If you freak out or disturbed by the problematic skin pictures above, those are just proofs that you can’t fight against time.

Or…could be not. Do you still need proofs that UV rays, smoking, pollution and stress are so harmful to our skin? Probably not. But you’ll be happy to hear this news, 80% of signs of aging are due to external factors and can be avoided. And only 20% of aging signs are inevitable. Yes, people. Through an exclusive research, Biotherm Research Laboratories quantifies the signs of aging that can be visibly repaired. It is indeed a brand new vision of skin aging called “The 20/80 Effect”.

Like Caucasian women, 80% of aging signs on Asian women are due to UV. And the other 20% is the one contributor to signs of aging we all can’t fight, named “Time”.

So there’s hope out there? You bet. Start repairing or delaying that 80% aging signs with three different precious aquatic ingredients sourced from three different mysterious waters with three extraordinary properties for a new generation of anti-aging technology, Biotherm Blue Therapy range. Like the knight and his weapon, these trios work in synergy to help  our skin retain its’ firmness, combatting darkness and wrinkles. The range consists of Cosmetic Water, Milky Lotion and Serum.


Celebrating Spring Summer 2013 with a new hair highlight. Me likey.

Last week, I attended the launch of Ombrés Nature, the latest Spring Summer 2013 Collection from L’Oréal Professionnel in the new hotel in Jakarta, JS Luwansa. Collaborating with local fashion label, Alex[a]lexa, all the floral prints seem to fit in for the hair creations by four Hairdresser Ambassadors of L’Oréal Professionnel Indonesia (Andy Lie from Lie Salon Medan, Arie Hidayat & Bambang Harryono from Arie Harry Salon & Bridal Surabaya & Bali, Irwan Doke from Irwan Team Hair Design Jakarta and Lie Kuang from Lie Kuang Salon, Semarang). Check out their fabulous Ombrés Nature creations above.

Thanks to Gisele Bundchen (which I personally think was born with that gorgeous hair), ombré became a huge hair trend, celebrated by many (celebrities or not). From time to time, this trend evolved and become more subtle than the previous technique like those dip n dye spotted on Jessie J. And thanks to L’Oréal Professionnel for bringing this trend more applicable to us, mere mortals from a tropical country, I think I’m super ready for rocking their latest trend, Ombrés Nature. By the way, I am so into “Cool Nature”. Don’t you just love those messy bob style with warm highlights?

Very natural and very Spring Summer, it’ll reflect naturally when hit by lights, making our hair look more multidimensional as the technique is more in highlight terms rather than those bold and obvious lines. Which one is your favorite out of three Ombrés Nature trends made to life by James Pecis  and Nathan Walter (from Trevor Sorbie Salon in the UK)? Sophisticated, Cool or Pop Nature?

People, it’s 2013. Time to concentrate on the technique for hair trend, instead of just the color itself. 


I know one day there’ll be more twin alphabets in this phenomenon cream.

Claimed to contain more coverage than her older sister, BB Cream, and more benefits to the skin than her other older sister, CC Cream, this multi benefit makeup slash skin care by Julep (founded in Seattle beauty brand) will be launch in June 2013.

DD stands for Dynamic Do-all makeup and it surely is. Equipped with SPF25, it’ll also act as primer, moisturizer and anti-aging in one tube. Awesome! 


Watch this trailer and you’ll agree with me. 

Can’t wait to see the sequel of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on November 22, 2013 (whaattt??? so long????). Jennifer Lawrence really looks better in black hair, don’t you think? 


Coming in my birthday month, August 2013, Michael Kors’ new venture: beauty line.

Depends on someone’s mood, I believe that there’s a little bit of sporty, sexy and glam inside every woman. And guess what? Those three have always been a DNA for Michael Kors. 

His beauty line which will be exclusively sold in Macy’s, will be divided into three collections, Sporty, Sexy and Glam. Each one will have its’ own fragrance, lip colors and nail polishes. Fans of nudes and taupes? You will love Sporty. Vibrant Reds are your thing? Go for Sexy. And if you’re into plums and violets, you know you are the Glam gal.


who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe.

As much as I hate to say the cliché “don’t judge the book by its’ cover”, but this world we’re living in is JUDGEMENTAL. We might not be a reality star TV which is being followed everywhere by the cameras, but looking sloppy could trigger some staring and sharp comments. That’s why (secretly or not) we dreamed of that runway look. 

But, do we really have to dress up everyday and style ourselves for hours before we walk out our door every day? Fortunately, not. That’s what I learned when I attended TRESemmé Indonesia’s event “Your Access to Runway Beauty” last Thursday in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia. Because we’re not Kate Moss who can pull off a stylish look just to get our groceries, fellow Indonesian blogger/fashion stylist Dewi Utari shared her “how to pull of Spring Summer 2013 trend into every day life”. On two models, she showed us the magic of styling, which involved a tight leopard dress and embellished top and mini skirt without looking overboard by adding jackets as an accent.

At the event, Herman Tjoa from Talents Salon, also shared his tips for daily makeup and hair styling. Spotted: bright blue eyeliner and matte fuchsia lips for makeup, which are so Spring Summer 2013. And what intrigued me and (I bet) all the guests at the event, were his various tips on daily hair styling. Natural, undone and messy hair to be achieved by hair tousle, the right tools and of course (the most important ones) hair styling products. On models, Herman applied hair mousse to bring out the best of hair texture. And he also shared how to spray hair spray correctly, since most women seem to exaggerate on hair spray application. Actually, just one spritz for each section that you want to hold longer is enough. Check out the picture above how Herman told one of the models to bend down so he could shake her hair to break the tight curls and bring out the volume. Apparently, it’s that easy to achieve salon’s hair at home by ourselves if we have the right products and know how’s.

The last but certainly not the least session of “Your Access to Runway Beauty” event was the appearance of Top 3 Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM). When Jessica from Thailand (she’s the winner by the way), Kate from Taiwan and Stephanie from Philippines showed up, the crowds cheered for these three TV’s reality stars which look way taller and prettier in person. First visit ever to Indonesia, the ANTM’s trio shared their beauty tips and makeover experience during the show’s filming. If you remember, doing their own hair styling was one of the challenge for the models and TRESemmé was the hair official sponsor for ANTM. Jessica, Kate and Stephanie rocked the runway for the finale with their ultra shiny hair, albeit the different hair style. It was great to see and chat with them in person, they do have that same personas as we saw in the TV show and great looking hair.



When it feels like opening a Pandora’s box with all the beauties inside. Read on.

As blogger, I’m lucky to try out different new beauty products before they even launch to public. But I can imagine being one that eager to try but spending cash for a full size beauty product which totally new (as in we never tried them ever before), is too much to ask. This familiar situation was read by Harumi Sudrajat, fellow beauty blogger and her friends.

On a beauty day out (a lovely pampering event) exclusively for Fimelahood Bloggers United last Tuesday, me and fellow blogger were introduced to Vanity Trove Indonesia. For those who’s unfamiliar with the Vanity Trove, allow me to put it this way: you subscribe monthly for a certain amount of money, and depends on how long you’ll subscribe, you’ll receive a package of sample beauty products from skin care to makeup at your very own door by the end of the month.

Previously available in neighbor countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, now you can subscribe for Vanity Trove Indonesia. “In Singapore, they already running for a year and currently sending out 6000 boxes every month. We want to take this beauty experience in Indonesia to the next level with Vanity Trove Indonesia. You can try out different beauty products without leaving home, by just a click away. The whole experience is that efficient and super exciting,” explained Harumi. She also chatted with me how she used to be a member of Vanity Trove Singapore, and she herself experience that excitement of opening the trove every month.

Vanity Trove Indonesia’s very 1st edition (for May 2013) will be available for 200 troves only, and here’s how to get your own trove of surprises:

  • Subscribe before 14th each month
  • Redeem your exclusive gift code (exclusive for my fabulous blog readers): “SHINTARO”. Click here.
  • Starting from 25th to 31st you can expect that pretty troves right at your door.

So, what are you ladies waiting for? Go on become a Vanity Trove subscriber and indulge yourself. 


Online shoppers, rejoice. Another Indonesian online shop specialized in accessories is officially on.

From my previous post here, you might have an idea about the local Indonesian accessories line, Piera by Myra. 

Last Wednesday, fellow medias were invited by Myra, the designer behind the local Indonesian label. She announced the birth of her online store, knowing that fashionable and modern ladies are eager to browse online for her chic accessories.

I love how easy it is to browse through her online store, just as she said, “it’s just a click away”. Detailed shots for over than 50 collections surely will be a feast for the eyes, all clearly displayed with product information and pricing. Easy and convenient. Isn’t that what online shopping is all about?


It does exist. Truly.

Do you know that 250-300 million photos were uploaded to Facebook everyday in this world? And those are 175 million tweets in a day? And other 5 million a day in Instagram? Those numbers made my dear country, Indonesia, in number 10 for uploading the most pictures and status updates. Why wouldn’t I be surprised? I’m surprised we’re not number one!

Anyway, instead of just uploading your photos to facebook, twitter or instagram, why don’t you or someone younger than you show that healthy and clear skin to the world by being a model for one of the famous skin clinic center in Indonesia?

Channeling those inner itches to upload that close up photos through social medias, Natasha Skin Center (invented by dr. Fredi Setyawan), known as one of the biggest skin clinic in Indonesia, currently held “Pemilihan Wajah Natasha 2013”. For a cover girl and boy wanna be’s (age 13-18 yrs old) feel free to enroll here for a chance to get an exclusive modeling contract for the clinic and lots of prizes. For more information click here.



The beauty and richness of Indonesian heritage jewelry through the eyes of four women.

Four Indonesian women, Ria W. Glenn, Terry W. Supit, Ina Symonds and Yasmin W, are so passionate about Indonesian culture, especially its’ antique jewelries. Inspired by that, two years ago on April 9th, Manjusha Nusantara was born. Known as a handmade replica jewelry of Indonesian heritage, the two years old label brand, celebrated their birthday yesterday with fellow medias and VIP guests.

Not only showing the real antique jewelries from the golden glory days of Sriwijaya’s kingdom in Sumatra island, in metal and real gold, they were having a showcase and trunk show of Manjusha Nusantara’s latest collection named Swarnadwipa-Pulau Emas, Kemilau Sriwijaya, by models and Lions Club Jakarta Cosmopolitan’s ladies.

There was a story behind every jewelry indeed. “Manjusha Nusantara means a box of jewelry from Nusantara. We love our Indonesian culture so much, we want to preserve and promote Indonesian products not only for our own generations to come, but to the world. Our delicate craftsmanship were already known since ancient days, that’s why we also want to educate and share the story of each jewelry that we handmade, based on the real culture. So whoever wears Manjusha Nusantara will be able to tell the background or the history of the real thing, not just wearing them as fashion accessories,” explained Ria W. Glenn, one of the founder of the brand.

Manjusha Nusantara Jewelry Collection is currently available at Hadiprana Gallery and Dia.lo.gue Art Space in Jakarta, Indonesia.