Grateful because I still have lots of skincare products from brands that were sent to me as their PR packages, so I’ll make sure that I only purchased max 3 items in a month. Here are my haul this month. 


I purchased this instantly after I saw one of Director Pi’s YouTube video about how to minimize pores. In that video, she recommends to mix clay mask (wash-off mask) with kaolin ingredient, with aloe gel. So I chose this one because it’s safe for fungal acne (obviously), contains 80% of aloe barbadensis leaf juice and 10% of propolis. Actually it’s a moisturizer, so I might use this as a moisturizer too. 
Price IDR135K for 100ml.


This is a local brand, and I actually bought this for my son, since I don’t really use specific acne treatment. But looking at the ingredients’ list, it’s quite promising that’s why I purchased it. It contains: Calamine, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and Kaolin, all great for acne. Don’t expect a full tube, though. In fact, mine (purchased from their official store in market place) only filled like half of the tube. 
Price IDR125K for 30gr. 



During this pandemic, I have to admit that I got obsessed with everything ‘hygiene’, including oral hygiene. 

Staying at home (most of the time) does not mean that you only gargle and brush your teeth once a day. Do you know that there are studies about gargling with antiseptic mouthwash as a potential preventive to Covid-19? Well, there’s not yet enough evidence about it, but I believe gargling to prevent upper respiratory infection is real. Before I got myself to this gargling, sore throats were a thing for me. But it was in the past, now that I gargle twice a day. 

This is one of my favorite mouthwash. Even though it is not cheap (priced at IDR200,500 for a 450ml bottle), but it worth every gargle. 

What’s so special? Dentiste Oral Rinse has a special pH-balanced formula and uses OPTA FLOW Technology for boosting self-cleansing salivary flow, which helps reduce bacteria deposit, protect the gum and moisturize the mouth to prevent dry mouth for long lasting fresh breath. 

If you dislike the burning and stinging sensation from other oral rinse in the market, you will love this for sure. And what I really notice from my own experience, it really helps with morning breath if I gargled right before I jump on my bed. Especially now, during the month of fasting, it’s very important to keep your breath fresh. Imagine, putting on your mask but your own breath stinks. Mind me, bad bacterias from your mouth and breath will trigger maskne. So, make sure you gargle twice a day, after you brush your teeth with a cup of Dentiste Oral Rinse. You’ll feel the difference, trust me.



Do you know that for oily skin people like myself, it’s actually harder for the skin to retain moisture? And yet some people still think only dry skin people need hydration. 

Dehydrated skin might worsen oil issues, because they will naturally produce more oil to compensate the dehydration. Therefore, caused more blemishes and breakouts.

IMHO, it’s best to keep our skin hydrated all the time, not to just treat them while dehydration happened. And one of the best way to maintain skin hydration is to use skincare products with Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA will help to replenish and hold cell moisture, keeping our skin well-hydrated and as a bonus, plumper! 

Enter PETER THOMAS ROTH WATER DRENCH. They’re powered by Hyaluronic Acid to help lock in hydration for up to 72 hours. As I always said in my blog and instagram, never ever count on only one skincare product to fix your skin problem(s), I will also say it again for this range. I believe they are in sync, so I really recommend to try them according to proper skincare steps, to achieve maximal hydration result (especially if you have dehydrated and dry skin altogether).

Here’s what I thought for each product.

If you asked me which one is my favorite from this hydrating line, this mist won my heart at first spritz. If you’ve been following me quite sometime, you’d know that I’d never apply moisturizer on dry skin. I’d always make sure that my skin is damp before applying moisturizer. Why? Because damp skin is more receptive to active ingredients. This Toner Mist also filled with Witch Hazel to help clarify the skin, though some might reacted to it but fortunately my skin can take it. It’s so enjoyable to spritz, it feels just like pure water on the skin. No after-feel, no stickiness, no fragrance, leaving skin feels refreshed and cool. 
Price IDR450K for 150ml. 

It’s the priciest of them all, but it is a serum with intense 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex, and you only need one pump for the whole face. I love the clear liquid gel texture, and the fact that it’s oil free and fragrance free. It’s safe for Fungal Acne, too! However, it still contains parabens on the last of their ingredients’ list. 
Price IDR 1.050K for 30ml

Concentrated 30% Hyaluronic Acid Complex cream with three molecular sizes of HA. It also contains Pentavitin® which help to provide up to 72 hours of hydration, even after cleansing. 
I love how the texture is so light and fluffy, and the fact that it is fragrance free. And I do believe that there’s a reason why some skincare products are darn pricey, because they’re so darn delightful when applied. You can feel it glides luxuriously, yet easily absorbed without any effort. 
However, it still contains Dimethicone, PEG and not safe for Fungal Acne (but luckily didn’t trigger mine)
Price IDR 850K for 50ml