Ever heard the phrase “the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, the key to a lady’s heart might be inside her bag!

La Clef de mon Cœur est dans mon Sac. That’s how we read the cute pink cards with a set of symbols above.

For its new ROSAVIOLA scent, DIPTYQUE collaborated with fashion designer known for her collection of embroidered book clutches, OLYMPIA LE-TAN. 

Just in time for upcoming Valentine’s day, Olympia Le-Tan interpreted Diptyque’s iconic packaging design in embroidered form which reprinted as the label and packaging for a quirky ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. Expect the box with felt-made kisses, hearts and keys with ribbons. And yeah, they’re pink!

Available in candle, solid perfume and scented oval form, the Rosavolia fragrance is a lady’s treat by itself. Inspired by the mystery of what’s inside a lady’s bag, it’s a predominance of rose, traces of lipstick and the subtle warmth of leather. The rose-violet fragrance also smells powdery, very playful yet romantic, just like the Olympia Le-Tan’s style. 

The solid perfume is just too cute. Check out the petite cloth drawstring bag patterned in lipstick, rose, heart and kisses. Such a perfect gift idea for upcoming Valentine’s day, or might as well treat yourself and put these limited edition collection on your wish list. 


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Check out the new and latest DIPTYQUE’s counter!

Set like a library, this is exactly what you’ll see if you go to their store in Paris (only smaller). Located at The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, you’ll find range of candles, fragrances, home fragrances and their latest skin & body care. 

Me and fellow press met Estelle Omnès, Diptyque’s Area Manager for Asia Pacific and she shared interesting facts about Diptyque.

  1. Diptyque’s founders: Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant opened their first shop on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain to display their artsy fabrics & wallpaper designs (the same wallpaper can be seen on this store!)
  2. Candles made them well known at first, but 7 years later, the very first fragrance was launched, L’Eau.
  3. Celebrating 50 years of anniversary, they launched 34, fragrance inspired by their first shop’s scent.
  4. Their best selling fragrance around the world is PHILOSYKOS. It was actually Greece words mean: Fig Tree. It smells wonderful, very fresh!

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except the Philosykos)


This is the second version of AQUA VITAE by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, named AQUA VITAE FORTE.

The first version was actually launched two years ago, and this year Francis went stronger. A genderless fragrance with richer and fuller scents of Bergamot & Lemon from Calabria, Cardamom from Guatemala, Cinnamon from Ceylon, East Indian Sandalwood, Mandarin from Sicily, Orange Blossom from Tunisia, Pink Szechuan Pepper, Vetiver from Haiti and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. 

Inspired by the meeting of water & sun, notes of woody fragrance is what got me the most (could be from the Vetiver and Sandalwood). Unlike the first version which is more citrusy and great for day use, AQUA VITAE FORTE is more a day to night transformation scent. I can imagine wearing this while watching the sunset and enjoying the night after. Very warm and long lasting scent, AQUA VITAE FORTE comes in 70ml Eau De Parfum. 



As we’re stepping into the month of love, February, it’s a perfect time to literally filled the air with some affection. And rose will be the perfect scent for romancing your home because rose was associated with Aphrodite & Venus, Goddesses of Love & Beauty among the Greeks & Romans. Enter Diptyque Rosafolia, the new rose-themed collection which include the candle, scented oval and a new perfume “Eau Plurielle”. 

Using Turkish Rose Absolute, enhanced by a touch of galbanum and a hint of geranium, the candle and the scented oval are limited-edition. So better buy them asap, especially if you love the greenish-rose scent which clearly lighter and fresher than ordinary rose. And the thought of using the empty white matte candle jar with lovely rose and ivy design is very appealing, too. Another stylish way to decorate and scent small spaces (like drawers or closets) is using the Rosafolia Scented Oval. A white porcelain medallion with cotton cord can be hung up easily, plus it will look ultra luxurious. 

If you love the same scent on your skin and fabric, choose Eau Plurielle. This floral scent can be spray on your body or your pillow sheets, or (in my case) car’s interior. Very seductive scent indeed, thanks to the hesperidia note with musk & wood for its’ staying power. 

Another instant sophistication to add to any room, is their “Hourglass Diffuser”. It look elegant by its’ own, and (not to forget) it will delicately releases the scent of your favorite Diptyque (like Roses & Baies). A new alternative for candle, simply flip this over then securely placed on the flat & steady surface. The fragrance might take around 20 minutes to flow through without any help of electricity or heat (talking about saving energy). This hourglass diffuser can be refilled twice, and one will last around 2 ½ months if you turned it over four times a day. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita 


Inspired by the world of ballet and (of course) the ballerinas, Les Parfums de Rosine presents BALLERINA. 

Nothing against commercial perfumery, but if you ever got tired of them and looking for special perfumes that tell real stories behind the creation, you might love Les Parfums de Rosine. You see, Marie-Hélène Rogeon (the perfume maker that created Les Parfums de Rosine) is a grand grand daughter of Louis Panafieu who created fragrances for Emperor Napoleon III. And she loves all kind of roses which she delivered into variety of perfumes. What amazed me the most, she can built a lot of different aromas from roses, making it a classic, fresh to sensual fragrances. 

Her latest creations available in my home country are: Ballerina No 1 (the pink bottle), Vive La Mariee (the white bottle) and Ballerina No 2 (the grey bottle). As I’m an avid fan of beautiful packaging, they already had me at the bottles. Matte, opaque porcelain bottles embellished with tulle around their necks, do remind me of tutus. Youthful, sweet without being frilly, that’s what I thought of Ballerina No 1. Even though I wasn’t into ballet since I was a little girl (weird, right?), but I do not mind watching ballet and certainly I wouldn’t mind of the soft powdery scent from Ballerina No 1. Rose was indeed in the heart note of this, with florals (freesia, peony, violet), fruits (pear, peach, bergamot, raspberry) and base note such as milk, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. Truly love this feminine fragrance. 

However, Ballerina No 2 seems to represent more mature prima ballerina (imagine, Black Swan). More woody and stronger, thanks to the base note of sandalwood, patchouli, ambrette seeds, vanilla & amber. Yes, rose is still in the very heart note of this perfume, along with florals like magnolia, violet, eglantine and iris. At the top note, there are bergamot, raspberry and orange blossom.

Separating itself from the Ballerina Collection is Vive La Mariee. The bottle is similar with different placement of tulle skirt. More bride than ballerina, it did remind me of a bride’s bouquet. Using Rose Mousseline, roses with white flower smell, I can imagine a bride wearing this on her most glorious day. But then again, if you already way overdue to wear that silk veil (like me, LOL), this soft floral perfume will remind you of that happy celebration. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita


As Valentine’s Day is approaching so fast, this will be the perfect scent to accompany that bouquet of roses.

If someone asked me why I’m so picky when it comes to my perfume choice, I’d gladly answer: “That scent is going to stick with me the whole day, as I’m not really into fragrance touch-ups or changing my day to night fragrance. And I’ll make sure that fragrance won’t annoy me (read: cause dizziness) or worse… annoy someone close enough to sniff me." 

Scent of roses always intrigued me, I guess I’m a romantic that way. But as my journey of scents continues, particular roses won my heart. Bulgarian rose to be precise. For special reasons (their qualities and method of productions), Bulgarian-grown roses produce the world’s best and most expensive oil. And Maison Francis Kurkdjian described Damascena Rose from Bulgaria as one of his Olfactory Description from his latest fragrance, À la Rose. No wonder, it had me at the first sniff. Apparently 250 precious Centifolia Roses from Grasse were also enriched this feminine scent. 

Along with citrus (bergamot & orange), flower (violet & magnolia blossom) and a touch of musk plus cedar wood, À la Rose is like love in a bottle. It hugs me in a subtle and soft romantic way, feels very light and velvety like touching the actual fresh rose petals.   

Photo: Shinta Rosvita 


When I met you in the my heartbeat sound…

That Calvin Harris song “SUMMER” straightly went to my mind when I got the chance to sniff at this new range of fragrance from COMME des GARCONS, “BLUE INVASION”. 

Three ‘blue’ unisex fragrances, BLUE ENCENS, BLUE CEDRAT & BLUE SANTAL presented in blue gradation bottles, were created to accentuate radical contradiction of fresh and non fresh, cool yet warm. Very unexpected, with cooling look yet warm notes like cedarwood & sandalwood. 

They all come in Eau de Parfum 100 ml Natural Spray. And, my favorite will be BLUE SANTAL. I found it unique and more feminine amongst the other two. Now available at The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, Indonesia.