I eat. A lot. 

Check out my instagram (@shintarosvita), and you’ll see my good food posts. Yup not much veggies, fruits nor milk in sight. Yet, as an adult, I know that I need fibers and my bones need calcium to keep osteoporosis at bay. I’ve tried a couple of adult milk and nothing tickled my taste bud. Some of them even smell and taste like iron. 

This week, I received this new adult milk, APTA + GLUKOFIT. Produced by Combiphar, this is the first nutrition product from the health company. Except fibers and calcium, it has vitamins and minerals too, like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. Promised to keep that fuller feeling longer (yeay!), this adult milk will also manage the level of blood sugar. Calcium will help to prevent osteoporosis and the vitamins produced energy for our body. All this great nutrition in a box? I am sold!


Inside the box (I received the French Vanilla), there are 3 sachets. One sachet (60gr) was made for one time consumption with 200ml water. 


Recommended to use hot water first to dissolve the milk powder perfectly, then add ice cubes if you wish.


I’m not a big fan of milk as some gave me nausea, but Apta + Glukofit tasted like no other milk I’ve tried. I love the taste of the French Vanilla flavour (by the way, they have another flavour, Belgian Chocolate). And…it’s not as sweet as others. It did make me fuller longer, too. If this is one of the way to start a healthy lifestyle, apparently it’s not as hard as I think. I’m gonna start with this and maybe more veggies and fruits in the future? 



DUUX Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is a definite must have for your kid’s room.

My first thought when I saw this cute thing, TOAD. Yup, that Toad from Super Mario Bros. Well, this mushroom turns out to be an ultrasonic air humidifier with a soothing night light. Thanks to DUUX Indonesia, when I brought this home, my youngest son (age 10) couldn’t wait until I turned it on in his room. 

Ultrasonic technology creates cold mist within seconds, with the additional nightlight which is great for kids’ room. To scent the room, add essential oil inside the water basin. When I turned it all on (humidifier, nightlight plus aromatherapy), the water basin glows, the mist went out, then the scent filled my son’s room. He even called it magic mushroom. LOL. 

They came in two colors, red and green. And this humidifier (originally from The Netherlands) offers a bevy of kids-friendly benefits like healthier skin and happier nose. The facts that it uses about 80% less power than other humidifiers, no filter to change (just need to clean the reservoir) and it’ll automatically shuts down when the water level is too low, won me over after its’ cute design. It comes with an easy to install and cleaning instructions, too. So make sure you follow the instructions to keep the device working correctly. 

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When all we have to choose is inhale or apply, or both.

Aromatherapy is definitely not a new thing. Way back in the ancient times, our ancestors have been using infused oils from the nature for medicinal, fragrance & cosmetic use.

Remember when you inhaled some strong fragrance that can instantly make your head ache? Inhalation is one of the keys how aromatherapy works with our body. By inhaling the right essential oils through the nose, they have direct access to the brain and can go straight to work on the systems that moderate the entire body. It’s sort of triggering our body natural responses. If you go to spa, mostly they’ll use essential oils for massage, too. When applied to the skin, their healing components will be absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s how essential oil works.

Like an answer to busy people prayers, 21 Drops come in handy. They’re essential oils in numbered and named handy bottles, a perfect modern remedy which can easily be toss in a bag. Each blend is 100 percent organic and natural, packaged in a glass vial to protect the integrity of the blend and dressed up in a bright protective case. 21 Drops named their oils based on specific complaints like “Sleep”, “Headache”, “PMS” and “De-Stress”, which I thought was so clever instead of we’re trying to remember vetiver, lavender, geranium or ylang-ylang. They also provide instruction on each bottle how to apply in specific parts of the body for maximum effect. And, no, you don’t need 21 exact drops for each application, but they do have 21 different oils. I can’t wait to try them.