With SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum. 

My upcoming beauty resolution for 2015 is to take care of my skin more. Not that I neglected doing so this year, but smarter moves for better skin is very much needed. After all, healthy and flawless skin will always be a perfect base for any great makeup, right? 

But first, let me share some skin facts according to SAMPAR which might freak you and make you want to run to get this serum, stat!

  • Starting at 20, each woman will lose average 1% of collagen each year.
  • Skin aging starts silently around 15 years of age, become visible starting 30 and accelerates by 40-50.
  • Every day, the skin loses 1/3 hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid diminishes by 50% starting at the age of 50 years.

For the everlasting search of a perfect serum, search no more as SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum reunites 5 serums (hydration, first wrinkles, deep wrinkles, anti-age spots & complexion radiance) in 1. A super concentrated serum with both preventative and corrective powers that promised to reprogram facial youth. With four patented active ingredients, Skin Youth Reverse Peptide, Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin C, Glucosamine-6 and Adenosine, it said it’ll intuitively adapts to cells regardless of our skin age. 

This smart serum comes with a dropper (great hygienic factor) and a light milky texture which absorb quickly. It didn’t leave any oily filmy residue and skin reactions for me. Usually, I use 2 drops for face and neck in the morning and night time after cleansing and before moisturizing. I’ve tried this for about 2 weeks, I feel my skin is brighter, firmer and more toned. 

From the product’s info, this serum is dedicated from 20 to 60+ years. SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum is now available at Sampar Boutique, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta and Beauty Box Stores near you. 

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