Pardonne-moi for such a long (too long) hiatus. You don’t wanna know why. But anyway…I am back!

This time, I’m going to review about body scrub from JUARA. One of their top product, Invigorating Coffee Scrub. JUARA, which actually means ‘champion’ in bahasa Indonesia, is 100% vegetarian, no animal testing, paraben free, contains no artificial colorants, sulfates or phthalates skin care products. Judging from these only, this brand is already a winner for yours truly. 

As you can see from my pictures above, the color of the scrub is dark, real dark. As for the texture (imagined grind coffee beans), it’s not as rough as I imagine it would be when applied and scrubbed. Some scrub made my skin red afterwards, but this one left me with no red marks. You might wonder about the coffee scent. Well, somehow, for me it smells more like a combination of chocolate and coffee. But yes, you definitely can smell the coffee there. 

I applied on dry skin, before shower, scrub and rinse. I love how it contains gentle, sulfate-free cleansing agents, so it acted as a cleanser too. No need for shower gel afterwards, even though it didn’t produce any foamy effects while rinsed. Touched with water, it gave this moisturizing feeling on my skin, a bit filmy. But…after I dried myself with towel, I can definitely feel the softness on my skin. And the chocolatey coffee scent did last longer than any shower gel I’ve tried. 

So, is this product a ‘JUARA’? You bet!

You can get JUARA products, here.