunscreen, not a heavy duty BB Cream with full coverage. So don’t expect this to act as concealer or foundation, it won’t. It won’t cover your pores too, but at least it won’t clog them. You’d totally love this if you love dewy base look. I use this on the weekends, when I want my skin to breathe and free from foundation. I enjoy its’ finish without adding setting powder, my skin look more unified and glowing. 

Applying tips: 

  • a little goes along the way and use cushion puff. Trust me, I tried using beauty blender (wet and dry), and also my fingers, but cushion puff made the application easier and more even. 
  • Remember to tap on the whole face, do not slide. 
  • If you are still using mask during pandemic as I am, use setting spray afterwards, as this might easily transfer. 
  • Unlike most base out there, I do not recommend to layer more than one. It’s not a buildable base to achieve the coverage that you expect. Apply concealer on top instead if you want more coverage. 



Due to my skinimalism routine, I do skip toner step these days. So I go straight to actives after face cleanser. But, I do love to mist my face (especially during hot and sweaty days) and if my skin got very irritated due to sunburn or retinoid’s usage, I do CSM with hydrating toner. 

This is one of those hydrating toner for such purposes, as I don’t apply toner with cotton pads anymore. The texture looks like water but doesn’t feel like one, once applied. It’s slightly thicker (not viscous though), there’s a slippery feel and it gives a slightly dewy look on skin. As I do have sensitive and easily irritated skin, I do find this toner comfortable and cooling, just like the name stated. 

It has 85% bamboo water which is known for skin calming purpose, Low & High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating effect and Polyglutamic Acid for absorption and moisture. It’s a slightly acidic toner of pH 5,5 which calms, hydrates and moisturizes at the same time.

If you are experiencing heatwave weather, or all year round summer (like me here in Indonesia), put this inside a spritz bottle, let it cool down inside the fridge (not freezer) and spray it on your face. You can definitely get extra freshness and hydration boost easily, anytime of the day. 

Since I already bought this on sale, IDR 112K for 160ml (it’s already available officially in Indonesia), I will finish this one bottle, but I don’t think I’ll repurchase. I don’t enjoy its’ after feel, as I prefer hydrating toner with thin like water consistency. I prefer water mist like Avène, a very straightforward soothing mist with no after feel.

It’s safe for Fungal Acne

Ingredients (from Style Korean Indonesia’s website):
Bambusa Vulgaris Water (85%), Glycereth-26, Glycerin, Water, 1,2-Hexanediol, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polyglutamic Acid, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Forsythia Suspensa Fruit Extract, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, Thuja Orientalis Extract, Pinus Densiflora Extract, Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Disodium EDTA



Ah, a good old AHA. If you’re just starting on AHA, you might want to try this first. 

There are different types of AHA, but this one contains Malic Acid (because it derived from apples). For those who have tried different and stronger types of AHA like Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid, this one by itself might be not enough. 

Personally I use this in between my Retinol night, because Retinol alone might not help at removing dead skin cell build-up, especially on the surface. Yes, AHA works on the top layers of skin and it does increase our skin’s sensitivity to the sun (it also might trigger PIH-Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation), so it’s recommended for night time use. 

Although it’s categorised as ampoule, the texture is very liquid. And it slightly smells like apple (well, it does contain 79% of apple extract). Good thing about this ampoule, it’s very light, you won’t feel any tingling or burning sensation (it only contains a low dose of AHA-1%).

Treat this as a serum, to be use after toning at night. If you are new to this AHA thing, start using 3 times a week then gradually increase the usage. It’s safe to use daily, if your skin can handle it. And yes, this is safe for Fungal Acne.




OK, this is tricky, folks. If you ask me “do I need to buy face mist?”, I’d probably say “No”. Because, if you’re on a budget (like me), I personally believe that you don’t need to purchase one. You can easily create your own face mist by putting your regular hydrating toner inside a mist bottle, and voila!

But, if you currently using hydrating toner (the type that you have to pour from the bottle and pat), you’d probably will love using these for their practicality. Let see: pour and pat, OR spray and leave? Which one will you choose?

Both of them are Fungal-Acne Safe (yeay!) and roses scent fans, you can thank me later.

Let’s begin with:


It’s a NZ brand

Claim: instantly delivers moisture to thirsty skin. Leave skin toned, cooled, hydrated and dewy.

Plus points:

  • Can be use as toner, makeup prep and makeup setting spray.
  • Great for hot humid climates

How to use: Hold at least 30cm away from the face and gently spritz. Allow mist to dry naturally. Or you can spray them onto a cotton pad and wipe.

Price: IDR410K for 100ml


It’s an US brand

Claim: calms redness, tones & soothes skin.

Plus points:

  • Minimal ingredients: only two listed, Purified Water and Damask Rose.
  • Formula hasn’t changed since 1969 (very reassuring for me).
  • No coloring, no alcohol, no preservatives, no sulfate and phthalates.
  • Can be used as hair, scalp & body mist.

How to use: Hold at least 30cm away from the face and gently spritz. Allow mist to dry naturally. Or you can spray them onto a cotton pad and wipe.

Price: IDR65K for 59ml

– Both of them use essential oils (Trilogy has 3 of them, while Heritage Store only 1), so if you are sensitive to essential oils, better watch out.
– Trilogy gives that dewy look more than Heritage Store (just like they claimed). Dry skin will love Trilogy for its’ hydrating ability.
– Personally, I love to put them inside the refrigerator, for extra coolness on a very hot day.
– Trilogy comes with a glass bottle, while Heritage Store in plastic.
– In term of sprayer, Trilogy is way better than Heritage Store, just make sure not to go overboard while spraying.



HAPPY 2020, y’all. The very first post on a new year.

I’m so looking forward to try and review more local brands this year. Watch out for this space!

Just launched last year, SOMETHINC already has their Halal Certification. And thanks to Irene from IG @beautyhaulindo for sending me their skincare products to try and review.

I guess The Ordinary really set the bar for many skincare brands to develop high quality and honest ingredients with super affordable prices. These remind me a lot of The Ordinary, right from the glass pipette bottles to the ingredients. Affordably priced at IDR115k a pop, they are all fungal-acne safe. Just remember, even though the ingredients sound so legit, you won’t see any instant result after using these. Everything takes time, dear.

Claim: Help to clean clogged pores, remove dead skin cells & maintain skin moisture level.
OK, judging from the look and feel, it really reminds me of The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. The difference? The percentage of the acids. This only has 3% of AHA, 1% BHA and 2% of PHA. The rest is a great combination of Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate and Panthenol.
I do recommend this for those who have sensitive skin like me, but want to experience the chemical peeling sensation at home.
How to use? Make sure your skin is clean and completely dry. Apply evenly and avoid eyes area. Then wait for 10 minutes max and rinse with warm water, continue with your regular skincare routine. Just treat this like your weekly facial mask.
My suggestion: Try once a week first. Then if your skin can tolerate it, apply twice a week.

Claim: boosts barrier function by increasing ceramide production and fight free radicals & moisturize the skin.
Same percentage of Niacinamide like The Ordinary (10%), but this contains Beet Extract from Swiss.
Texture wise, its’ texture is thicker than The Ordinary but didn’t clump under makeup (which is a good thing). If you want to lessen the thick feel, use it after a mist toner while your skin is half dry. If you are not used with high percentage of Niacinamide, try using this once a day instead of thrice a day like suggested.

Claim: Promotes a maximum moisture, helps soften and brighten dull skin and make skin looks more supple and healthy.
This is very similar to The Ordinary, except this contains Butylene Glycol (might trigger comedo). Texture is thinner than The Ordinary, with no scent. It’s just like water, a good one. This is my go-to serum after applying Retinol. It seems to calm down my skin after harsh actives. And for sure, you can layer this with their Niacinamide + Moisture Beet, or apply this after rinsing that AHA BHA PHA Peeling Solution.



Kudos for By Lizzie Parra (BLP Beauty) for their latest launch, to accommodate Bullet Lipstick lovers like me.

As you might have noticed, lately we all can see the rise of bullet lipsticks from international brands. And I’m enjoying it, because frankly speaking I am team bullet! I found them easier to apply when on the move, they are mostly more creamy and easier to remove by the end of the day. Who’s with me?

Maybe bullet lipsticks are not that long lasting as liquid lipsticks, but I don’t mind touch up throughout the day. Especially if the packaging look cute like these!

BLP Beauty Lip Bullet comes in four new natural shades. Each of the packaging represents the shade inside. And another good thing is you can see the name of the shades clearly printed on the tubes. Although you have to make sure you heard the click sound to close it properly, I found the packaging really helpful rather than you have to see those tiny fonts on the bottom of the packaging.

Mind you, these are not flat matte-lipsticks. I found these lipsticks creamy and extra comfortable when applied, with satin-matte finish. They are buildable, but I’m already satisfied with one layer. And yes, since these are creamy lipstick, they’re transferable. But I don’t mind at all. Make sure you blot first before you eat or drink.



BISCOTTI is a peachy brown, but somehow it looks orange on me
CANNOLI is beige with a hint of dusty pink. On me it’s mauve. This is my fave!
PAVLOVA is a lighter version of CANNOLI. Love this too!
LICORICE is supposedly a deep brown, but on me it’s dark red



Thanks C&F store for sending me these PR kit to try.

I rarely use primer for my makeup preparation, just because most primers contain silicone. And I dislike silicone for its’ texture & feel, and how it can trap dirt, sweat, bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and other debris. Read: pore clogging ingredient. Yikes!

So how did I prep my makeup? I count on my skincare steps, obviously. Until I tried these two from Blithe InBetween series. This series from Blithe (a Korean brand) feature multitasking products, which not only nourish and hydrate, but also prep for a makeup-ready skin. They are fall into the hybrid category that combines skincare and makeup. They’re not tested on animals, and smells like lavender. Respectively priced between IDR 520K and 620K, they’re not cheap (I know), but let’s decide are they good enough to try.  


As the name stated, this is a prep essence. Yes, a lightweight serum that creates a protective layer on skin surface to lock in moisture and prevent makeup from clogging pores. It made with fermented soybean, rice and tomato leaf extract that fortifies skin’s natural barrier. Plus squalane and ceramide to nourish and hydrate for a makeup-ready complexion.


This is a hybrid moisturizer-primer. Made with squalane and tomato leaf extract (rich in antioxidant), this will help to nourish and fortify skin’s natural moisture barrier. This is also vegan, organic and cruelty-free.

Don’t be fooled by the white cream texture, once applied on skin, it’ll create that ‘skin prism’ effect. It’ll give extra glow with natural pearlescence effect.



As the name stated, this provides hydration and priming at the same time. Its’ texture is more elastic than their Instant Glowing Cream. Yes dearest, if our skin is well-hydrated, makeup will look fresh all day with the help of this. Number one ingredient is Bifida Ferment Filtrate which well known for its’ antioxidant purpose.


I use one product depend on my skin’s need that day. For daily use, I prefer the Essence. Glowing cream is best for party look, while Hydro ones will save my day when my skin is drier for some reasons and need some lifting action. Though there are no instructions whatsoever on the packaging, I applied it after my SPF in my AM Routine. Wait a while until it’s absorbed, then apply liquid foundation and the rest of makeup.



They won’t clog pores because they don’t use silicones. Unfortunately they’re not safe for Fungal Acne (for their Saccharomyces, Polysorbate and Peg ingredients). But, as these applied on top of sunscreen, at the very last step before makeup, they didn’t trigger mine. Anyway, better be cautious for those who still suffer from ones. They also claim that these will help your makeup cleansing process easier at night. But anyway, if you double cleanse with balm or oil, any makeup will slides off easily.



As you might probably know, I do enjoy trying new skincare products (still, even though I do have sensitive and fungal-acne prone skin). Somehow, I ended up purchasing non-mass Korean brand, instead of those well-known mass brands which are already available here in Indonesia (like Etude House, The Face Shop, The Saem etc).

That’s why, searching for new stuffs to try is a bit challenging. But it’s a fun-filled challenge for me. Looking for the brand itself, screening through ingredients, enjoying the look of their packaging, how would I say no to these?

They claim 3 promises: Ingredient Transparency (check!), Honest Materials (check!) and No Harmful Additives (also check!). Currently only own their Mugwort Essence, just because it only contains 100% Artemisia Princeps Extract aka Mugwort and nothing else. This Mugwort has been widely known for treating acne, troubled and irritated skin.

I am drawn to their clean-look packaging, they look so Nordic (big love). And I appreciate skincare brands which are consistent in making only skincare (not expanding to makeup). This cult Korean skincare brand is known for using cactus oil and they also consistent of their cactus scent, which is prominent in their products. Some might feel off because of the scent, but I love it. So, when they launch their body care products, of course I went on to buy (BTW, these soap, body lotion and body oil are the most expensive body care products I’ve ever purchased, LOL).


If the name seems familiar, well…it because they named this brand after the Brad Pitt’s movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Benjamin Button = Benton (get it?). Obviously I wasn’t drawn because of the name, but I’m sold at their Snail Bee Line. Yes, my skin apparently reacted well with both ingredients, Snail Secretion Filtrate and Bee Venom.


The brand was launched in early 2016. Pyunkang is actually a renowned Korean hospital that specializes in treating atopic skin ailments. With medical experience like this, of course I am sold. Almost all of their products have minimal ingredients, but my favorite will be these two: their Essence Toner and Acne Toner from their Acne Line.



First of all, congrats for 60th anniversary of Yves Rocher. Do you know that this French beauty brand is using 100% botanicals extracts and has 1100 ingredients of natural ingredients in their portfolio? And lately, they’re continuously developing an eco-design approach, too. So they have been decreasing their consumption of non-raw materials and using recyclable materials for their packaging. Beauty that does good, me likey!

Thanks to C&F Store that sent me this naturally beautiful PR Kit to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary. Inside the kit, there are some products that I’ve been using and only one that I’ve not tried before. Let’s break them down one by one, shall we?


CWhy concentrated? Because you don’t need that much to actually make foams and cleanse your body. They claim that this 100ml bottle will last us for 40 showers. It is pH balanced, preservative and paraben free. Personally, I love the small recyclable plastic bottle, very practical for traveling purpose. This is my second bottle already, and I love how it also made my bathroom smells fruity like mango after I showered.


CThis concentrated 100ml format will last for 30 shampoos. I love the fact that it is colorant and silicone free. And the fresh scent that long lasting. But I warn you, you might need conditioner afterward, especially if you have medium to long hair. It might give you tangled hair.


RThis shall be use at the very last step of your shampooing business. It contains raspberry vinegar (don’t worry it actually smells more like raspberry than ordinary vinegar), known for its’ hair smoothing properties and reducing build-up (from haircare or hairstyling products). I believe this is my third bottle already, I love how it made my hair shinier and smells better longer. Yes, if there’s one vinegar that actually can make you smell good, this is the one!


If you have no fungal-acne problem, you will love this. It contains Isopropyl Palmitate and Sunflower Seed Oil which noted as Fungal-Acne trigger on Other than that, it is actually colorant free, mineral oil free and paraben free. And it contains pure organic chamomile extract, renowned for its soothing, softening and hydrating properties. This silky but non-greasy oil will transform into a milky fluid in contact with water and help to dissolve makeup.

In Indonesia, you can get Yves Rocher’s products in C&F stores or buy online here.



Thanks Rollover Reaction team for sending me this PR Kit before they even launch this on March 25, 2019.

So, is it a cushion? Or is it a tinted moisturizer? Or both?

Use the puff to apply
My given shade is the lightest (perfect shade) Custard Tart

You see, cushion is ‘the house’ for the liquid inside (it is a packaging format). Most brands filled it with liquid foundation. But being Rollover Reaction, they filled it with tinted moisturizer. To tell you the truth, I was being skeptical at first, because I thought this is going to be one sheer base like most tinted moisturizer out there. Boy, I was wrong!

I only use one layer! No concealer, no filter!

This didn’t just cover well, but (I guess because one of the ingredient is caffeine) it perked up my complexion. And since this is also formulated with sunscreen SPF27, you can carry this for touch-ups during the day. Reapply over makeup and voila! You can get sun protection all day too.

Comes in 3 adaptable shades. Names inspired by Asian desserts.

But, talking about the ingredients, I’ve noticed Stearic Acid on the list down below. According to, it is a fungal-acne trigger. So better watch out if you are prone to fungal-acne.

You’ll enjoy this if:

  • You are not feeling like going heavy on foundation
  • You love natural-looking cushion (not dewy nor matte)
  • You like versatile products that can go with you anywhere (thanks to its’ cute packaging)
  • You expect medium to high coverage tinted moisturizer in a compact
  • You want your skin to look ‘real’ not made up