It has been awhile since I review and do swatches for lipsticks. So before the year ends, let’s do this.

Thanks to Sociolla and L’Oreal Indonesia that sent me these 16 lipsticks to try. Yes, 16 pieces that will last me throughout next year, I guess.


As you can see, they already different by the caps. Les Chocolates has nude shade caps and Les Chocolates label on it.

They both have the same pro-sculpt applicator, that makes them easy to sweep on lips.

How about scents? Of course, Les Chocolats smells literally like chocolate. While the black cap ones smells like fruits.

LES CHOCOLATS (swatches on natural light)
LES CHOCOLATS (swatches on natural light)

Shades? Brown toned shades (from light to dark) for Les Chocolats

INFALLIBLE PRO MATTE (swatches on natural light)
INFALLIBLE PRO MATTE (swatches on natural light)

And variable shades (mostly dark to nude) for the Infallible Pro Matte.

Formula? Being the same Infallible Pro Matte, they do have the same creamy texture. They are light weight when set to matte finish and the pigment are incredible. I only use one swipe on this pic and it already covered so well. I believe these lipsticks will be good for those who originally have darker shade of lips.

They last longer than any liquid matte lipsticks that I’ve tried and didn’t create that white flaky lines between upper and lower lips.

Tips: because they are basically matte lipsticks, and (as you might already know) they have tendencies to exaggerate natural lip lines, I recommend to apply lip balm beforehand.


My favorite shades: 372 (seen on my lips), 842 & 848.




I received this as a gift from a dear friend (I am not made of $$, so I’m thankful to receive this). I have to admit as a skincare enthusiast, I was quite late to jump to this whole Drunk Elephant wagon. But as they said, better late than never.

DSCF6746 copy.jpg

This is a super smart move from the company, as some people would love to try first before committing to buy the full size. Rather than buying ‘share in jar’ (I never did this because of hygienic reason), I’d rather buy sample size or travel size.

DSCF6747 copy.jpg

There are 8 (literally) The Littles inside this neon pink jelly pouch. And they gave a clear instruction on (another) little pink book on how to use them. I’ll break down to you one by one, to see which are my favorites and why.

DSCF6748 copy.jpg

BESTE NO 9 JELLY CLEANSER (30ML-the biggest of them all)
According to, this is not Fungal Acne Safe. At least it is Sulfate-Free, fragrance free and essential oils free. As the name stated, it is a cleanser in jelly format. Looked closely at their ingredients, there are similar products out there if you’re looking for more affordable version.

It contains Glycerin, so (unfortunately) it’s not safe for fungal acne. Too bad, because I actually kind of like this vitamin C serum. It’s packed with L-ascorbic which is vitamin C in purest form and ferulic acids which will help to enhance the power of Vitamin C. So yes, this is one potent serum. Fortunately, there are some Vitamin C serum out there (mostly from Korean’s brand) that are safe for fungal acne.

Again, this contains Glycerin that some said might trigger fungal acne. They suggest to mix this with C-Firma Day Serum, because it contains vitamin B which is well-known to complement vitamin C. If you’re looking for more affordable hydration serum out there, fret not…there are plenty.

Hence the long name, it is a simple sunscreen, pronto. Also not safe for fungal acne, because of Glycerin’s content (seriously, it’s so hard to find one without Glycerin nowadays). Good thing, it didn’t leave a white cast. But I’d rather buy sunscreen which are safe for my fungal acne and definitely more affordable ones.

I used to apply this allover my face as a night serum, but ended up getting irritation. But, I found this very useful as spot treatment. So whenever, a red spot (which will become acne) appeared, this will help! I love this, I already purchased the real size which cost me a fortune (LOL).

Finally, something safe for fungal acne! Known as carrier oil, they recommend this to be mix with any D.E products to enhance penetration and results. Personally, I love to mix this with T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. Mine is running out, so I guess I’ll purchase the real size soon (bye bye wallet).

This is the only product from the collection that I didn’t enjoy using. The texture is too thick for my liking, and it contains not only Glycerin, but Isopropyl Isostearate and Stearic Acid which are totally not safe for fungal acne. I guess I’m just not into creamy stuff, I’d stick to my gel moisturizer.

SHABA COMPLEX EYE SERUM (5ML) – the smallest of them all
I read one review that said it won’t caused under-eyes milia. Which is true. But it’s not a magical eye cream which will erase wrinkles and dark-circles. It’s a good hydrating eye-serum, but not good by its’ own, so better add another layer of good eye-cream. I guess eye serum is a nice-to-have product, but I’d rather have one potent eye cream that won’t break the bank.

DSCF6749 copy.jpg

I don’t get the prices of the products (Packaging? Ingredients? Marketing campaign?). Even some online shops here in Indonesia where I live, they sold The Littles’ products separately, and they’re still expensive. But luckily, from this collection, only two products that won my heart, which is T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil. I believe the serum is the most expensive skincare product I ever owned.
I mean, it’s great that they didn’t have essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical screens, fragrance/dyes and SLS in their products, but I wish they’ll come up with some Glycerin-free products for us fungal acne warriors.



Thank you Clinelle Indonesia for sending me this PR kit of their latest range, WHITEN UP for an honest review.

DSCF7218 copy.jpg

As you can see, there are 6 products on this range. Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Toner, Brightening Serum, Brightening Day Cream SPF 20, Brightening Spot Corrector Essence, and Brightening Night Cream. All come in purple packaging to differentiate them from other lines that Clinelle has and (I believe) to mimic Japanese Purple Rice Extract as one of their main ingredient.


This range is dedicated for all skin type and dermatologically tested. Clinelle also claimed that their professional products are also formulated with 7 Secrets to Happy Skin, which excludes potential harmful ingredients that can irritate skin. So all products have no artificial fragrance, no mineral oil, no artificial coloring, non comedogenic ingredients, no SD alcohol, no Paraben and no Lanolin. And this specific range comes with benefits to repair, refine and reshield, thanks to ingredients like Japanese Purple Rice Extract, Vitamin C and Daisy Flower Extract. Great Mullein Flowers were added to the night cream only, which provides exceptional benefits for brightening efficacy.


As we all know, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant to redefine skin texture & lighten skin tone. Meanwhile, Japanese Purple Rice Extract will enhance the efficacy of Vitamin C to promote faire, firmer and moisturized skin. And last but definitely not least, Daisy Flower Extract will reduce pigmentation, skin darkening & even out skin tone. So yes, these products are a powerful brightening skincare with drugstore prices.

This line also features Advanced Anti-PhotoAging Technology with 10X more vitamin C for better whitening power and 3X increase in skin lightening effect, compares to the previous Clinelle Whiten Up range (so yes, these are more potent guys!). New formulation with the latest advanced innovation, which will be more effective to brighten and protect our skin. This breakthrough technology allows the products to penetrate into the deepest skin layers to deliver fast targeted and unprecedented brightening effect. And it will protect skin from premature aging caused by repeated exposure to UV radiation.

So, without further adieu, here’s my review:

WhitenUp Brightening Cleanser
Texture: Saturated Gel
Review: It foams up normally, with a scent that reminds me of spas (like lemongrass and bergamot). My skin didn’t feel dry afterwards, and it felt super clean.

WhitenUp Brightening Toner
Texture: Clear fluid like water (no viscosity)
Review: It foams a bit when I shake the bottle, but dries up nicely without sticky feeling. Spray evenly, too. You can use this with or without cotton pads.

WhitenUp Brightening Serum
Texture: Saturated Gel
Review: I enjoyed this the most, it absorbed quickly with no sticky feeling.

WhitenUp Brightening Day Cream SPF20
Texture: White and milky
Review: Because it contains SPF, it smells a bit like one and when first applied left a white cast. Once applied well, it absorb quickly, white cast gone and I was left with a bit dewy (not oily) finish.

WhitenUp Brightening Spot Corrector Essence
Texture: Because it contains Cyclopentasiloxane aka Silicone, it does feel siliconey. But I guess it’s OK, because it is a spot corrector, so no need to apply allover the face for those who are allergic to silicone.
Review: Obviously, it made skin feel smoother. It also gave a blurring effect for spots and pores!

WhitenUp Brightening Night Cream
Texture: Again, this contains silicone, but not as thick as the spot corrector. It’s more like a gel-cream texture that melts easily when applied.
Review: I wish they came in tube packaging for more practical purpose. I like how this night cream sealed all the layers before and my skin did look a bit brighter in the morning.

DSCF7221 copy.jpg

Textures from L-R: Day Cream, Serum,Spot Corrector Essence, Brightening Cleanser, Night Cream

So I did a before after test on my hands. Can you tell which one is which?

DSCF7248 copy.jpg

If you guessed left hand, you are correct! After about two weeks of using the complete range on my left hand, my skin tones look more even and brighter, and healthier.

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except the ingredients from Clinelle’s website)


Being bombarded by so many skincare products and new launches, might get one excited. Including yours truly. But, knowing that I have super sensitive skin that can show immediate reaction (I don’t believe in purging, by the way), I know I have my own set of limitation.

Especially, if you’ve been following my blog or my IG (@shintarosvita), you’d probably know that I have fungal-acne prone skin. That’s why even though I got excited of so many new skincare products on the market, most of the time I stick to what works on my skin.

DSCF7265 copy.jpg

Here, I will share you my repeatedly purchased skincare products (on alphabetical order), just because they did good on my skin (read: they didn’t trigger my fungal-acne and didn’t break me out).


DSCF7268 copy

I tried Micellar Water from other brands, but keep on coming back to this. I lost count on how many bottles I’ve used already, since I’m very particular of first cleansing. I have to admit I used a lot of micellar water for the first step of double cleanse.


DSCF7270 copy

After I received the mini size from a dear friend, and found out that this worked like a charm, I immediately bought the full size. Yes, it is expensive. However, I only use one pump every other night only to treat closed comedones. I never apply it all over my face, because it’s not safe for fungal acne (it contains Glycerine and Saccharomyces). This is more like a closed comedones treatment for me.


DSCF7271 copy.jpg

Again, this is my third bottle. Contains calendula flower water and active antioxidants, I feel this toner is really soothing and hydrating. So pure and refreshing, this multi-purpose toner did feel just like water when applied.


DSCF7269 copy.jpg

I believe this is my third bottle so far. After trying a few of daily exfoliating toner from Korean brands, I believe this is the most gentle one, as it contains PHA (low-stimulant exfoliating ingredient). I use this as a part of my PM routine, with cotton pad).


DSCF7267 copy.jpg

Well, this is my third bottle. After cauter treatment, the doctor recommended to use this as facial compress to speed up the wound’s drying process. It’s really cooling on skin and since it contains electrolyte which mimic our body’s fluid, I found it very hydrating on skin. So, I keep on using this with compressed sheet mask from Miniso, once a day (usually in the morning to freshen up).



Back to fungal acne topic, even though I can say I am pretty much free from them (yeay!).

If you follow me on IG, you’d know that I’m not a big fan of sheet mask. I’ve tried a few, but immediately disliked them. I can’t stand the slippery feel of it, the excess essence, basically everything. And most of the sheet masks I’ve tried were not categorized as fungal acne safe on And I read somewhere that wearing sheet mask can increase the temperature of our skin (this is not ideal if you are prone to breakouts like me). Rising temperature on skin can actually increase the bacteria count on the surface of the skin (read: even better breeding ground for the fungus). So, bye sheet mask.

DSCF7241 copy.jpg

These are my current wash-off masks that’s save for fungal-acne according to (I alternate, obviously):


DSCF7210 copy

It spreads easily
Scandinavian-feel jar packaging
Only needs 10 minutes to dry

Quite Pricey


DSCF7212 copy

Its’ ingredients list (Kaolin, Bentonite, Charcoal Powder, Sea Salt)
Only takes 10 minutes to dry.
If I need a deep clean feeling, this is my go-to mask.
Super affordable price.

Too hard to squeeze out from the tube. Maybe they should reconsider to use jar packaging instead.


DSCF7211 copy.jpg

It only needs 5 minutes.
My go to mask if I’m too tired at night.

Hard to find online, because they don’t carry this brand in Indonesia. A friend bought it for me in Watson’s Singapore.
Scented, so those who are sensitive to fragrances, better watch out.
With this crazy conversion rate to dollars, this is quite pricey.

How to include clay mask in your regime?

  • For myself, I believe once a week is good enough to deep cleanse. Don’t go overboard, as this is not your everyday skincare routine.
  • I prefer to do this at night, after double-cleanse step.
  • Let the mask dry according to the suggested time. Don’t let it sit for too long, as it might start sucking up natural oils on our face.
  • Use warm water to make it easier to rinse.
  • Finish with your next step of skincare routine.



After my Cauter Procedure on September 28, 2018 (read the post HERE), I thought I’d update you all about my skin condition.


Well, as you can see from the pics above, some of the bigger spots on the upper-cheek area are getting lighter (some are gone, YEAY!). Those were the areas that used to be the home of Sebaceous Hyperplasia, so no wonder the wounds were bigger than just Milia’s wounds. I was using Dermatix Ultra, recommended by the clinic’s doctor, but after a few uses (maybe because it contains silicone and vitamin C ester?) big zits were showing up on areas near the dark spots. You see, I only use Dermatix Ultra as dark spot treatment, but if I went overboard with it, it’d break me out. So I stopped using it gradually, and went for vitamin C serum and Rosehip Oil instead.

So, what did I do to treat my Cauter’s wounds?

DSCF7206 copy.jpg

At Home Treatment:

  • Double Cleansing: using Micellar Water & Facial Wash (gel texture is preferred)
  • Toning: using Exfoliating Toner & Hydrating Toner
  • Mask: using compressed sheet mask with NaCl solution (great for wounds)
  • Serum: using vitamin C on dark spots.
  • Facial Oil: using Rosehip Oil on dark spots
  • Moisturizer: another gel texture on my beauty repertoire.

Clinic Treatment (I did these at Beauty By Appointment):

  • Nd-YAG laser for skin rejuvenation and to treat dark spots.
  • BBA Glow (not to be mistaken with BB Glow). This is a treatment to penetrate the serum under the skin to make the skin looks glowing.



DSCF7187 copy.jpg

Another collaboration collection from one of my favorite local brands. This time, they collaborated with Asmara Abigail (known as an actress) and Talitha Maranila (known for her artworks). It is a gold collection, wearable luxury that anyone can afford.

DSCF7181 copy.jpg

When the words Mata Hari join together, they mean ‘sun’. But, this is different. Apparently this collection was inspired by the one and only, Mata Hari (yes, that charming and mysterious exotic dancer) from the 1900’s. If you google Mata Hari, you’d be as fascinated as I am, especially if you’re into that glam-spy thing. Anyway, back to the Mata Hari Collection from Rollover Reaction. It consists of two tubes of Liquid Eye Tint, named (literally Mata and Hari). I believe this is the most extravagant but still wearable and easy to pull off collection from the ever-minimalist brand.

DSCF7190 copy.jpg

DSCF7204 copy.jpg

Mata (on the left) is glittery with a glimmering silver-gold shimmer.

Hari (on the right) is a solid gold hue with gold particles.

If you’re into gold and glitter, you’ll love this latest collection from Rollover Reaction. You can buy the collection, here.



After I’ve written a post about first cleanser for fungal acne (read HERE), now let’s move on to second cleanser, shall we?

DSCF7141 copy.jpg

Firstly, I’d like to thank my readers and followers on IG (@shintarosvita), who always encourage me to share my stories and which products suit best for fungal-acne prone skin.

Personally, there’s nothing more joyful in life than going home after a busy day to clean my face. I do spend more time on makeup in the morning, but I also spend more time on skincare at night. Especially on the cleansing part, because it is super duper important! So, which 2nd cleansers that I enjoy using and also safe for fungal acne prone skin? Here’s my top 5 in alphabetical order (just happened most of them are gel-texture because I didn’t enjoy foam-texture). And I also included their prices, so it’s easier for you to pick and choose according to your budget.

DSCF7145 copy.jpg

Price: IDR90K for 60ML
It’s already kind of hard to find a second cleanser that is safe for fungal acne, and it’s harder to find a local brand ones. And I’m glad to stumble upon this, even though it’s not Sulfate Free (checked on, but it is Fungal Acne Safe. It contains AHA, therefore I don’t recommend to use this twice daily. However, I do recommend to use this if you put on heavy makeup after first cleanse.

DSCF7143 copy.jpg

Price S$23.90 for 100ML
Honestly, this is my 1st Eucerin experience. This is a Germany brand, but you can get this in Singapore’s drugstores (hard to find online here in Jakarta). It is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, colourant-free, paraben-free and free of anionic surfactants. Totally safe for sensitive and fungal-acne prone skin.
Update on November 24, 2018: apologies folks, according to it’s not safe for fungal acne because of Glycerin content (number 2 on the ingredients’ list-so it might be a bulky ones). But when I wore this on my calm days, nothing happened. So it didn’t trigger my fungal acne, but better be cautious.

DSCF7146 copy.jpg

Price IDR245K for 200ML
Another Not Sulfate Free (checked on, but it is Fungal Acne Safe. I love the fact that it’s non-comedogenic, as my skin tends to build up comedos fast. It also contains zinc pidolate and of course, Thermal Spring Water. It is quite scented though, if you are sensitive to fragrances, better watch out.

DSCF7144 copy.jpg

Price IDR300K for 150ML
With a low pH of 5,5, I might say this is super mild gel cleanser. Infused with one of my favorite ingredient, Centella Asiatica, it’s easy for me to like this acid-balanced cleanser. But for those who can’t take Melaleuca Alternifolia aka Tea Tree Leaf Oil, better to stay away.

DSCF7148 copy.jpg

Price S$13.90 for 150ML
It’s hard to find online, I had to ask my friend who went to Singapore for this. It contains no color or dye, no soap and no artificial perfume. Although it doesn’t create much bubbles, it cleanse really well without irritation. Personally, I prefer to use this every morning as my 1st morning cleanser. But definitely you can use this as second cleanser too.



Last week, I was invited to the launch of this self-care face set in Watsons Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta.

DSCF7110 copy.jpg

DSCF7118 copy.jpg

DSCF7126 copy.jpg

Check out the cute Holographic Pouch! Currently you can get this set in one of 5 Watsons in Jakarta (Pondok Indah Mall 2, Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kelapa Gading), or you can get them online.


DSCF7123 copy

With aloe vera, oat and rose as its’ main ingredients, this is literally hydrating as they claimed. We can use this before makeup and/or as setting spray. Dermatologically Tested.

DSCF7131 copy.jpg

Packaging: Outer box-colorful. It comes in a 105ml plastic transparent bottle with a simple yet modern design.

Texture: light pink shade water, but don’t worry it won’t show on skin.

Scent: super subtle scent of rose and aloe. Love.

Verdict: I use this as hydrating toner after my exfoliating toner. It’s very cooling and perfect for layering under makeup. And best part, it didn’t break me out (I’m surprised to see this listed already on and it’s safe for fungal acne, YEAY!).


DSCF7125 copy.jpg

Micellar infused tissue to gently remove dirt & makeup. Alcohol free. Gentle on face, yet powerful for waterproof mascara. Infused with cucumber as natural moisturizer, collagen to keep elasticity in check and vitamin A. No Paraben, No Alcohol. Dermatologically Tested.

Packaging: outer layer with colorful design. Inner layer: white with simple and modern design. Consists of 25 sheets.

Texture: non-grainy wet tissues. It’s the perfect amount of wetness (not droopy and not slimy).

Scent: subtly scented like cucumber.

Verdict: it cleansed well, waterproof eyeliner, liquid lipstick, foundation and all. But it left a bit foamy residue on skin.

DSCF7162 copy.jpg


DSCF7120 copy.jpg

Honey and Cloudberry. We know honey is good as natural moisturizer, but how about cloudberry? Apparently, cloudberry is high in antioxidant. This lip balm also contains lemon and grape fruit.

Packaging: outer layer-colorful. Inside is a cute little pink tube of 15gr lip balm.

Texture: quite balmy when pressed out from the tube. When applied, it glides and melt beautifully on lips.

DSCF7136 copy.jpg

Scent: smells like candies with no sweet taste. Super love.

Verdict: it gives slight fresh pink tint on the lips, very moisturizing and perfect for filling up those dry cracks on lips.



After the whole fungal acne saga, enter another 99 skin problems. Well…three to be exact.

I blame it all to my hormones. And yes, to stress, fatigue and poor diet, too.


Check out my bare and made-up skin (covered by powerful primer, concealer and foundation). Yes, I can cover that much. But by the end of the day, the spots are there. Weird looking spots (some look like pimples and closed comedones). Weird looking brown spots that actually rise on the surface of the skin like nano-sized cyst.

What the heck are them? Are they harmful?

On my eyelids are milias, small, dome-shaped bumps that are white but not ichy or painful. These formed directly from entrapped keratin, usually genetic. And also on the outer corner of my eyelid, some Xanthelasma occurred. They are soft, a bit yellowish, fatty deposit. Basically, it’s related to fat consumption (thanks butter and lattes!).

On my upper cheeks, there’s Sebaceous Hyperplasia. These occurred when the sebaceous glands that are attached to hair follicles all over our body, including face, become enlarge and trapped with sebum. Unlike Xanthelasma, these bumps are flesh-colored. People with fair skin (check!), and who’ve had a lot of sun exposure (also check!) are more likely to get this. Oh yeah, this is also genetic (darn it!).

At one point, even though they are mostly harmless, I feel cosmetically unattractive. What to do when one felt like one? Enter cosmetic procedure: ElectroCautery. I did mine at a local clinic (check their IG @beautybyappointment).

20180928_135601 copy.jpg

From what I read, electrocautery is also known as thermal cautery, a surgical procedure often used to remove growths on our skin. Basically this heated needle will burn those b**ches. Certainly smelled the burnt skin while doing this procedure. Did it hurt, you might ask. Not during the procedure (thanks to the numbing cream pre-procedure), but afterwards, it felt like a burnt wound on my face (especially when I washed my face for the first 3 days).


As you can see, some of my wounds are pretty big, especially on upper cheeks area (when most of them are sebaceous hyperplasia). While on the eyelids, milia wounds were quicker to dry and much smaller in size.

C360_2018-10-13-08-01-19-734 copy.jpg

After the procedure, the clinic gave me: NaCl aka Sodium Chloride for compress mask, anti-irritation cream and retinoic acid (which I ditched sooner because it seemed to redden my wound. They told me to always use sunblock whenever I go out and only put loose powder as my makeup (no foundation, no nothing). Will keep you guys updated on my journey with the wounds. Currently, doing my best to remove those scars with natural remedy: Rosehip Oil and chemical: Dermatix Ultra. Wish me luck!!

Meanwhile, if you asked me is it worth it to do this procedure? YES, if you are forever annoyed by bumpy textures. NO, if you can’t deal with the reality that you’re going to be wounded for a couple of weeks (and nothing you can’t do to cover them, say bye to concealer and foundation). Remember, life is full of choices and cosmetic procedures are too.