Continuing my hair journey with ABBOTT CG 210, so what happened after a month plus of religiously using this hair spray-on lotion?

Time flew and it has been over a month since my first encounter with CG210. Just in case you missed it, click here for my previous post about the product. 

As recommended on the instruction, I applied about 5 sprays onto the scalp each morning and night. Since ABBOTT Indonesia gave me two products to try, men & women (scent difference only), I decided to use the men ones for night time use and women ones for day time use. Why? Because I feel the blackcurrant scent for the CG 210 women is too fruity, more suitable for day time use. Meanwhile, I found the mint scent on CG 210 men is subtler for resting time. 

Claimed to put hair shedding back to normal level in 44 days, check out my before after pics below. I even took a shot on my daily hair brush, so you can see how my hair shed lessen over these few weeks. Thankfully, my hair fall situation was not that bad, compare to those who will find hair on their pillow every morning. Mine were just falling all over the hair brush and in the shower. After I use CG 210 for more than a month now, my hair brush & shower sink are just some of the proof of how my hair fall situation has gradually decreased. 


Check out the pic above, that’s how my hair shed every time I brush my hair.

After using CG 210 for a month plus, check out my hair brush below!


Only a few hair were shed when I brush my hair. Awesome!

Check out my hair before and after pic below. If you can see a bald spot on my hair crown before, now it’s gone. Mind the length of my hair, I just had them cut earlier. 


So far, I’m happy with the result, my bald spot is gone and don’t you think my hair look a lot thicker? I’ll definitely update you guys on how my healthier and thicker hair will get better and better in a few weeks to come. If you want to know more about Abbott CG 210, click here



It has been a while since I blog (sorry, just so busy) and had a facial. Big thanks to Sociolla and Menard, I had a chance to do their special facial treatment at the launch of AUTHENT MASK.


Before the facial, me and fellow press were having a gala dinner at Dian Ballroom, Raffles Hotel Jakarta. At the gala, Menard Expert from Japan, Mr. Yasuhiro Iwata explained about the latest sheet mask from Menard. Claimed to increase the number of epidermal and dermal stem cells, this mask is quite interesting. 


They have two sheets in a box, one for face and one for neck. Yes, neck. Many of us (including me, oooppss) neglected….well…overlook the neck and decolletage area in our skincare regime. Apparently, Menard realised the importance of this matter, when they created this mask to celebrate their 55th anniversary.

Contains the same active ingredients as the Authent Cream (like bamboo fungus), they will help strengthen and encourage collagen production. These two sheets mask also smell wonderful, thanks to the sweet cherry seed extract used. 


While they recommend to apply the Authent Cream (above pic) nightly, it only take 15 minutes once a week to wear Authent Mask. I wish they allow us to leave them more longer, but no. The mask is engineered to sit there only for 15 minutes or else the dry sheet will absorb the ingredients back from our skin. And of course, we didn’t want that to happen. 

Lucky me, I had a chance to try them on after the gala dinner. Check out this pic from Sociolla’s instagram (me with the mask on).


The whole experience was superb, yet educational because the therapist showed us the steps before applying the Authent Mask for maximal result. 


The steps are quite long, but very enjoyable nevertheless: cleanse, tone, massage, scrub, mask. I love the massage, soft strokes yet powerful Shiatsu points that can help to improve blood and lymph flow, therefore improving nutrient flow to the skin. It felt so relaxing, I wish it was longer. LOL. 


The therapist used Embellir Range for my face and Authent Cream & Mask as the final step. Yup, Authent Mask is supposed to be use on clean skin after face massage with Authent Cream, as night skin care. I recommend to use them while laying down, to keep the mask in tact. You’ll love the cool feeling and the neck mask actually feel tighten when applied correctly.


Check out the glow after the facial (pic above). My skin felt really dewy and plump after the facial. And the therapist said the glow will stay there for a week until the next usage of the mask. Oh wow! 

Authent Mask is already available on Menard stores, or for avid online shoppers like me, they sold it exclusively on Sociolla

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except Sociolla’s IG)



So I’m sharing them today.

I have a weak heart for matte lipsticks, so when I found out about these happening matte lipstick range from Indonesian (yes, this is local, people) beauty brand, I just have to get my lips on these shades. 

Don’t know when PURBASARI, the brand, famously known for their ‘lulur mandi’ aka body scrub launched this matte lipstick range. But boy, am I glad they did. They have 10 shades available and since they’re so affordable (Rp 32.000 a pop), I decided to buy them all. Yes, they have nude to bold shades. 

I just got them yesterday, and I can’t wait to show their swatches to you all, but I only manage to do two today, so bare with me. I promise to update their swatches on my instagram (@shintarosvita) throughout upcoming days.


Randomly, I picked #89 named JADE (pic above). Pink Coral shade, which reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Retro Coral’.

And the next one #83, named PIRUS (pic below). Mauve shade, which similar to LA Splash ‘Love Good’.


My thoughts?

  • Great textures (velvety feel) and easily applied. FYI, I didn’t use lip liner for pics above. 
  • What you see on the tube is exactly what you get on the lips (intense color, me like!)
  • It didn’t crack and last super long (but of course, need to reapply after a few drinks and eating session).
  • In terms of packaging, well it’s not fancy that’s for sure. But I appreciate Purbasari’s effort to make them as simple as possible. Not fancy but didn’t look like their price. 

My tips?

  • Make sure you twist the tube carefully, don’t push them too far as they’re slim and a bit fragile.
  • Moisture your lips first, then blot excess lip balm with dry tissue, before applying to ensure their matte look.
  • But if you do not have problem with dry cracked lips, just apply them straight from the tube to maximize their matte look. 
  • Want them to stay longer without exaggerate your lip lines? Instead of applying foundation on your lips before your lipstick, which might left them peeled later on due to dryness, try BB Cream. Seriously, I’ve personally tried this trick, and it worked like a charm. 
  • One swipe is enough, as they’re very intense. Make sure to blot.

Well, good luck of finding these matte lip colors, as they’re really hard to find (even they don’t provide any infos where to buy on their own website). 



Saviour for acne prone skin around the world: Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop.

Launched in 1995, it’s still their best seller until today. They claimed, one sold every 8 seconds around the world (wow!). And in conjunction with their 20th anniversary this year, The Body Shop launched the bigger version of Tea Tree Oil (which I hold in the pic above), doubled the size of the old ones (which is only 10ml). Not just that, they’ll also have bigger Facial Wash and Skin Clearing Toner. Look out for them in stores, starting October 16, 2015.

I was invited to their anniversary party with fellow bloggers and press, it was an afternoon full of fun and games (and cotton candies!). I even took a pic with the mascot (see below), LOL.

So, what made this oil great for acne prone skin? “Our Tea Tree range contain only pure leaf essential oil, organically grown from our Community Fair Trade program around Mount Kenya National Park. The leaves are steam distilled within 12 hours of harvest, using a gentle heat to ensure a high quality tea tree oil,” said Rika Anggraini, GM Corporate Communication The Body Shop Indonesia.

At the event, there were Ayu Sita & Marcel Chandrawinata (Indonesian celebs) who gave their testimonial about their favourite Tea Tree range. Apparently, these two famous actors were the stars of Tea Tree short movie which will be launched in youtube this October 17, 2015. So, make sure you watch those two in action.