As we’re stepping into the month of love, February, it’s a perfect time to literally filled the air with some affection. And rose will be the perfect scent for romancing your home because rose was associated with Aphrodite & Venus, Goddesses of Love & Beauty among the Greeks & Romans. Enter Diptyque Rosafolia, the new rose-themed collection which include the candle, scented oval and a new perfume “Eau Plurielle”. 

Using Turkish Rose Absolute, enhanced by a touch of galbanum and a hint of geranium, the candle and the scented oval are limited-edition. So better buy them asap, especially if you love the greenish-rose scent which clearly lighter and fresher than ordinary rose. And the thought of using the empty white matte candle jar with lovely rose and ivy design is very appealing, too. Another stylish way to decorate and scent small spaces (like drawers or closets) is using the Rosafolia Scented Oval. A white porcelain medallion with cotton cord can be hung up easily, plus it will look ultra luxurious. 

If you love the same scent on your skin and fabric, choose Eau Plurielle. This floral scent can be spray on your body or your pillow sheets, or (in my case) car’s interior. Very seductive scent indeed, thanks to the hesperidia note with musk & wood for its’ staying power. 

Another instant sophistication to add to any room, is their “Hourglass Diffuser”. It look elegant by its’ own, and (not to forget) it will delicately releases the scent of your favorite Diptyque (like Roses & Baies). A new alternative for candle, simply flip this over then securely placed on the flat & steady surface. The fragrance might take around 20 minutes to flow through without any help of electricity or heat (talking about saving energy). This hourglass diffuser can be refilled twice, and one will last around 2 ½ months if you turned it over four times a day. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita 

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