Crazy for good skin tone, hydration & protection, but need them all in one bottle?

SAMPAR seems to deliver the needs of urban ladies. Yes, we’re very needy, especially when it comes to great skin care and beauty regimen. Juggling between work, family, friends and taking care of oneself are (hell!) not easy. Consider yourself lucky if you can manage your ‘me time’.

Thanks SAMPAR Indonesia for a chance to review their latest product, ‘CRAZY CREAM’. Such a brave name for a beauty product, but I can relate to the ‘crazy’ word really well, as sometimes I can go ‘crazy’ looking for the perfect beauty product which suit my skin needs, or went even ‘crazier’ when it didn’t work. LOL. 

Crazy Cream is perfect for those who are looking for tinted UV-defense cream with no worries of chalkiness or the smell of sunblock. New to SAMPAR COSMAKEUP range, CrazyCream is the first tinted moisturizer that promised to hydrates for 24 hours & stimulates the skin’s self-protection against photo-aging UV rays. It can also correct redness, thanks to the two shades available, NUDE & TAN. SAMPAR Indonesia sent me the Nude shade (the lighter one), perfect for my fair skin. When used for the first time, the first three pumps came out in white color. 

But after three pumps, it turned to Nude shade with brownish speckles. 

I have to remind you that Crazy Cream is not a CC Cream. It’s way easier to blend with fingers (no need for brush) as it’s really lightweight. And it offers sheer not full coverage (I recommend to apply this for base prior to foundation). Even though they named it a cream, might as well think of this product as the next generation of tinted moisturizer. Unlike CC Cream, which (sometimes) I found too dewy for my already oily skin, Crazy Cream gave me this healthy skin tone without the feeling of heaviness. It even gave me that tan looking skin! Check out the difference between my left hand (Crazy Cream applied) and my right hand (sans Crazy Cream). 

Like other SAMPAR products, it’s also paraben free! Crazy Cream (Priced at Rp 560.000 for 33ml) is now available throughout Beauty Box Indonesia’s stores, SAMPAR Boutique at Kota Kasablanka, Sephora Indonesia and Central Department Stores, Grand Indonesia. 

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita


DUUX Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is a definite must have for your kid’s room.

My first thought when I saw this cute thing, TOAD. Yup, that Toad from Super Mario Bros. Well, this mushroom turns out to be an ultrasonic air humidifier with a soothing night light. Thanks to DUUX Indonesia, when I brought this home, my youngest son (age 10) couldn’t wait until I turned it on in his room. 

Ultrasonic technology creates cold mist within seconds, with the additional nightlight which is great for kids’ room. To scent the room, add essential oil inside the water basin. When I turned it all on (humidifier, nightlight plus aromatherapy), the water basin glows, the mist went out, then the scent filled my son’s room. He even called it magic mushroom. LOL. 

They came in two colors, red and green. And this humidifier (originally from The Netherlands) offers a bevy of kids-friendly benefits like healthier skin and happier nose. The facts that it uses about 80% less power than other humidifiers, no filter to change (just need to clean the reservoir) and it’ll automatically shuts down when the water level is too low, won me over after its’ cute design. It comes with an easy to install and cleaning instructions, too. So make sure you follow the instructions to keep the device working correctly. 

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita


PAC, International high quality premium cosmetic brand, made in Indonesia.

I was given three products to review, their Powder Eye Shadow, Liquid Eyeliner and Lipstick. And my beauty verdicts are:

  • Powder Eye Shadow (No 6/White)
    I’m very practical when it comes to makeup, especially on daily basis. So powder eye shadow was never an option for me to purchase. However, this loose eye shadow’s texture is silky and easy to blend. For this particular color, I applied as highlight on brow bones. Don’t over do, as it’s very intense, a bit is enough to give that sparkly glow. 
  • Matte Lipstick (Indian Red)
    The most usable from all three products that were given to me. When I read the label I was thinking Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala. Apparently, it was more terracotta-ish. I love the earthy tones, perfect shade for day look, as it’s not a bold nude which sometimes can look too pale for me. Don’t be intimidated by the matte texture, it won’t be as drying as you thought, as long as you prep your lips with lip balm. Need to reapply after food & beverage session, though. But I don’t mind at all, this lipstick is so comfortable to use and I like the color very much. 
  • Liquid Eyeliner (Bazaar Gold)
    Not a big fan of sparkly gold for my eyelids, but maybe for any event that require va va voom look? I applied on the back of my hand, and I found the brush is quite good to create the flick. Always apply primer and wait a couple of seconds for this eyeliner to dry. 

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita



As much as this come as a big surprise, I’d like to show my gratitude for Senayan City, one of the most prestigious mall in Jakarta, Indonesia for this wonderful nomination as “The Most Attractive Beauty Blogger”.

I was deeply touched by this recognition and appreciation, it was already an award to myself who started to blog in 2012. Blogging was never a task and will never be one for me. I love to write, I love to review stuffs and I love to share them with the world. 

Thank you for they who already voted for me. And for you who’d like to join forces to vote for me, here’s how: 

  1. Log on to instagram @senayan_city
  2. Find my photo (the exact one like above) 
  3. Click ‘LIKE’

Happy Valentine’s Day. Spread and share the love of blogging to the world. 


…writing one’s own story every day. Well written quotes from ITALIA INDEPENDENT, new eyewear brand available exclusively at OPTIK SEIS.

As you might know already, recently Paris Hilton visited Bali, Indonesia. And one of her instagram pic, showing her wearing sunglasses from Italia Independent. Apparently, she’s not the only celebs who love this brand. From Halle Berry to Lady Gaga, they’ve been spotted wearing this innovative Italian brand.

Yesterday, me and fellow medias were invited to their launch event at Hide & Seek Fairgrounds, Jakarta. Models were wearing clothes from local brands, Minimalism (for male) and Identite (for female). And they were carrying Italia Independent’s range named I-THIN METAL, I-PLASTIK, I-THERMIC, and I-PEACH. My favorite will be I-THERMIC as these frames carried the great technological innovations. Black metal or plastic frames turned colorful with different prints when exposed to temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. They showed us on the launch event, and it changed within 30 seconds. How awesome!

Launched on 2007 at the famous Luisa Roma fashion store in Florence, Italy, now we can get their complete range of eyewear collection right here in our very own Indonesia. Thanks to Optik Seis, you can get their latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection, both sunglasses & optical frames. You can also shop them online, here. (hint: nothing over 2 mio!)

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita


Stunned by Sebastian Gunawan’s latest collection for the upcoming Chinese New Year 2015, “MOON DANCE”.

Gone are the days when cheongsam were interpreted as a body hugging one-piece dress. Sebastian’s collection was “dancing” with colors (lots of them), choices of thicker materials and perfect details (as always). 

Love the stepped-hem dress, they did slide elegantly on the runway. And those wedding dresses from his line, Sposa, blown me away with a touch of oriental. The mix between European look with Chinese touch…hmmmm I’m so gonna wear my cheong sam with cape later. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita 


Special invitation for my fellow Indonesian Beauty Bloggers. Let’s meet at this special gathering. Not just a reunion or ‘arisan’ as we usually named it, it’s a beauty & lifestyle bazaar & talk show. So you’ve got to spend some (read: cash) and get some (read: goody bags, samples & educational tips about beauty etc) too! Not to mention, getting to know us in person (that will be me and my fellow Beauty Bloggers Meet Up Organizer, Carnellin, Meilani, Istiarina & Jean).

Visit our social media for more infos and details about this super fabulous event via FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

See you there!


Thank you to Nano Philosophy, now we have choices and much safer alternatives beauty treatment. 

Once in a while, I found myself in need for an instant result, even though I’m a firm believer of a great skincare regimen. Especially when it comes to my everlasting problem with my under eyes area, just the thought of banishing those dark under eyes in a snap was really tempting indeed. Since I have no fear of injections, I decided to try both Nano Philosophy’s face treatments. 

After first consultation with their in-house female doctor Jeklyn Ruvina Amelia Bee, she recommended injection for my sunken eyes and dark circles. For face lifting, I decided to try Nano Needle-less Delivery System. Before the injection begins, there’ll be allergic test on the hand to see any reactions to the serum. But no need to worries, as allergic reactions are very minimal, thanks to the safe & natural ingredients such as Marine Algae. This injection with growth factor will stimulate cell growth and build up collagen naturally. And dr.Jeklyn said, the result will be instant and even better looking after a week.  

Anesthetic cream will be applied and left for about 15-20 minutes before the injection procedures. After the skin felt numb, injections started. I got 7 shots for each eyes, including for crow’s feet. Great, I didn’t feel any pain. But since I had easily bruised skin, I got one bruise spot below my right eye. For the rest of the eyes area, just barely noticeable ex-injections spots. Everything can be covered easily with the power of concealer. Right after the injections, antibiotic cream will be applied to prevent any infections. 

As you can see above, I took before after pics, right after the injections, so you might see the difference instantly. After a week, I took another pic and I did see a very significant result for my under eyes problem. Well, result speak louder than words and I’m a happy client. 

Then I moved on to another treatment, perfect one for those who don’t want to see any needles shot onto your face. Using the latest European technology, Nano Needle-less Delivery System will penetrate the special serum with no pain of needles shots with the same result but lesser lasting time. In fact, it was kind of nice warm experience, as they’re using the thermotherapy machine, with ultrasound & thermage technology for that deeper infusion into the dermal layers of the skin. Ten minutes rubbed on each cheek and jaw, it felt lifting and I did see my cheeks got less chubby. This treatment is also perfect for those who need to go to party after the treatment, without the worry of bruises. 


For more infos and locations, visit Nano Philosophy’s website, here

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita


I remembered back in the days when my dear mother sat in front of her dressing table, applying her Ceramide Capsules by Elizabeth Arden. It was one of those beauty highlights of my teenage life, learning a skincare routine from mom. That’s why this brand held a special place in my heart. 

Their latest launch here is FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide™ Caplet Serum. Catered for early signs of aging, dullness, fine lines, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores, this is an unique liquid serum with mini-beads caplets. Looking like pearls, these beads will activate themselves when dispensed. Very lightweight and feel so refreshing once applied. Perfect for tired, stressed skin as it will rejuvenate them for a more energized complexion. It dried down quickly (thanks to the clear light gel texture), creating a smooth finish on cleansed face and neck. Plus, it didn’t have any scent. Yup, the formula is fragrance-free. Perfecto!

One single pump for each area, forehead, cheeks and chin is needed every morning & night before your moisturizer and night cream. It went well with my daily moisturizer as it’s way less oilier than the original Ceramide Capsules. Recommended for more normal to oily/combination skin, as somehow it did make my pores seem smaller. And I am pleased by the ideas of a freshly activated serum for every pump. Make sure to keep this out of reach from children, as I believe they’ll be intrigued by the look of the floating caplets. Yes, it’s that appealing. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita



As we’re stepping into the month of love, February, it’s a perfect time to literally filled the air with some affection. And rose will be the perfect scent for romancing your home because rose was associated with Aphrodite & Venus, Goddesses of Love & Beauty among the Greeks & Romans. Enter Diptyque Rosafolia, the new rose-themed collection which include the candle, scented oval and a new perfume “Eau Plurielle”. 

Using Turkish Rose Absolute, enhanced by a touch of galbanum and a hint of geranium, the candle and the scented oval are limited-edition. So better buy them asap, especially if you love the greenish-rose scent which clearly lighter and fresher than ordinary rose. And the thought of using the empty white matte candle jar with lovely rose and ivy design is very appealing, too. Another stylish way to decorate and scent small spaces (like drawers or closets) is using the Rosafolia Scented Oval. A white porcelain medallion with cotton cord can be hung up easily, plus it will look ultra luxurious. 

If you love the same scent on your skin and fabric, choose Eau Plurielle. This floral scent can be spray on your body or your pillow sheets, or (in my case) car’s interior. Very seductive scent indeed, thanks to the hesperidia note with musk & wood for its’ staying power. 

Another instant sophistication to add to any room, is their “Hourglass Diffuser”. It look elegant by its’ own, and (not to forget) it will delicately releases the scent of your favorite Diptyque (like Roses & Baies). A new alternative for candle, simply flip this over then securely placed on the flat & steady surface. The fragrance might take around 20 minutes to flow through without any help of electricity or heat (talking about saving energy). This hourglass diffuser can be refilled twice, and one will last around 2 ½ months if you turned it over four times a day. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita