Camera 360 watch out…we might not need you anymore. Thanks to THE BODY SHOP All-In-One INSTABLUR.

Shine Controlling, check! Reduce appearance of pores, check! Blemish hiding, check! Complexion Unifying, check! Make up extending, check! Sound like missions for beauty apps, no? Apparently not, as now, getting a flawless looking skin in an instant is just a swipe away on your own skin! At the launch event of InstaBlur last week, me and other fellow bloggers and press were told how to apply the latest All-In-One 5 Action Perfector. One swipe was actually all that it needed, to avoid the crystalized form of this face perfector (made from Community Fair Trade Marula Oil). The balmy texture felt super silky and not sticky at all when I tried it on my face. Instantly, I felt the softness when I applied my concealer and foundation afterwards. I do recommend this for those who love to use primer to keep your makeup less shiny and last throughout the day. As for blemishes, especially the raging ones, you still need to apply concealer on top. Tips: a small squeeze of InstaBlur was all that you needed and apply where you needed the most (for me it’s definitely the T-Zone). 

And don’t just blurred the face imperfections, apply the other InstaBlur for your eyes too! At the event, I’ve also got the chance to try the other InstaBlur, All-In-One Tinted Concealer + Primer Colour Intensifier. Now this will complete your whole makeup. Not an ordinary eye primer, as you can use this for eye lids and under eyes to blur that ugly dark circles (as it contained yellow toned concealer). As I believe lots of us are dealing with oily eyelids which made eyeshadows hard to last, this specific InstaBlur is a winner! It also neutralises the appearance of redness on eyelids, and it did intensify the colors of eyeshadows I was wearing. Apply this before your usual under eyes concealer, and notice how it won’t create any single crease. It just blurred as stated, literally. Tips: same like the face perfector, a tiny squeeze was all that you needed. 

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