Lately, I have no time for myself. Nor for my hair.

Yes, lots of us took hair for granted. We’re too busy caring for our other part of the body (read: face). Then….hair start falling. Then…we panicked. 

What to do when you have no time to actually relaxing for many hours in a hair salon and do hair spa? Seriously, do we really need hair spa or cream bath treatment to make our hair healthier? Apparently all my questions were answered when me and fellow bloggers were invited to the launch of L’Oreal Paris Hair Mask in Rumah Imam Bonjol, Jakarta. 

PR Manager of L’Oreal Paris Indonesia, Antania Hanjani explained, “All that hair tugging or just too hard scalp massage during your cream bath session, generally will make hair falling condition worst. Yes, maybe you feel more relaxed, but your scalp will get oilier and your hair will fall more.” 


I’m surprised to found out that it actually takes just one minute in a week to transform dry and dull looking hair. Complete your hair shampoo and conditioner regimen with L’Oreal Paris Hair Mask, especially if you noticed signs of dryness and damage on your hair (thanks to those processing like coloring, perming or straightening). Yes, it’s an essential part of hair repairing strategy, to boost your hair’s shine and health in just a minute a week. Certainly we can do this, right? 

All these time, many people think that shampoo and conditioner was just enough for at home hair care regimen. You see, conditioner is just adding moisture back into your hair after shampoo and make your hair easier to comb (especially if you have long hair like me). But, hair mask was designed for repair purposes, mainly to improve hair condition. Deep nourishment as I might said, without the need to heavily massage the scalp. 

At the event, we got the hair mask treatment (yeay!). First, shampoo, conditioner and last, hair mask. As you can see, even the textures of conditioner and mask are very much different. Conditioner is much lighter like lotion, while mask is more creamy. 


Convenient in a 20ml sachet for one time usage, I chose Smooth Intense Hair Mask which is perfect for my hair condition. I experienced a lot of ‘tangled when wet’ hair moment, so I found it amazing when the hair stylist at the event combed my wet hair so easily! 


And off to the blow-dry area. 

Voila! Check out my ‘after’ hair. 


I love how my hair look super healthy and shiny. They felt bouncier too. I truly believe, this is how any beauty products supposed to be, super affordable, minimal effort with maximal result. Don’t you agree with me?

L’Oreal Paris Hair Mask is now available in 3 ranges:

  • Total Repair 5 with Ceramide for damaged hair
  • Smooth Intense with Argan Oil for tangled hair
  • Fall Resist 3X with Arganine for hair growth


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