Thanks L’Oreal Paris Indonesia for this lovely beauty box. 

From skincare, haircare to makeup, I am spoiled with choices. Just check out what’s inside!

These certainly saved my beauty budget for awhile, and I’m super excited to try them. Stay tune for the review, either here on my blog post or on my instagram (@shintarosvita) for a shorter version. 



Crazy for good skin tone, hydration & protection, but need them all in one bottle?

SAMPAR seems to deliver the needs of urban ladies. Yes, we’re very needy, especially when it comes to great skin care and beauty regimen. Juggling between work, family, friends and taking care of oneself are (hell!) not easy. Consider yourself lucky if you can manage your ‘me time’.

Thanks SAMPAR Indonesia for a chance to review their latest product, ‘CRAZY CREAM’. Such a brave name for a beauty product, but I can relate to the ‘crazy’ word really well, as sometimes I can go ‘crazy’ looking for the perfect beauty product which suit my skin needs, or went even ‘crazier’ when it didn’t work. LOL. 

Crazy Cream is perfect for those who are looking for tinted UV-defense cream with no worries of chalkiness or the smell of sunblock. New to SAMPAR COSMAKEUP range, CrazyCream is the first tinted moisturizer that promised to hydrates for 24 hours & stimulates the skin’s self-protection against photo-aging UV rays. It can also correct redness, thanks to the two shades available, NUDE & TAN. SAMPAR Indonesia sent me the Nude shade (the lighter one), perfect for my fair skin. When used for the first time, the first three pumps came out in white color. 

But after three pumps, it turned to Nude shade with brownish speckles. 

I have to remind you that Crazy Cream is not a CC Cream. It’s way easier to blend with fingers (no need for brush) as it’s really lightweight. And it offers sheer not full coverage (I recommend to apply this for base prior to foundation). Even though they named it a cream, might as well think of this product as the next generation of tinted moisturizer. Unlike CC Cream, which (sometimes) I found too dewy for my already oily skin, Crazy Cream gave me this healthy skin tone without the feeling of heaviness. It even gave me that tan looking skin! Check out the difference between my left hand (Crazy Cream applied) and my right hand (sans Crazy Cream). 

Like other SAMPAR products, it’s also paraben free! Crazy Cream (Priced at Rp 560.000 for 33ml) is now available throughout Beauty Box Indonesia’s stores, SAMPAR Boutique at Kota Kasablanka, Sephora Indonesia and Central Department Stores, Grand Indonesia. 

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Now, there are active anti-aging care range from APOT.CARE Paris. 

Last week, me and fellow press were invited to the launch of Apot.Care skincare range. As I’ve tried their Optilash (lash & brow serum) to lengthen my lashes and thicken my brows, I was excited to try their skincare as well. If it worked for my eyes, it should work for my skin as well, right?

Well, turned out, Apot.Care skincare range really took the science and the principles of ophthalmology. That’s why they can be used even on the most sensitive skin. Ever got the feeling of your eyes sting when your face cream accidentally landed there? That wouldn’t happen when you use Apot.Care skincare range. Interesting, yes? 

What’s more interesting, Beauty Box’s stores do carry this complete anti-aging solution line. Let me break it down: 

  • Micellar Lotion (Rp 490.000): This is my favorite of all. As I’m an avid fan of the water-cleansing method for my oily skin, this wiped out my waterproof lipstick I’ve had on the event launch in one swipe only. Very good for makeup removal. 
  • Iridoradiant Cream Light & Rich (Rp 1.300.000): Recommended for those who like to try Botox, but not yet have the guts for it. This fine & silky emulsion have two textures, Light for combination & oily skin, and Rich for dry skin. Let just say, this two will give Botox-effect for tired skin.
  • Radiant Exfoliating Cleanser (Rp 420.000): A daily cleansing scrub with softer beads texture. Expect a fresh and comfort feeling after cleansing. 
  • Instant Radiant Eye Patch (Rp 460.000): Leave the patch for 15 minutes under the eyes to fight against signs of aging & fatigue.
  • Iridoradiant Eye Contour Cream (Rp 840.000): Enriched with NACA Cellular Complex, a powerful global anti-aging complex, this will soothe the delicate eye area. 
  • Iridoradiant Serum (Rp 1.400.000): The most expensive of all from this range, this powerful and high concentrated serum will help to iron-out wrinkle and boost radiance. 
  • Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask Treatment (Rp 560.000): Sheet masks with second skin medical technology. Rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid, perfect for instant hydration & replumping effects. 
  • Radiant Lifting Mask (Rp 700.000): Leave it on the face for 10 minutes or used it as a night mask. This triple action mask will tone the skin, restore a luminous complexion & tighten it. 

Now available at Beauty Box Stores, or you can buy them online, here


With SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum. 

My upcoming beauty resolution for 2015 is to take care of my skin more. Not that I neglected doing so this year, but smarter moves for better skin is very much needed. After all, healthy and flawless skin will always be a perfect base for any great makeup, right? 

But first, let me share some skin facts according to SAMPAR which might freak you and make you want to run to get this serum, stat!

  • Starting at 20, each woman will lose average 1% of collagen each year.
  • Skin aging starts silently around 15 years of age, become visible starting 30 and accelerates by 40-50.
  • Every day, the skin loses 1/3 hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid diminishes by 50% starting at the age of 50 years.

For the everlasting search of a perfect serum, search no more as SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum reunites 5 serums (hydration, first wrinkles, deep wrinkles, anti-age spots & complexion radiance) in 1. A super concentrated serum with both preventative and corrective powers that promised to reprogram facial youth. With four patented active ingredients, Skin Youth Reverse Peptide, Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin C, Glucosamine-6 and Adenosine, it said it’ll intuitively adapts to cells regardless of our skin age. 

This smart serum comes with a dropper (great hygienic factor) and a light milky texture which absorb quickly. It didn’t leave any oily filmy residue and skin reactions for me. Usually, I use 2 drops for face and neck in the morning and night time after cleansing and before moisturizing. I’ve tried this for about 2 weeks, I feel my skin is brighter, firmer and more toned. 

From the product’s info, this serum is dedicated from 20 to 60+ years. SAMPAR The Impossible C-Rum is now available at Sampar Boutique, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta and Beauty Box Stores near you. 


Revolutionize my cleansing routine with the latest mask from GLAMGLOW, POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT.

Having oily skin, applying makeup almost everyday, can really caused havoc to my skin. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel my skin can’t even breathe (same feeling with the nails blocked by gel nail polish). And yes, I still getting acne, the ones that they called adult acne. I believed it happened because of those buildup from oil+dirt+makeup that somehow trapped inside no matter how clean I cleansed. 

Thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia, they sent me GLAMGLOW POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT to try. And boy this is not an ordinary mask. Uniting the power of mud & oil, this deep cleansing and gentle mask was aimed to release those weekly buildup (they recommend to use this mask once or twice a week). Powerful yet gentle natural ingredients were used to make this revolutionary mask. To cut things short, the ingredients are four clays blend and four cleansing oils, velvet mullein leaf and a complex mix of cleansers, astringents & exfoliators. You can read more about the ingredients, here

Different from GLAMGLOW previous masks that I’ve tried, the texture of this mask is way thinner. Applied on clean, dry face, it’s as tingly as the other GLAMGLOW masks, but (for sure) the lightest of them all. And what really differentiate this mask from the others is the removal method. I left it for about 10 minutes to dry, apply small amount of water and start to remove the mask with circular motion. Along with its’ fruity smell, I can feel the exfoliating sensation and how it emulsified itself to cleansing oil texture. Beauty verdict: it’s refreshing, it’s practical (it’s sort of combining mask, exfoliator and cleansing oil in one!), and it’s softening. Definite must have for those who love to do weekly treatment and detoxifying your skin.  


I have to admit, I’m so into eyelashes. Before I did my extension, I was so desperate to get fuller looking lashes, I’ll do anything.

From curling with the (so called) best eyelash curler, applied the (so called) best mascara, and finally I did my eyelash extension. But after I did my eyelash extension with their ups and downs (they fell off easily, they tangled easily, and I can’t shower on my face liberally), I realized that like skin and makeup, your makeup will look better on healthy skin. So, yeah….I need eyelashes care for my eyelash problem. STAT!

That’s when APOT.CARE Lash Enhancing Serum came in. Available at Beauty Box Indonesia’s stores and online, this serum is the ultimate solution to improve the length, thickness and fullness of eyelashes. This innovative lash serum uses a highly effective P226 Polypeptide combined with a moisturizing and nutriment-packed Optiwide complex to ensure rapid, even & lasting eyelashes growth, deep conditioning & optimal protection of the lashes. What’s great about this product: it’s also paraben free and save for those who wears contacts! 

I gave it a try for 28 days (morning and night) and see the result on the pic above. My beauty verdict:

  • Very easy application, thanks to the tiny & precise brush.
  • Its’ clear texture (more like gel) made it easier to absorb too. Just make sure it dried fully before you put on eyeliner or mascara.
  • It didn’t sting, yet it felt really cooling when applied. 
  • I gave it a try on the bottom lashes too, see my pic above and you’ll see the difference, especially on the bottom lashes (they’re longer and fuller, YEAY!).





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Try GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment before piling of too many concealer.

Their face mask is amazing, and I can say the same about this eye treatment. It’s not an eye cream, and it’s definitely not an ordinary eye mask. Let’s just say it’s a quick fix to brighten up those silly Panda’s eyes. How quick? 3 minutes. Yup, from the instruction inside the packaging (which remind me of those contact lenses container, by the way), GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment is a 3 minutes TapWipe. Just tap on the product underneath the eyes, wait for 3 minutes then wipe it off. Super easy and very practical, as (seriously) who wants to wait for more than 3 minutes? And don’t expect the mud to dry like their famous face mask. It won’t. It consists of a non-dry bioactive mud and bentonites to absorb toxins. That’s why they recommended to tap on the product so it’ll deliver the range of advanced active ingredients into the skin. Why wipe? So it’ll leave a micro layer of actives for extended result.

I’ve tried it on last night, hoping to wake up like I rested for more than 8 hours. The box consists of 12 sealed pods for each left and right eye, and each pod can be used only one time. I wish they made it less product in each pod, because I found it too much for one time application only. The texture is gel-like with a scent and tiny bits of peppermint leaves similar to GlamGlow face mask. It felt cool and tingling too. I waited for 3 minutes and wiped with dry tissue. Result? I didn’t see much improvement after I wiped, but when I woke up in the morning, I saw my dark circles lessen and it did pretty well on those fine lines too (see after pic above). I really recommend to use this product at night, leave the effect to stay while sleeping. And wakeup with less dark circles and no puffy eyes like moi!

Get GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment at Beauty Box stores. 


If a beauty product can be such a hot trend because lots of Hollywood celebs are using it, then I don’t see why not follow. 

I remember the first time I read about GlamGlow, the famous mud mask. I read that some of Hollywood celebs (not just the ladies) were using it right before their glam and important event, you name it, movie previews, award shows, etc, to get that ‘glamtastic’ skin. I’m so excited now that GlamGlow is retailed also in Indonesia, precisely in their own stand alone boutique in Plaza Indonesia, Level 4, Jakarta, and at Beauty Box stores (Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Trans Studio Mall, Makassar and Paris Van Java, Bandung).

Thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia, I got invited to the launch event of GlamGlow and met the husband and wife team/co-CEOs of GlamGlow, Shannon and Glenn Dellimore. They shared stories behind the brand and how they found the product that changed our perspective about mud mask. 

The inspiration for GlamGlow came when Glenn who ran a celebrity event business & spa consultant previously, met Keanu Reeves through a mutual friend. Keanu mentioned his frustration with taking a jet overseas, arriving super tired, having not slept and needing to be camera ready when he landed. Keanu practically wished for a product that would get his skin screen ready. Then, Glenn thought if it would be possible to create a fast acting treatment that would save those problems. To cut things short, Glenn and Shannon came up with common ingredients in a lot of skincare products, mud and green tea extract. Shannon was the first to try the mask. Then, they gave the jar to Keanu (of course!), Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan who were visitors at the Spa when Glenn worked. And the rest is history, viva voce continues as they love the immediate glowing result after they applied the mask on their face. 

At the event, press and fellow bloggers were encouraged to try the Supermud on our noses. I felt the tingling on it, but not for long as it began to dry (it’ll dry in 10-15 minutes depend on your skin condition, the oilier it is, the longer it’ll take to dry). Half dried, I can see the dots which apparently are the oil that the mask has pulled out of my clogged pores. Not a very good sight, but afterwards, I can see my pores on my nose shrank and the skin felt smoother. Not only for pores, and oil problems, GlamGlow Supermud (in white packaging) can also help fight all common skin concerns like blemishes, spots, black&white heads, even razor bumps and in-grown hair. 

This is what I personally called the wonderful life of living in a now beauty world, where they promised faster results. Consider yourself lucky to live in this era, when there’s a beauty product designed as a 10 minutes anti aging facial in a jar. GlamGlow Youthmud is a treatment you can rely on for that immediate camera-ready glowing skin a la Hollywood superstars. Youthmud & Supermud retail at Rp 780.000 each, quite a reasonable price for imported items considering the conversion rate nowadays.

For more infos, you can visit their website, here.