Let’s toast for a very happy new year. 

Supposedly to be my last blog at 2012, I personally can’t be more happy to welcome 2013. Lots have happened this year, and as my hubby always said “everything happened for a reason”. Although I’m the kind of person who’s always seeking for an answer “why?”, but lately I’ve learned my lessons well. One day, we’ll all know the answer. 

Karl Lagerfeld once tweeted “I design like I breathe”. Well, I believe I write like I breathe. There was a time earlier this year when I just wanted to stop writing forever, but I couldn’t. Those words were flying inside my brain. Then, I found tumblr. Perfect releasing tools to keep doing what I love.

Support from my family, friends (real ones), and you (yes, you) really means a lot for this blog (please click the LIKE button on the right column). Anyway, this blog hasn’t reach her first year yet, lots to catch up. But boy was I surprised and happy to see one Russian lady liked my tumblr (thank you). 

Someone once said that happiness is small and achievable goals. I am doing it, so I guess I’m achieving exactly that. Here’s to 2012. Cheers!!!


Louis Vuitton Heels to be exact.

Check out the video of their new winter resort store in Gstaad (one of the most attractive region in the Swiss Alps) which was originally built in 1913. 


It’s a perfect time to renew everything.

Including my makeup bag. I’ve been having the green makeup bag from Muji like forever, if it can talk, it’ll say ‘enough’. So, for 2013, I’ll go for metallic makeup bag from MAC (from Magic, Mirth & Mischief Collection).

Used to carry a lot inside my makeup bag, it was bulging and not to mention, heavy. So I cut down a few pieces and replaced them with double duty beauty products.

What’s inside my makeup bag for the upcoming year?

–       Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat : I carry concealer every day, to retouch under eyes makeup and side noses. It won’t crack over foundation & powder.

–       Kate Spade ‘Pop’ Lipstick Crayon : Always carry two lipsticks, one for night and one for day. I use this convenient lipstick crayon for night look (sometimes for day too, depends on the mood).

–       Soap & Glory ‘Naked Beige’ Lipstick : Now, this is my serious day lipstick when I want to be under the fabulous radar. LOL.

–       The Body Shop Lily Cole ‘Pink’ Lip & Cheek Dome : Double duty, and I don’t have to carry my blush brush anymore. Just dab and pat. Love it.

–       RMK Pressed Powder : It’s actually a setting powder to provide flawless finish, but I found it great to keep the skin matte without looking dull.

–       Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Fragrance : Perfect size for traveling in a chic minimalist 30 ml bottle. So me.

–       L’Occitane Smooth Hands : Because I wash my hands a lot and dry hands are big NO NO.


When all we have to choose is inhale or apply, or both.

Aromatherapy is definitely not a new thing. Way back in the ancient times, our ancestors have been using infused oils from the nature for medicinal, fragrance & cosmetic use.

Remember when you inhaled some strong fragrance that can instantly make your head ache? Inhalation is one of the keys how aromatherapy works with our body. By inhaling the right essential oils through the nose, they have direct access to the brain and can go straight to work on the systems that moderate the entire body. It’s sort of triggering our body natural responses. If you go to spa, mostly they’ll use essential oils for massage, too. When applied to the skin, their healing components will be absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s how essential oil works.

Like an answer to busy people prayers, 21 Drops come in handy. They’re essential oils in numbered and named handy bottles, a perfect modern remedy which can easily be toss in a bag. Each blend is 100 percent organic and natural, packaged in a glass vial to protect the integrity of the blend and dressed up in a bright protective case. 21 Drops named their oils based on specific complaints like “Sleep”, “Headache”, “PMS” and “De-Stress”, which I thought was so clever instead of we’re trying to remember vetiver, lavender, geranium or ylang-ylang. They also provide instruction on each bottle how to apply in specific parts of the body for maximum effect. And, no, you don’t need 21 exact drops for each application, but they do have 21 different oils. I can’t wait to try them. 


Ladies (and gentlemen who loves their spouses), be prepared to have a new destination for lingerie and beauty shopping.

Even Lady Gaga (US weekly reported) loves the luxurious lace body suit from this US brand, Naked Princess. If you visit their site, you’ll see boudoir luxuries lingerie made from the world’s finest lace, silk and cashmere. And, they also carry their own beauty products, such as lip gloss, shimmering powder, and candle which are stored in beautiful keepsake vessels.

I love how their collection look more European-ish and lady like. Kudos for the beautiful imagery and the fact that their beauty products are free of paraben, phthalate and talc. Prove that smart chic ladies won’t sacrifice their health for the sake of luxury. 


One of the pretty and thoughtful beauty item from Jill Stuart ‘Dreamy Layered Glow’ Collection, which will be launch respectively in Japan on January & February 2013.

New compact blush from the upcoming Spring 2013 collection with such pretty packaging that made me happy just to look at it. Four new colors are available, which feature a light and smooth texture, promised to provide a deep and lustrous finish like a cream blush. And how thoughtful of them to provide a special attached brush which has a Swarovski rhinestone.

Note : It’s not available in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia, yet. Nearest store: Hong Kong. (I know…)


At last, your male partner who envy you for carrying The Cambridge Satchel Bag, can have their own next year.

A new range of styles and sizes including Classic, Batchel and Backpack will be launch in Autumn 2013.  Apparently, demand from retailers were so strong, there’ll be 75 piece collection ranging from materials like embossed croc to tartan. We can expect new colors too, like pale grey, Monaco blue, cobalt and dark bottle green. 


Coco Chanel once said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. But wearing too much perfume is a definite etiquette faux pas.  

So, how to not over-applied your fragrance? Do you really have to bother to touch up your fragrance in the middle of your daily activities?

Layering your fragrance smartly will help. A lot. But there are more tricks than just using the same body wash and lotion as your fragrance.  Learn more about the secret of layering:

       If you are the statement perfume fan, like Chanel No.5, leave it alone. Pick unscented bath and body products to compliment the (already) statement perfume.

       No range of bath and body products for your fragrance? Such shame, but you can try to stick to the same fragrance family. If your perfume is citrusy, then go for citrusy shower gel and body lotion. Same goes with floral, etc.

       Don’t forget to spritz your hair. But as some fragrance might be high in alcohol which will dry your hair gradually, do it last, after you dried and styled your hair. Or, you can use a few drops of perfume oil which will be a good frizz tamer.

       If there’s no deodorant for your favorite perfume, no sweat. Deodorant won’t affect your fragrance layering. Make sure you pick the most lightly scented deodorant.

       You all know the steps, start with body wash (it could be shower gel or good ol’ bar) that matches your perfume, then hydrate with body lotion (for normal to oily skin) or body butter (for normal to dry skin). Last but definitely not least, apply a drop of perfume oil or rollerball perfume where you’re about to spritz your EDT or EDP normally. Remember, the more moisturized your skin are, the longer your fragrance will last.



Hesperides Grapefruit by FRESH. The range include: shower gel, soap, body lotion, EDP and rollerball.

Musk by KIEHL’S. The range include: shower gel, lotion, EDT Spray, Essence Oil and Essence Oil with Roller Ball applicator.

White Musk by THE BODY SHOP. The range include: shower gel, deodorant, EDT, perfume oil, body lotion, body crème. They even have body powder & body mist too.

Amazing Grace by PHILOSOPHY. The range include: bath & shower gel, body crème, body oil mist, body spritz, body butter, hand cream, body emulsion, deodorant, solid perfume, fine perfume & spray fragrance.






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We’re counting down to 2013 as I blog, have you decided what to wear?

It’s important to decide what you’ll be wearing, literally from head to toe for the New Year Eve’s Party. Here, I recommend a few styling tips to pick the right print dress & accessories for two NYE’s occasions. Either you’re hanging out with friends or spending it with your big family, you’ll look stylish and most importantly, comfortable.


  Free your mind and pick a much more fun print dress for partying with your pals. Go shorter in sleeves or hem. It’s all about having fun.

  Same trick goes to accessories. Pick a long dangling gold earrings if you must, and get ready to shine. Stay away from bracelets, because they’ll get in a way while you’re partying. Trust me.

   Choose a smaller sling bag that will fit any important thing you need for the night, because you don’t want to party and clutching your bag all night.

   Ankle booties are the right walking companion for this occasion. They just look more hip and fun.



  Stay classic. Choose smaller print for the dress and don’t go too mini. You don’t want your brother in-laws to stare, right?

  Stick to simple accessories with a ‘wow’ factor. A Chanel earrings will do that.

  Bring your simple clutch as well. You need something to hold on to when you’re in awkward family situation. LOL.

  Why bother using stilettos? But don’t just use any flats. Opt for leather instead of canvas with an extra style which will give you that stylish boost. 


It’s time for another bag from Hermès to shine.

I believe no one is safe from the temptation of having a Birkin or a Kelly, or both. But for me, this Berline Bag is it!

It’s not a new type of bag from Hermès, actually it first appeared back in Fall 2011. But, the buzz is, this mini version of Berline has been earmarked to be the star of Hermès bag in 2013. For those who opt for more casual and sporty version of Hermès bag, you’re looking at it. It must be the sporty quilted leather pattern on the front and the Swift leather used for its smoothness and durable function.

Other familiar details like palladium clasp closure and the leather tabbed canvas Amazone strap (which can be find on Kelly bag) just made this Berline bag more (expensively) perfect as a city shoulder bag. it can also be used as a clutch, because you could remove the strap. Comes in six interesting colors, it’ll be available in stores next year. So hold your horses.