Jakarta, the old town

Well, here’s the new post after a very long Lebaran’s holiday.

I went to Kota Tua yesterday. Been too long, because I live on the very different part of Jakarta, on the south. Meanwhile, Kota Tua is on the north side. With all the crazy traffic jam, this will be my visit after a few years. Yeah..that bad. But actually I always have this soft spot for everything historical. So when traffic was not that bad these days due to Lebaran’s holiday, off I go.

Until the end of this month (July 2016), they have this exhibition “Kota Tua Ruang Kita”. 

It was a non AC exhibition place, so expect hot weather, but nevertheless it was a very informative exhibition, explaining this vintage part of Jakarta from then till now. Let’s just hope that Kota Tua will be one of Unesco’s world heritage soon (as aimed by our current governor who’ve worked very hard for this project).

This exhibition is held on the second floor of this old building. Downstairs is a coffee shop named Historia. And of course, I wouldn’t missed the chance to sip a glass of ice Latte.

A glance of Historia’s entrance (cool, right?). Coffee served by Tanamera, so it’s good. But I didn’t eat anything, so I can’t say much about the food. 




I eat. A lot. 

Check out my instagram (@shintarosvita), and you’ll see my good food posts. Yup not much veggies, fruits nor milk in sight. Yet, as an adult, I know that I need fibers and my bones need calcium to keep osteoporosis at bay. I’ve tried a couple of adult milk and nothing tickled my taste bud. Some of them even smell and taste like iron. 

This week, I received this new adult milk, APTA + GLUKOFIT. Produced by Combiphar, this is the first nutrition product from the health company. Except fibers and calcium, it has vitamins and minerals too, like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. Promised to keep that fuller feeling longer (yeay!), this adult milk will also manage the level of blood sugar. Calcium will help to prevent osteoporosis and the vitamins produced energy for our body. All this great nutrition in a box? I am sold!


Inside the box (I received the French Vanilla), there are 3 sachets. One sachet (60gr) was made for one time consumption with 200ml water. 


Recommended to use hot water first to dissolve the milk powder perfectly, then add ice cubes if you wish.


I’m not a big fan of milk as some gave me nausea, but Apta + Glukofit tasted like no other milk I’ve tried. I love the taste of the French Vanilla flavour (by the way, they have another flavour, Belgian Chocolate). And…it’s not as sweet as others. It did make me fuller longer, too. If this is one of the way to start a healthy lifestyle, apparently it’s not as hard as I think. I’m gonna start with this and maybe more veggies and fruits in the future? 



DUUX Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is a definite must have for your kid’s room.

My first thought when I saw this cute thing, TOAD. Yup, that Toad from Super Mario Bros. Well, this mushroom turns out to be an ultrasonic air humidifier with a soothing night light. Thanks to DUUX Indonesia, when I brought this home, my youngest son (age 10) couldn’t wait until I turned it on in his room. 

Ultrasonic technology creates cold mist within seconds, with the additional nightlight which is great for kids’ room. To scent the room, add essential oil inside the water basin. When I turned it all on (humidifier, nightlight plus aromatherapy), the water basin glows, the mist went out, then the scent filled my son’s room. He even called it magic mushroom. LOL. 

They came in two colors, red and green. And this humidifier (originally from The Netherlands) offers a bevy of kids-friendly benefits like healthier skin and happier nose. The facts that it uses about 80% less power than other humidifiers, no filter to change (just need to clean the reservoir) and it’ll automatically shuts down when the water level is too low, won me over after its’ cute design. It comes with an easy to install and cleaning instructions, too. So make sure you follow the instructions to keep the device working correctly. 

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita



As we’re stepping into the month of love, February, it’s a perfect time to literally filled the air with some affection. And rose will be the perfect scent for romancing your home because rose was associated with Aphrodite & Venus, Goddesses of Love & Beauty among the Greeks & Romans. Enter Diptyque Rosafolia, the new rose-themed collection which include the candle, scented oval and a new perfume “Eau Plurielle”. 

Using Turkish Rose Absolute, enhanced by a touch of galbanum and a hint of geranium, the candle and the scented oval are limited-edition. So better buy them asap, especially if you love the greenish-rose scent which clearly lighter and fresher than ordinary rose. And the thought of using the empty white matte candle jar with lovely rose and ivy design is very appealing, too. Another stylish way to decorate and scent small spaces (like drawers or closets) is using the Rosafolia Scented Oval. A white porcelain medallion with cotton cord can be hung up easily, plus it will look ultra luxurious. 

If you love the same scent on your skin and fabric, choose Eau Plurielle. This floral scent can be spray on your body or your pillow sheets, or (in my case) car’s interior. Very seductive scent indeed, thanks to the hesperidia note with musk & wood for its’ staying power. 

Another instant sophistication to add to any room, is their “Hourglass Diffuser”. It look elegant by its’ own, and (not to forget) it will delicately releases the scent of your favorite Diptyque (like Roses & Baies). A new alternative for candle, simply flip this over then securely placed on the flat & steady surface. The fragrance might take around 20 minutes to flow through without any help of electricity or heat (talking about saving energy). This hourglass diffuser can be refilled twice, and one will last around 2 ½ months if you turned it over four times a day. 

Photo: Shinta Rosvita 


Great scents count. A lot. Every time I burn DIPTYQUE candle, I feel Paris.

If you never tried this highest quality scented candle (FYI, they’re all made with only natural ingredients-no synthetic scents), this is the perfect set to start. Set of Mini Candles (each weight 70 grams) includes three scents, BAIES (Berries), FIGUIER (Fig) and ROSES (Roses). Even though they’re petite, they’re as powerful as the standard Diptyque candle. And the best part if we own this set is we can lit one by one at itself or light them all to create a unique scent. 

Baies was first introduced in 1983, one of the cult classics which is a favorite for such as Peter Som. He also uses the candle’s empty glass container to store his colored pencils (mine will be makeup brushes). Remember folks, do not throw the precious empty glasses once they all burned. 

Figuier is another darling for celebrities alike. Once, Gwyneth Paltrow blogged about it, naming Figuier as one of her favorite candle. 

Roses is sophisticated & elegant, no wonder Kate Moss, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez swear by its’ scent. 

From what I’ve read, those well-known people not only stock their homes with Diptyque candles, they travel with them too. That’s why this set comes in handy at smaller sizes. Don’t you just love the homelike ambience when you travel? I know I do. 


I hope I’ll see improvement in my lashes & brows, now that I’m wearing Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum.

Truly, I have this love and hate relationship with my lashes and eyebrows. Some good days, they looked amazing (especially when eyebrows powder & mascara are added) and for those not so good days, they look blah. What can I say, I was born with sparse lashes and eyebrows. I did eyebrows embroidery (which eventually faded by time) and I did eyelash extension (which eventually fell off by time). Nothing last forever, right? Fortunately, in my hiatus mode from eyelashes extension (I decided to give it a break, because I’m worried I might lost all my own lashes *knock on wood), Kiki from Elizabeth Arden Indonesia sent me this product to try. 

True to its’ name, this specific serum is clinically tested to reveal visibly longer, fuller, more beautiful looking lashes in as little as 2 weeks time if applied daily. With exclusive triple peptide complex, boosted by vitamins, botanicals and lash conditioners, it will support natural renewal cycle, so lashes & eyebrows will look lush, healthy and revitalized. And I do believe that having naturally thick eyebrows and lashes will make us appear younger, no? 

Aging is not the only factor to blame for our thinning eyelashes and brows. Daily use of eyelash curler + mascara apparently will make our lashes starting to thin, too. Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum will help minimize the breakage & recover from this damage too! And don’t worry, it won’t darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation because it’s prostoglandin free. It’s also free of fragrance, colorant and paraben, which I found very practical considering that they recommend to apply this every night. Yup, make sure eyes are clean and free of makeup before applying this every night with its’ own applicator brush. Apply as close as possible to the roots of your lashes from inner to outer corner. And yes, you can apply it on lower lashes as well. Same goes to the eyebrows, apply on clean and makeup free eyebrows with its’ tiny brush. Use short strokes on the desired areas (as for me, I applied on whole brows).  

I have just started using this like two days ago, so of course nothing happened over night. But glad to say that it doesn’t make my eyes irritated, thanks to the fragrance-free factor. The clear texture is just correct, not too thick or too liquid so it won’t drip inside your eyeballs when applied. Being a practical person, the fact that I can use this one product for my eyelashes and eyebrows scored for me! And look at the black velvet pouch that came with the serum (see pic above), it just screams elegant jetsetter. So looking forward to any improvement of my lashes and brows in two weeks time. I’ll keep you posted for sure!




The Body Shop Indonesia has been the official makeup sponsor of Jakarta Fashion Week since 2011. And this year, they collaborated with three local fashion brands, KLE, CottonInk Studio and Ardistia New York. 

With a theme “Runway to Your Way”, I found this particular show as a very conceptual runway. Sitting there on the front row with The Body Shop Indonesia’s team, I can see why they chose the three local fashion brands mentioned above. Super wearable yet fashionable, not to mention…effortless. Just like the makeup from The Body Shop. 

I love how the multimedia screen projected a very modern clip about the key products from The Body Shop which were used for each brand. For KLE who expressed her Spring Summer 2015 Collection in all white, their key products are InstaBlur and All In One Face Base. To support the CottonInk Studio collection who embraced the essence of confidence with effortlessness, they accentuated with strong eyeliner made possible by The Body Shop latest Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner. Last but not least, for Ardistia New York who played with strong lines and bold colors, Colour Crush Lipstick was the main focus of the whole makeup (especially with that wig who covered models eyes). 

Congratulations for The Body Shop Indonesia’s team and their makeup artists who I believed work their hearts off backstage to support this year’s Jakarta Fashion Week. See you guys next year!


BOURJOIS. From their first creations for theatre actors and actresses way back in 1863, this beauty brand surely keep on blossoming. 

Who could resist the power of that iconic little round pots? Of course, the formula has been improving ever since and Bourjois continue to invent, create and design cute yet feminine products for beauty junkies like us. Being an addict for anything Parisian myself, I love how Bourjois made their products accessible for their affordable price but with a great quality of makeup. Not to mention, they have their own counters in major department stores and easily to get in some of major drugstores here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Oh, and they also launches new looks each season with (again) Parisian style advertisement. So you can imagine their wide range of colors (at their website, they noted 400 shades and 100 of them are renewed each year). 

Last week, Bourjois Indonesia gathered us bloggers at Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia to introduce their upcoming products. Range of GLAMOUR Eau de Parfum (Glamour Fantasy, Glamour Chic, Glamour Excessive and Glamour Lovely), TWIST UP THE VOLUME Mascara, ROUGE EDITION VELVET & CC CREAM. They also sneak a peek of a few products for 2015. 

Adding to their complexion category is the CC Cream with three new corrective pigments inside a tube: Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness & White for anti-dark spots. It’s very lightweight, blend easily and leaves skin look brighter and more even. What awed me the most at the event was their TWIST UP THE VOLUME Mascara. It’s the first Bourjois mascara with (literally) twistable two-in-one brush. Check out my pics above for the close ups of the brush. Very convenient and time saving, as it will give length, definition, and volume with only one item. Each brush position has its’ own function. Position 1 will lengthen and separates the lashes, while position 2 provides even greater volume. When I tested it myself, I was very relieved for its’ clump free result as I found it hard to find a lengthening and volumizing mascara in one which delivered the same result.  

And finally I got the chance to test their most anticipated lipstick, ROUGE EDITION VELVET. Such a huge rave in beauty bloggers’ world, this latest lipstick came with ultra bold matte finish with super pigmented color. Surprisingly light weight in texture, very easy application and incredibly long lasting, they came in 8 glamorous & sexy bold colors (definitely not for the shy). I love how it initially feels like a lip lacquer but then it evolved to this fabulous matte finish, exactly like the one you see in the packaging. Tip: make sure you moisturize heavily and wipe the moist of your lips before applying this lipstick. 


If you answered as stylish as you, then Missoni Home will blow you away.

Those iconic zigzags prints for the bed room, bath room and living room? Yes, home is not just where the heart is, it is where your style judged.

For 2013 collection, it’s a celebration of flowers, daisies and poppies to be exact. Printed on materials such as linen, light cotton satin and velvet for sofas, they’ll surely brighten up our home décor. Just perfect for those stylish yet sunny and creative personalities. Are you one of them? Missoni home is available at their showroom stores in Milan, Sao Paulo, Jeddah, Helsinki, and the latest in Southampton, New York.