Sharing you my skincare haul from iHerb, this was the first ever I bought from them. I’m a happy customer, because they already fixed the taxes and my order arrived exactly 10 days as promised. 

Since my skin can’t bare Benzoyl Peroxide when applied topically as spot treatment, this cleanser is a great alternative. Contains 5% of Benzoyl Peroxide, it’s also fragrance free. 
Price IDR 195K for 118ml 

Interesting list of Super Greens and its’ claim to detox the skin made me bought this. With Kale, Coconut Water (not oil), Clay and Aloe Vera, it’s formulated for oily & blemish prone skin types. 
Price IDR 150K for 147ml 

As I’ve been investing on Vitamin B5 for intake, due to my massive breakouts, I’ve been searching for topical treatment. Glad to found this serum which contains 4% of Panthenol aka Vitamin B5 as their top 5 ingredients. 
Price IDR 150K for 30ml



If you wondered why, well…I just had my Botox again after 5 years of Botox hiatus (watch my previous experience, here).

So what shall we do after Botox? Except the ordinary stuffs like don’t lie down for the next 6 hours, they told me not to use any exfoliants for 14 days. What?! No retinol, no BHA, no AHA for two weeks? Can my skin handle it? 

Guess not! I gave up on day 10, LOL. WHY?? Scroll down and you’d know.

Day 1 (after botox treatment)
Day 10 (result of exfo fasting)

As you can see from both before and after pics as my evidence. Pores were clogged heavily and I could feel that bumpiness on my skin textures. Just like the days before I met my Retinol.

AUGUST 2020, before RETINOL

So, moral of this post is: EXFOLIATING your skin is super important. But as always, know your skin and their ability to handle exfoliant. Some might need it every day like yours truly but some might not. Remember, you know your skin best.

For now, I decided to start my exfoliant again with gentler acid, Azelaic Acid, not my usual Adapalene and Tretinoin. More on Azelaic Acid, so stay tune for the next post. 



Yes, due to lots of things happened in my life, including this global pandemic situation, I just had my Botox again, after 5 years of Botox hiatus (read my previous experience, here).

I did my second Botox Treatment at Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic with Dr Olivia Ong, you can check them out here

Why Botox if you might ask? Well, like most of people I do love my skincare products, but seriously how far can they go? I read it somewhere (I forgot where), skincare and botox are like diet and exercise. To achieve a successful and maximal result for your body, you need both to complement each other. 

Many did it earlier in their late 20’s for preventative botox, but for me it’s all about getting treatment, not just to relax wrinkles. And mine was not just a conventional Botox, obviously. It was like getting a facelift without surgery, very important for a woman my age, with problems on lower face.  

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What comes with age beside wisdom? Fine lines and wrinkles. Also, skin texture changes. Basically, the easier way to say this is, our skin will become thinner and wrinkled easily following our biological clock.

We need powerful antioxidant to tackle this aging situation, stat!

Enter JOYLAB WONDERSKIN range, which consists of three products: ENERGY LOTION, POWER SERUM and ULTIMATE CRÈME. They are packed with a natural yet powerful antioxidant, named Croton Lecher Resin Extract, which is more popular with the name “Dragon’s Blood”, coming from a tree originally from the Amazon. It is known to energize our skin, giving it hydration, and helps to ward off free radicals that cause premature aging. 

ENERGY LOTION: the first thing to apply right after cleansing, act as a toner. It’s more viscous than an ordinary toner, but absorbed easily with tapping motion (I suggest not to use cotton pads). Great for normal to dry skin, as it also contains vitamin E to strengthen our skin barrier. I do recommend this for normal to dry skin.
Price IDR 270K for 30ml 

POWER SERUM: as powerful as the name and the only one in the range that’s safe for Fungal Acne. This serum also contains Niacinamide which is good to help lighten dark spot and even out our skin tone. Expect brighter and smoother complexion after using this for awhile. I love this hydrating serum as it’s not sticky (nice texture, BTW) and doesn’t make my skin look dewy as most of the hydrating serum I’ve tried.
Price IDR 250K for 15ml

ULTIMATE CRÈME: don’t be intimidated by the name. It does come with a cream texture, but it’s lightweight yet feel luxurious upon application (thanks to Shea Butter as one of their ingredients). If you have normal to dry skin, you can apply this twice a day, for a plumper looking skin. Just look at that glorious cream inside the jar!
Price IDR 250K for 27ml