When all we have to choose is inhale or apply, or both.

Aromatherapy is definitely not a new thing. Way back in the ancient times, our ancestors have been using infused oils from the nature for medicinal, fragrance & cosmetic use.

Remember when you inhaled some strong fragrance that can instantly make your head ache? Inhalation is one of the keys how aromatherapy works with our body. By inhaling the right essential oils through the nose, they have direct access to the brain and can go straight to work on the systems that moderate the entire body. It’s sort of triggering our body natural responses. If you go to spa, mostly they’ll use essential oils for massage, too. When applied to the skin, their healing components will be absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s how essential oil works.

Like an answer to busy people prayers, 21 Drops come in handy. They’re essential oils in numbered and named handy bottles, a perfect modern remedy which can easily be toss in a bag. Each blend is 100 percent organic and natural, packaged in a glass vial to protect the integrity of the blend and dressed up in a bright protective case. 21 Drops named their oils based on specific complaints like “Sleep”, “Headache”, “PMS” and “De-Stress”, which I thought was so clever instead of we’re trying to remember vetiver, lavender, geranium or ylang-ylang. They also provide instruction on each bottle how to apply in specific parts of the body for maximum effect. And, no, you don’t need 21 exact drops for each application, but they do have 21 different oils. I can’t wait to try them.