So little time to choose. My goodness. From the dead to the still alive and very much kicking, from pop art to a cartoony character.

Out in November 2012, Karl Lagerfeld’s upcoming collaboration with Shu Uemura, which conceived after Karl got inspired from a stack of colorful eyeshadows. I love the mascot that he created, named Mon Shu Girl. So Kawaii.

25 years after Andy Warhol’s death, will also mark the launch of Nars Andy Warhol Collection. There’ll be 29 pieces in the whole collection (out in October and November) that capture the spirit of Andy and his many muses. 

Former Vogue Paris Editor (my idol), Carine Roitfeld partnered with MAC. Expect to look exactly like her make up style, which constantly filled with smouldering smoky eyes and  kohl being smudged around from the 21 pieces collection, out in September 2012.

Known for her upbeat London Fashion Week shows, filled with her rainbow hued designs, Scottish designer, Louise Gray created her new makeup collection collaborating with Topshop. Young and fun like her designs, this is the first time Topshop Makeup have done a designer collaborative range since it was launched 12 years ago. It has been launched on August 23, 2012.


It’s scary to have oily face and it’s definitely yucky to be seen with one. Especially living in this super hot and humid city, oily faces are everywhere. Wipe with tissues is a big no no. If you’re sweaty, it’s very possible that the tissue paper will stuck on your face. My favorite is blotting paper.

Practical, easy to carry around inside the beauty pouch, and they were made to help you blot excess oils without disturbing your make up. You want to blot with style? Try these two. Mai Couture is a luxury beauty brand made for women on the go, and they created Blemish Control Blotting Paper. With a luxurious packaging that beats every drugstore’s usual blotters, it contains salicylic acid to help prevent breakouts. Paraben & Talc Free, it costs US$20 for 100 sheets.

New Kleenex Oil Blotter is my favorite. Pretty design and color it only costs S$3.65 for 50 sheets. Cheap yet capable enough to blot those oils away. Why I love it? It is two sided, plain and the patterned ones. Use the plain side to blot, and the patterned ones won’t be showing your left over oils to the world to see. Somehow, it made blotting look more discreet and elegant. Happy blotting!


These will be the first nail lacquer collection from Oscar de la Renta. Celebrating Fall 2012, these limited edition trio of colors, that were shown earlier this year on Oscar’s fall runway, called Red Carnation, Aubergine and Larimar. I wonder who’s the lucky 700 who got these elegant nail colors (US$22 each) since the brand’s only produced exactly 700 bottles.


She’s officially the queen of hair dyes. She went for every colors you can imagine and now she went red. Katy Perry and her new reddish orange hair graces the cover of L’Officiel Paris’s September 2012. From neon blue, pink, purple, black, it’s so darn hard to keep up with her hair colors. I feel sorry for her actually, cause she once tweeted that it was so hard for her to get back to her natural hair color because she has been black colored for too long. I bet she won’t be back to black soon cause it reminds her of his ex hubby’s. 


I actually clapped my hands when I saw Vogue Paris September 2012 edition. The same look, the same Dolce & Gabbana dress worn by three different supermodels. Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Daria Werbowy graces the cover which all shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. I can’t say anything anymore. I’m speechless. 


As a girl that grew up with Cinderella’s story, and being bombarded by Coco Chanel quote’s that “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”, I do believe in not just good but great shoes. For me, it’s another investment for life. These adorable babies from Net-A-Porter are my current faves. 


A tragic royal story in a movie “Caught in Flight” which will be release some time next year, will be revealing the life of the most loved Princess Diana, two years before her death in 1997. Naomi Watts (she was born in England, apparently), will play the part of Diana. Do you think she really strike a resemblance to the late Princess? You decide.


Found myself intrigued by some names of the fragrances. Why the nose named it that way? Or what’s the story behind them?

Remember Kate Walsh from the series Private Practice? I love her character, Addison, strong yet beautiful doctor on set. She created fragrances, first..there was just “Boyfriend”. The second one is richer, literally, called “Billionaire Boyfriend”. This fragrance supposed to smell like the aroma you love from your boyfriend’s shirt.

Another story if you love coffee that much, you want to wear it. O Boticario, the second biggest Brazilian cosmetic company, launched “Coffee Seduction” back in 2011. And yes, it contains an exclusive extract of the Arabic Coffee.

Last but not least for sure is “(Untitled)” by Maison Martin Margiela. Unsure how to interpreted the fragrance, maybe? It characterized as a floral woody musky with green accords, and supposed to remind us about the aroma after the rain. Pretty unusual, don’t you think?


This will be in my list if (God forbids-knock on woods) I was stranded on a deserted island. L’Oreal Paris Super Liner 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #01-Black. I remember one time, my makeup bag left out somewhere with my luggages in France and I have to sleep with my makeup on. When everything failed, this eyeliner really stayed on the entire night until I finally took it off. Very intense and bold black color, it glides on easily with my favorite eyeliner brush from MAC #266. It’s so easy to achieve a smooth line and dries in a zippy. My favorite, indeed.