Love the particular scent of musk? You’ll fall deep for MODERN MUSE by ESTEE LAUDER.

Here’s the history of my Estee Lauder’s fragrance: First was White Linen and the last one was Sensuous. And now…Modern Muse. Dedicated for strong & confident woman, enhanced by her own intrinsic femininity & individual style, it features a lush blend of rich florals & sleek woods. A contrast blend of exotic mandarin, jasmine sambac, amber wood and patchouli. 

I found this fragrance as an easy to wear and clean scent. Perfect for day use, as Modern Muse is so light (even though they came in Eau De Parfum). First spritz (in this hot & humid weather) lasted for about 3 hours, so might need to reapply. I love the chic packaging with the bow-like top (like a representable display for its’ feminine scent), and yet easy to spritz (with no cap, yeay!). When I said feminine, please do not imagine sweetness, it’s so not. As I’m very picky when it comes to fragrances (who doesn’t as it will stay with you throughout the day), Modern Muse won my attention. And it seems my hubby’s attention too. I always said that if someone (especially loved ones) even bothered to ask you what fragrance you’re wearing, it must be a winner! Don’t you think so?

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