The Body Shop fans, rejoice! Time to shop for your favorite product(s) at lesser price.

I’m such a late bloomer. I went to The Body Shop Anniversary Sale like two days before it ends (it started from Sept 25-Oct 5). But as they said, better late than never. I went to The Body Shop Senayan City’s store, and beforehand I’d like to thank the team there who let me took pictures while I shopped. 

So, what did I buy? 

  • Olive Big Size Shower Gel. This is a limited edition bottle. I always love the fresh scent of Olive Shower Gel, so it’s a winner at 20% off. 750ml pump bottle for Rp231.200. 
  • Blueberry Body Scrub, Shower Gel & Body Lotion. I’m a new fan of this limited edition summer range. Fruity without being to sweet (or I might worried I’ll get stung by a bee, LOL). Such a bargain for buy 2 get 1 free. FYI, the free one is the cheapest, and for me it was the 250ml shower gel for Rp109.000.
  • Well, the rest of the items that I bought were actually not on sale, like Rainforest Balance Shampoo, Colour Crush Lipstick, Arber Hair & Body Wash (bought it for my hubby), and Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. 

Hurry down to your nearest The Body Shop Indonesia’s store, as tomorrow (Sunday, October 5, 2014) is your last chance to shop the sale. Some of their body butter like Honeymania, Mango & Olive are on sale for 20%off. EDT (Brazil Nut, Satsuma, Vanilla, Strawberry & Moringa) are also 20% off. Shower Gel (Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma & Coconut) are also on sale for 20% off. Check out the rest of the sale on the store, so you won’t missed it or you can also shop online here. Happy Shopping!

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