This week, I was invited to the exclusive luncheon event of SERGE LUTENS fragrances. It was a great event, they turned the second floor of Tugu Kuntstkring, Jakarta, into a SERGE LUTENS exhibition. Once I entered, they displayed his biography, some of his works (including his two rare books), and (of course) his fragrances collection. 

I think I remember these Shiseido’s ads. In his biography, Serge as a photographer, signed on for a collaboration with Shiseido in 1980. Later in 1982, he conceived “Nombre Noir”, his very first perfume, also for Shiseido. Ten years later, in 1992, he led his first true olfactory revolution in the field of perfume through his creation “Feminite du bois”. And his creations continue until today. 

Currently, Serge Lutens in Jakarta’s stores (Galeries Lafayette and Central Department Store), only carry Eaux and Spray Bottles’ range. Not very complete range, but not bad for first timer. I found some scents are so not me, I also believe some are too strong for this climate. FYI, Serge Lutens doesn’t differ femme & homme fragrances, so you can say they’re genderless. Yup, Serge believes that feeling good has nothing to do with gender and one fragrance can’t simply belong to one gender or the other. My suggestion, search for one that suits you best.

After many sniffs at the event, am I glad I found one that suits me best! “L’Eau Serge Lutens” from EAUX range. Created by Serge in 2010, he calls this creation, an anti-perfume, a connection between perfumes & literature (no wonder I felt such a strong connection towards this specific scent). Leaving a very clean scent, just like when you slipped on newly washed clothes, or lay your cheeks on newly changed pillow sheet, it’s exactly what prompted Serge when he created “L’Eau Serge Lutens”. On the release given to media, Serge said “This creation is my response to a world that is over-scented”. Whoa!!! Exactly my thought. There were times when I just want to smell clean not artificial, and I can say it did a superb job. I recommend this for those who just realized the importance of wearing fragrance (read: beginners), and for those who (this might be a bit harsh, but do spare me) anti-perfume. Trust me, (I copied this from Serge’s statement on the release) “It’s like a breath of fresh, oxygen-filled air”. Clean air one, of course!

Check out the bottle and the packaging. As I’m a firm believer that luxury doesn’t have to scream out loud, the simplicity of Serge Lutens’ bottles had me. Slim and very portable, they can be applied with the stopper like cologne or for the girl on the go (like me), every purchase came with the sprayer option. Save the royal ritual of splattering cologne at home and bring the sprayer to go.  


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