Thought I’d be sharing you guys my current PM routine during these never ending #stayathome nights. 

Disclaimer: this isn’t a one-size-fits-all routine. Remember, you know your own skin best! 

Even though I didn’t wear makeup anymore since the pandemic began, but I still apply sunscreen in the morning. And I do feel it’s necessary to clean sunscreen with cleansing oil, even though I haven’t found cleansing oil or balm that are safe for fungal acne. But the trick is to rinse the first cleanser well with warm water then quickly continue to the next cleanser. 

My new HG cleanser, for sure. I prefer gentle cleanser with the main and basic purpose, to cleanse. Yes, leave the actives on other products such as serum or ampoule. Gentle cleanser won’t strip our natural oil and disrupt skin’s microbiome that can cause irritation. Just use gentle cleanser like this if you are active with actives (you know what I meant right?). 

Again, a simple toner with very minimal ingredients list. I use the exfoliating toner for morning skincare routine, but never on nighttime. Because I will use prescription strength treatment, I try to keep the basic steps basic. I use cotton pad and never leave it dry until next step.

With skin half damp because of the toner, I apply Vichy first then Krave. Great layers of hydration and emollient to make my skin ready for the next powerful stuffs. 

I can imagine if I don’t layer my moisturizers, I will end up ruining my skin since I use these two prescription strength treatment. Both are local brands, and it worked like a charm if you know how. I’m glad I took these while staying at home most of the time during the pandemic. And I guess seeing the result on my skin (bye clogged pores), I’ll use these continuously just to maintain.



Thanks Sulwhasoo Indonesia for sending me this liquid foundation for an honest review.

Love the luxurious packaging

I believe most of Korean foundation designed to look as natural as possible. This one, too. Infused with sea buckthorn berries (which is rich in antioxidants), and powered with Sheer Hydra Formula Technology, this foundation adheres to skin gently, with a natural glowing finish. The formula contains non-oily moisturizing ingredients for that fresh powdery finished look and long-lasting effect.

Given to me is shade No 23

Unfortunately, according to, this foundation is not fungal-acne safe due to one of its’ ingredient (Sorbitan Sesquioleate), but it’s not one of the top 5 main ingredients. If you don’t have any problem with fungal acne, it should be fine.

Bare Faced
Using the foundation, set with loose powder


  • Shake really well before each use.
  • A little goes a long way

Go buy this if you like:

  • Light-weight liquid foundation
  • Natural and glowing finish



Thanks Sulwhasoo Indonesia for sending me this for honest review.

Always love Sulwhasoo for their luxurious packaging. This Sheer Lasting Gel Cushion included.

Inside the box, there are two puffs and they’re not ordinary cushion puffs. They’re specially designed 3D puff with squares like texture to make application more even and smooth.

What made this cushion different?

Check out the micro mess on top. I believe this help to control the dosage when you tap the puff on it, so it’ll perfectly deliver what it claimed: feather-light complexion with sheer glow with just one single touch.

Texture: Very light gel (almost watery in some extent) that dries down to a semi-matte finish.

From the product’s brochure, it contains SPF35 PA++ with Sea Buckthorn Berries as one of the main ingredient (for a vibrant complexion).

Shade: They sent me No 23, which is Natural Beige (it perfectly matched my skin tone at the moment). FYI, they carry 5 shades in Indonesia.

Now, let’s see how this applied on my face.

Bare Face
Wearing cushion only
Set with powder and full makeup

Unfortunately, this is not safe for fungal acne prone skin when I checked on But the triggers’ ingredients are way below the top 5 ingredients, so I felt a bit safe when I use this. So far, it didn’t trigger my fungal acne (God forbids).

Go buy this if you like:

  • luxurious packaging
  • light feeling base makeup
  • sheer and natural looking skin
  • semi-matte finish


To celebrate SULWHASOO’S 50 years of ginseng research, 50 Inspiring Women was chosen by the Korean brand in Indonesia. And yours truly is one of them. It is a great honor to be one of them, I’m humbled by the whole experience. 

With their “50-year Great Journey to Holistic Beauty”, it all began in 1966 with the birth of the world’s first ginseng cosmetic, known as ABC Ginseng Cream. 

Their journey continues until this very day, by using the most precious botanical ingredient in Asia as we all known as simply ginseng. If you want to know more about the whole journey, Sulwhasoo is having an exhibition on this long weekend holiday at Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. Here are a few pics of what you might see there,

To capture the essence of 50-year ginseng heritage, Sulwhasoo is reaching out to the world with this wonderful product, CONCENTRATED GINSENG RENEWING CREAM EX. This promised to restore natural vitality in the skin by unlocking ginseng’s vitality through their 50 years of research. 

And lucky me, as one of the chosen ones, I got the special limited edition collection of this cream. Made of porcelain with white jasper spatula, and placed in a very beautiful engraved wooden box I’ve ever seen. Yes, it was inspired by the 1966 packaging of ABC Ginseng Cream. Super glam yet still very intact with the heritage, just like the brand itself. 

Congratulations Sulwhasoo for the best 50 years, and cheers for more years to come. 



Introducing the latest cushion compact from SULWHASOO, PERFECTING CUSHION BRIGHTENING.

I was invited to the launch with fellow bloggers at their counter on Seibu, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. I was a big fan of Sulwhasoo’s previous cushion compact, PERFECTING CUSHION, and I’m sure I’m going to love the new version because: it’s more brightening and more matte! They claimed that PERFECTING CUSHION BRIGHTENING with magnolia extract and Pearlescent Complex will left our skin bright and luminous for up to 12 hours. And rather than regular water, they used Sulwhasoo’s own purifying water blend with skin-clarifying licorice extract to keep skin hydrated, too.

Wait….are you familiar with Cushion Compact in general? Well, if you’re still in CC cream or BB cream (helloooooo), now is the time to move on to this genius product. It is liquid foundation but soaked in cushion like pillow. The cushion allows uniquely weightless and buildable coverage, perfect for that flawless (read: Korean) makeup look. And unlike general traditional foundation, cushion won’t crease nor cake because the texture is super light. Let’s just say: it’s more breathable. 

At the event, I met Woori Han, Sulwhasoo’s Makeup Artist from Korea. I swear, her skin was so flawless, and when I asked her how many steps she did everyday for her skincare routine, she answered 8. I wouldn’t mind those 8 steps just to get skin like hers.

Woori also shared her tips at the event, on how to apply Perfecting Cushion Brightening Correctly. TAP! Yes, tapping with the puff provided in the packaging (not sliding) will deliver that flawless complexion you always wish for. And she also shared how to highlight with lighter shade of cushion, using the W technique. Apply lighter shade shaped into a letter W just below the eyes. She also shared the L technique to apply blush. Apply blush shaped into a letter L just below the highlight. I’m so gonna try her techniques. 

She recommends to use Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher before applying Perfecting Cushion Brightening to make it last longer.

She also carried some of the latest Sulwhasoo’s products which will be available here in Indonesia by June 2016. Blushes & lipsticks! Yeay! Can’t wait!

Well, stay tune for the review!



One of the best selling products from Korean brand, SULWHASOO now at its’ fourth generation.


This is the fourth generation, as the first one was introduced way back in 1997. The 1997 serum became a huge hit because it changed the skincare routine, with the concept of a ‘boosting essence’ as the first stage of the skincare routine. And this year, SULWHASOO introduced the latest FIRST CARE ACTIVATING SERUM EX, based on a mixture of five precious Asian medicinal herbs (named JAUM Balancing Complex) using PREXtract Process to bring skin back into balance, resulting in a whole new dimension of skin radiance. 

As skin easily get dry due to aging and might effect on the natural radiance of healthy skin, this is the first boosting essence to apply right after cleansing. Yes, you read it right. After facial wash in the morning & evening, apply this serum first, then followed by toner. Koreans do have an unique way of applying their toner, they don’t use cotton pads. Instead, they pour it on the palm and straightly pat on the skin. 

Why serum first then toner? Well…the serum was designed to boost and sort of waking up our skin after cleansing, so after facial wash is supposed to be the right time for the serum to work its’ magic as our skin are clean & ready to absorb any nutrients available. 

Check out the texture. Clear brown color with a very light texture. The scent is milder than the previous First Care Activating Serum, less ginseng-y (if I may say). Of course it absorb so easily onto the skin without leaving any stickiness. It hydrates really well, leaving skin feel smooth and if applied correctly (remember, this first then everything else) will provide a good base for any skincare products that follow. Give this a try, especially if you have dry and dull skin that need to be fixed, asap. 



Thanks to my younger years when sun tanning was such a joyful thing to do, minus SPF skincare or so whatever. I believe my dark spots are not literally caused by those sun rays, but also signs of aging (sigh). The obvious one popped out near my cheeks, more obvious when I applied blush on. What to do, what to do?

Enter Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Spot Serum. Lately, I’ve been using more Korean brands’ skincare as I believe they react more on my Asian (read: oily & troublesome) skin. As the name stated, this is a spot serum so basically it’s recommended for those who have dark spots. Formulated with traditional Korean herbs (as you might already know, Sulwhasoo is big for ginseng ingredients), it’ll help to relieve dark spots from its source. It features white ginseng saponin to suppress the formation of melanin & prevent skin from forming more dark spots and Mulberry root extract to keep skin from drying and recover.


Comes in a dropper, this is one clever bottle. Twist open and the knob will pop up with the filled in dropper. And if you close it again, it’ll go down automatically. No need to press manually to pick up the serum. 


As for the scent, don’t worry about ginseng strong smell, as it’s very gentle and quite soothing. The texture is milky and liquid, so if you’re targeting on spots, just drop a little on your finger tips. In fact, I only use one drop for my spots. I was quite worried that it might left white residue, but it didn’t. It felt cool when applied and absorbed fast without no drying effect afterwards. And after a few days of wearing, I didn’t see my dark spots turning red, as I’ve experienced with other spot treatments. Oh yeah, I’m planning to use this on my acne scars as well, as they also stated so on the instructions leaflet inside the box. 


Apply this spot serum every morning and evening after your face serum, by pressing on the spots for about 3 seconds using the index fingers. If you love to brighten the whole face and have no dark spots yet (lucky you!), try their whole whitening line, Snowise EX Whitening to enhance the strength of your skin against this harsh sun rays. 

Keep posted, as I’ll update you about the result on my dark spots after 28 days using this spot serum. 



Concealer used to be my best friend, until I tried this.

EVENFAIR PERFECTING CUSHION by SULWHASOO, a renowned Korean beauty brand changed my whole beauty regime in a flash. First, I’m not really a fan of liquid foundation in a bottle. I found them too hard to apply if I’m in a rush, and to blend them perfectly, I need a master degree. And here it is, a cushion foundation, not liquid, nor powder. It reminds me a lot of Laneige BB Cushion, but Perfecting Cushion is not a BB. It’s a multi cushion foundation with skin care benefits (anti-wrinkle/whitening/UV protection) which will gives perfect coverage and that flawless look. 

Thanks to Sulwhasoo Indonesia, I had a chance to get my hands on this awesome product before anyone else (no worries, they’ll launch this upcoming September). I decided not to apply anything before Perfecting Cushion, as it already contains apricot seed herbal moisturizer to help promotes skin resilience and leave it moist all day. And I didn’t put any sunscreen too, as it already has SPF 50+, PA+++. Last but not least, I also skipped my darling concealer as it promised to give a perfect coverage. So in total, I skipped three products: moisturizer, sunscreen and concealer. Just remember to always apply on extra clean skin. 

Inside the packaging, there’s one refill available, and I use the puff provided to apply. It’s a thin puff, but don’t underestimate the power of it. The puff released just the right amount of foundation needed with just one press. Press once in the middle, and it should be enough for the whole face. Nadia from SULWHASOO Indonesia suggested me to start from the middle of the cheeks, then pat over the whole face. Once applied, I can feel the texture is very light. It is nothing like liquid foundation. Very easy to blend and it didn’t look cakey. One pat for each area is recommended though, as over applying will make the skin look to bright. And what a coverage for such a light texture! It did cut my makeup time (sorry concealer, see you again).

I also believe my skin look more radiant and glowing after I finished patting the whole face (check the pic above). Even though the Koreans like to put it that way (just the Perfecting Cushion and nothing else, said Nadia) I did put extra powder to set, because I still prefer matte finish for the final makeup result (thanks to my super oily skin). And if you like to apply powder blush like me, you need to use face powder or else the blush will streak. But if you want to use it like the Koreans (or you’re blessed with drier skin than mine), you can simply pair Perfecting Cushion with cream blush for that healthy dewy look. 

As I mentioned earlier, Perfecting Cushion will be available in SULWHASOO Indonesia’s counters at September 2014. They have 4 shades to choose (BTW, I used number 23/Medium Beige) and reportedly will be priced Rp 680.000. 

SULWHASOO’s Counter: Seibu Grand Indonesia (021-23580179), Sogo Plaza Senayan (021-5730929), Sogo Mall Kelapa Gading (021-51329829).


Yes, another Korean ‘beauty invasion’, please.

As a little girl, raised by a mother who truly believed in the power of ginseng as traditional medicine, Korean brand SULWHASOO had me at their main ingredient alone. Founded by Sung-Whan Suh (that really sound like the brand, don’t you think?) who as a young boy lived in Gaeseong, Korea, a city known for quality ginseng, SULWHASOO is known as a holistic skin wellness regimen drawn from Korean Herbal Medicine.

Having tested mostly all skin care brands which available in Indonesia, I am a firm believer of Asian brands, as I do believe they’re more skin-friendly to Asian skin. And SULWHASOO is one of them. At their website, I read something interesting: “In Korean Herbal Medicine, it is believed that the body undergoes internal changes every seven years. At each milestone, energies within the body change. Historically at the age of 35, vital energies begin to taper and fall out of balance. As vital energies diminish in the body, the skin becomes prone to dryness, dehydration, and significantly more vulnerable to the aging process.” I started counting my seven years itch after I read those, but relieved to know that SULWHASOO blends the Korean medicinal herbs with science to balance those inner energies of the skin for that final results we’ve all longing for: nourished & healthy complexion.

Thanks to SULWHASOO Indonesia, I’ve got a chance to try their products and one of the brand’s best seller ‘First Care Activating Serum’ (released in 1997). Currently, 9 bottles of SULWHASOO ‘First Care Activating Serum’ is sold every minute. This is not a typical serum, it also a booster to assure optimal skincare results by amplifying the effects of treatments that follows. If you are like me, sometimes you feel like all those serums & lotions didn’t absorb well and stay on the surface only, you’ll love this. The texture is very light and clear, it instantly absorb to the skin without any filmy feeling. As for the scent, I found it relaxing (thanks to those natural herbs such as lavender & ylang ylang). The star product of SULWHASOO is recommended as the first step of skin care after cleansing.

And talking about cleansing, I found my favorite cleansing oil in SULWHASOO, ‘Gentle Cleansing Oil’. Honestly, I was skeptical about cleansing oil as I’m an avid fan of Micellar water. But that changed after I tried the product. Unlike any other brands that I’ve tried previously, it’s not that oily (surprise, surprise!), it doesn’t sting my sensitive eyes and it cleanse well. And unlike any other brands, I don’t have to mix it with water to create that milky texture, just massage to clean the whole face, including eyes area. My beauty verdict: it’s a winner in cleansing oil category.

I also tried SULWHASOO ‘Essential Firming Cream’. Another winner from SULWHASOO Essential Line, for skin refining effects. No feeling of tightness after I applied and the slightly balmy texture didn’t feel heavy at all. It glides easily and absorbs well! Claimed to stimulate collagen for a long term lift, this product can also be used day and night to promote elasticity & detoxify as well.

As I wrote this post, SULWHASOO has two counters in Jakarta, Indonesia: Seibu Grand Indonesia & Sogo Plaza Senayan. Check out my pics above from their counter at Sogo. Well well well, they do carry ‘Men’s Line’ as well as their base makeup line, ‘Evenfair’. They have different lines for specific skin needs, such as ‘Time Treasure’ for anti aging and ‘Hydro-Aid’ for extra hydration. So, make sure you pick the right line for your need.