Concealer used to be my best friend, until I tried this.

EVENFAIR PERFECTING CUSHION by SULWHASOO, a renowned Korean beauty brand changed my whole beauty regime in a flash. First, I’m not really a fan of liquid foundation in a bottle. I found them too hard to apply if I’m in a rush, and to blend them perfectly, I need a master degree. And here it is, a cushion foundation, not liquid, nor powder. It reminds me a lot of Laneige BB Cushion, but Perfecting Cushion is not a BB. It’s a multi cushion foundation with skin care benefits (anti-wrinkle/whitening/UV protection) which will gives perfect coverage and that flawless look. 

Thanks to Sulwhasoo Indonesia, I had a chance to get my hands on this awesome product before anyone else (no worries, they’ll launch this upcoming September). I decided not to apply anything before Perfecting Cushion, as it already contains apricot seed herbal moisturizer to help promotes skin resilience and leave it moist all day. And I didn’t put any sunscreen too, as it already has SPF 50+, PA+++. Last but not least, I also skipped my darling concealer as it promised to give a perfect coverage. So in total, I skipped three products: moisturizer, sunscreen and concealer. Just remember to always apply on extra clean skin. 

Inside the packaging, there’s one refill available, and I use the puff provided to apply. It’s a thin puff, but don’t underestimate the power of it. The puff released just the right amount of foundation needed with just one press. Press once in the middle, and it should be enough for the whole face. Nadia from SULWHASOO Indonesia suggested me to start from the middle of the cheeks, then pat over the whole face. Once applied, I can feel the texture is very light. It is nothing like liquid foundation. Very easy to blend and it didn’t look cakey. One pat for each area is recommended though, as over applying will make the skin look to bright. And what a coverage for such a light texture! It did cut my makeup time (sorry concealer, see you again).

I also believe my skin look more radiant and glowing after I finished patting the whole face (check the pic above). Even though the Koreans like to put it that way (just the Perfecting Cushion and nothing else, said Nadia) I did put extra powder to set, because I still prefer matte finish for the final makeup result (thanks to my super oily skin). And if you like to apply powder blush like me, you need to use face powder or else the blush will streak. But if you want to use it like the Koreans (or you’re blessed with drier skin than mine), you can simply pair Perfecting Cushion with cream blush for that healthy dewy look. 

As I mentioned earlier, Perfecting Cushion will be available in SULWHASOO Indonesia’s counters at September 2014. They have 4 shades to choose (BTW, I used number 23/Medium Beige) and reportedly will be priced Rp 680.000. 

SULWHASOO’s Counter: Seibu Grand Indonesia (021-23580179), Sogo Plaza Senayan (021-5730929), Sogo Mall Kelapa Gading (021-51329829).


To complete Francis Kurkdjian’s fragrance wardrobe, he launched PLURIEL.

Bursts of floral scents for the féminin Pluriel, and classic manly scent for the masculin Pluriel. Simple yet elegant 70ml packaging with Rose Gold cap for the féminin (EDP) and titanium cap for the masculin (EDT). 

Here are their notes:

  • Féminin Pluriel: Florentine Iris to Violet, Grasse Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Orange Blossom & Indonesian (yes, Indonesian) patchouli.
  • Masculin Pluriel: Lavender from Provence, Eastern red cedar, vetiver from Haiti and (yes again) Indonesian Patchouli.

Available in September 2014 in Papilion Duo, Jakarta. 


Congrats to Swarovski for opening another boutique in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

My first Swarovski was the charm bracelet my hubby gave me for Christmas. I guess for some (read: lots of) men, it’s super easy to pick up a gift for the loved ones at Swarovski. Women + Bling = Done!

Yup that bling Swarovski sent out will definitely cater our need to look our best at any given moment. From the simple long necklace with pendant to statement colorful collar necklace, they have it all. Attending Swarovski’s boutique opening at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, this week, I was also surprised to see Men’s Collection (though not many), and cute Hello Kitty’s crystal statuette’s. 

Just in time for the new boutique, they also launched Fall Winter 2014 Collection, starring Miranda Kerr. Nope, there was no Miranda at the event. But I love what she wears for the campaign, very easy to wear yet look stunningly bold. Check out the pics above, my personal favorite from the collection, ranging from those long layered necklace worn on models on the runway and those stacked bangles on Miranda’s. I truly believe that now it’s a whole lot more easier for your loved ones (ok, and yourself too) to pick a thing or two, or more from Swarovski. 


Happy Birthday to Terry Wijaya Supit. On her 50th birthday just last week, she celebrated with her friends, colleagues and medias by launching a book.

Not just a book, it’s a book about the journey of Indonesia’s very own jewellery. Terry as one of the founders of Manjusha Nusantara which made replicas of antique Indonesia jewellery, also collected most of her real antiques jewellery, shown at her birthday party. 

I was blown away by her antiques collection, mostly 100 years old of age. Originally came from Kalimantan, Flores, Sulawesi and Sumatera, check out my pics above. Made from Bronze, Silver and Gold, her antiques collection were only shown at that day for exclusive preview. I can’t imagine how pricey those jewelries are. 

For more about Indonesia’s very own jewelries journey, the book ‘Kisah Perhiasan Nusantara’ is now available here


Literally, I did. Thank you to Sampar Indonesia, I was invited to try their facial.

Quite an experience, really, I was dead tired after I finished my shooting contract, and that tiredness shown all over my face. Just check out my ‘before’ facial face. Dull, blemishes everywhere and those dark circles were just really really bad, thanks to lack of rest (read: sleep). 

I didn’t know that Sampar Boutique Store in Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, Indonesia had a booth for facial. Now I do know that they have one inside the boutique. But caution: you have to book your facial days before as they only have one room to accommodate your facial needs. If you know your skin type, then you just mention it to the therapist. But if you’re clueless, the therapist will check your skin condition and decide what kind of facial will be perfect for you.

Since I have the oiliest skin one can only imagine, I was offered a PURE PERFECTION Facial. The name came from one of the SAMPAR’s range especially created for blemish-prone skin. As most facial, the therapist started with cleansing, toning, peeling, massage and masking. I love how they use hot towels between those steps and the face massage (it went through the back, arms and legs too!) was heavenly, I felt so relaxed afterwards. And I really did enjoy the essential oils scent which the therapist applied while massaging (FYI, she said that the oils were not for sale in the boutique).

The star product that I personally believe made my pores shrink instantly is PORELESS MAGIC PEEL. As Sampar didn’t believe in harsh scrubbing (and so do I), I love how the creamy texture glides smoothly and made my skin felt smooth and looked poreless (just check out my ‘after’ pic above). And two thumbs up for no pimples pinching at SAMPAR. Yeay for that!

I really recommend this facial by SAMPAR, if I can go once a week as the therapist recommended me, I so would. So far, they have four treatments available: Essentials for normal to dry skin, Pure Perfections for oily and blemish-prone skin, City of Light for brightening and Age-Antidote for anti aging. If you’re into facial that much, go for the packages as it’s really worth it. 

SAMPAR at Kota Kasablanka
Upper Ground Floor


Inspired by the Mondrian dress created by Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent back in 1965, YSL Beaute presents COUTURE PALETTE.

Currently in Indonesia, there are 7 color palettes to choose. And thanks to YSL Beaute Indonesia (hi mbak Venny), I was given #7 (Parisienne) to try. A Parisienne at heart, I love the soft & romantic colors from taupe, soft pink and plum on the palette. Look at the gorgeous palette above, the top left shade is the base shade (but still, I recommend to use eye primer). The top right shade is the highlight for the brow bones. And the darkest one of all in the middle palette is great as liner. The two bottom shades are great for blending and mixing with each other. 

I really recommend this palette for beginners. As I remembered, my first encounter with eyeshadow palette was not a walk in the park. I didn’t know which color to put where, and how to blend them together. But now, thanks to Couture Palette, they do come with a step by step instruction inside the famous golden packaging. Really, really easy to use, just as they named this palette a ready to wear color palette. 

As any other YSL eyeshadows, they’re really intense and long wearing (even without an eye primer). The bonus from this specific palette: we can create three signature look with ease (BTW, I tried the signature look number 2 for my photo above). It’s a mix between matte & satin shades with a little shimmer for the highlight. Yet, they’re getting better after a while. Don’t be afraid to add up the colors, as they’re very soft and less dramatic than I thought they’ll be. Just remember to always blend, blend, blend to make your look more effortless. 


SPANX. My favorite shape wear is keeping up with the (always) updating women’s need by adding new styles.

At Palalada, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, me and fellow hosts Melaney and Gita, were sharing our experiences with the brand which started back in 2000 by Sara Blakely. I remembered my first ever Higher Power, which was bought online after I heard Oprah was talking about the magic of Spanx on her show at the earlier years of Spanx. And I was hooked ever since. I mean, how could someone dress up nicely, but to ignorance to shape her body? And if you put an effort to put a primer on your face before make up, why not with your body? 

Dress Up and Slim Down was the theme that afternoon, went along with the red dress code. Lauren from Spanx International was there to guide us and inform us about the latest styles from Spanx. Including the one that I’ve been waiting for: the denim leggings. And what I love about the latest arrivals: some of them come with cotton gusset, so we can wear them as underwear. 

Go find them at Sogo, Seibu, Debenhams and Metro Department Stores, and seriously, you’ve got to try Spanx to believe what they can do to that fat bulges, back bulges, whatever they called it. 


If you love ribs as much as I do, you’ll love this brunch.

Beef, lamb, and pork. Choose your selection of ribs or just have them all at Blue Grass Bar & Grill. Located at Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower Ground Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia, you’ll have the brunch of your life. 

Like me, I started with two choices of eggs, cheese omelette and poached eggs with pork bacon. Yum! Then go to the salad bar and spoiled yourself. Off to the main menu, ribs. Personally I love the taste of pork ribs, for their softness and texture rather than the beef & lamb. I believe they were marinated not only with imported barbecue sauce, but with Indonesians’ herbs as well. Just look, they served the ribs with sweet soya sauce with cuts of shallots and chilis. 

Complete the food feast with a glass of Sangria Tinta. Red wine with cuts of strawberries & apples. It was stronger than I think, but perfect to wash down the ribs I just had. 

Last but not least, desserts! For the sweet teeth like me, enjoy banana stick dipped in chocolate or waffles. The waffles texture is really fluffy because they made it from the solid (not liquid) dough. Add with chocolate sauce or maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. That should complete your Sunday Brunch. I remember I was so full that day, I skipped dinner altogether.