Just in case you’re wondering, all of these below are fungal acne safe. Rejoice!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’ve been using Clay Mask religiously to minimize my pores appearance. It contains Boreal Tea Powder to control shine, neutralize the appearance of imperfections and refine skin texture, without mineral oil, paraben and silicone. 
Price IDR189K for 75ml.

Another wash-off mask that I purchased from Yves Rocher, it specifically made to unclog pores and fight blackheads with natural charcoal and salicylic acid. Same like the Clay Mask, it contains no mineral oil, paraben and silicone. By the way, this is also a non-hardening mask (same like the above). 
Price IDR 149K for 75ml. 

One of two skincare purchases from Boots that just opened last month here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Botanics is one of their home brand, known to use the power of plants. This toner contains hibiscus, known for its brightening properties and exfoliating flower acids to improve skin’s texture and radiance. 
Price IDR149K for 250ml. 

I love my gel moisturiser, and I’m so excited to try this. Obviously as the name stated, it contains pineapple extract, with glycerin and niacinamide. And good to know that this moisturiser is vegan. 
Price IDR113K for 50ml. 



Well…if you said it’s inflammation and aging combined to one word…you are kind of correct!

I heard about this word when I attended the relaunch of Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global last week on a staycation trip (thanks Yves Rocher Indonesia that accommodated me and 4 others beauty enthusiasts).

Unfortunately our skin is not like a fine wine. It doesn’t get better with age. If you search the word “Inflammaging” online, you’ll find out that this is actually a medical term which acknowledges the role chronic inflammation plays in the aging process, and not just for skin, but for the whole body. But on skin, it describes the foremost cause of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Basically, it’s like your skin cells self-healing functions are slowing down as we age.

So, what caused inflammaging? The sun, polluted environment, and certain foods that we ate (read: sugar, red meat and no vegetables). For me, this “Inflammaging” thing screams like aging 2.0 version.

Good news is we can prevent this, before it’s too late with the renew Anti-Age Global Range from Yves Rocher. It was relaunch because there used to be this Anti-Age Global range a few years back, but it was dedicated to more mature skin (read: 50+ years old). This year, Yves Rocher relaunched this range for 25+ years old, with better ingredients and faster result (they claimed you can see the result within 72 hours). And this line is inspired by Gemmotherapy, the science of buds, known to have more superior properties compared to ‘adult’ plants. Using lilac flower’s buds, known as Syringa Extract, there are 7 products in this range. You can purchase them here.

This line fits perfectly to my current skincare routine, as I’m doing my skipcare. Yes, I skip those 10 steps, just because I didn’t see any improvement on my skin, anyway.

So, these are the steps using Anti-Age Global from Yves Rocher.

After your usual toner, apply The Anti-Aging Activating Lotion. With its’ clear and watery texture, it’s very refreshing and can be use as mist, too. Consider this as a preparation before essence.
Then, use The Anti-Aging Correcting Supra Essence. It’s formulated with Liquorice for that illuminating properties. Love the white matte dropper packaging.
For day, continue with The Anti-Aging Beautifying Cream (they offer two types, one for dry skin and one for all skin types, so choose accordingly). For the all skincare types, it has moisturizing properties with powdery finish.
Day cream for dry skin is more thick in texture compared to the ones for all skin types. Recommended for dry skin type as it really moisturized well.
For night, moisturize with The Anti-Aging Comfort Cream. Unlike any other night cream that I’ve tried, this has unique melting texture which is comfortable to be slept on.
Don’t skip your eyecare. Use The Anti-Aging Illuminating Care with it’s refreshing gel texture, to reduce wrinkles around the eyes area. This comes with a roller ball tip, put in a fridge for extra coolness.
Additional treatment, if you have dark spots problem, treat with The Ant-Aging Dark Spot Concentrate. This is a targeted care product, with a gel texture and a precise applicator tip. You can use this at day and night only on spots as a final skincare routine.



First of all, congrats for 60th anniversary of Yves Rocher. Do you know that this French beauty brand is using 100% botanicals extracts and has 1100 ingredients of natural ingredients in their portfolio? And lately, they’re continuously developing an eco-design approach, too. So they have been decreasing their consumption of non-raw materials and using recyclable materials for their packaging. Beauty that does good, me likey!

Thanks to C&F Store that sent me this naturally beautiful PR Kit to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary. Inside the kit, there are some products that I’ve been using and only one that I’ve not tried before. Let’s break them down one by one, shall we?


CWhy concentrated? Because you don’t need that much to actually make foams and cleanse your body. They claim that this 100ml bottle will last us for 40 showers. It is pH balanced, preservative and paraben free. Personally, I love the small recyclable plastic bottle, very practical for traveling purpose. This is my second bottle already, and I love how it also made my bathroom smells fruity like mango after I showered.


CThis concentrated 100ml format will last for 30 shampoos. I love the fact that it is colorant and silicone free. And the fresh scent that long lasting. But I warn you, you might need conditioner afterward, especially if you have medium to long hair. It might give you tangled hair.


RThis shall be use at the very last step of your shampooing business. It contains raspberry vinegar (don’t worry it actually smells more like raspberry than ordinary vinegar), known for its’ hair smoothing properties and reducing build-up (from haircare or hairstyling products). I believe this is my third bottle already, I love how it made my hair shinier and smells better longer. Yes, if there’s one vinegar that actually can make you smell good, this is the one!


If you have no fungal-acne problem, you will love this. It contains Isopropyl Palmitate and Sunflower Seed Oil which noted as Fungal-Acne trigger on Other than that, it is actually colorant free, mineral oil free and paraben free. And it contains pure organic chamomile extract, renowned for its soothing, softening and hydrating properties. This silky but non-greasy oil will transform into a milky fluid in contact with water and help to dissolve makeup.

In Indonesia, you can get Yves Rocher’s products in C&F stores or buy online here.



They already had me at their claim: No Silicone, No Mineral Oil, No Paraben and Tested on Asian skin.

DSCF6668 copy.jpg

Three products were sent to me by the good people at Yves Rocher Indonesia: LIGHTENING SLEEPING MASK, EXCEPTIONAL TONER, EXCEPTIONAL YOUTH CREAM. Their two hero ingredients: White Licorice Powder with its’ lightening power and White Lupin extract with its’ anti-aging power, said to offer uniformity and youthfulness.

Here’s my review:


Clear with no viscosity. This comes with a quite a strong scent when first applied, but that scent will disappear soon. I applied this with cotton pad as recommended on the bottle, and check out the dirt it picked up! I am impressed, even though this is not an exfoliating toner.

DSCF6722 copy.jpg

This is a night cream. Comes with a recyclable glass jar with plastic cap. Among all three products, this one has the lightest scent. I applied this after toner to hydrate skin at night time. I kind of enjoy the whipped cream texture that instantly melts on the skin.

To seal all the hydration while we were sleeping. Texture like gel, therefore it absorb really well. I do wish the scent would be lighter, though, as I’m used to scentless sleeping mask. And this contains licorice, which is known to calm sensitive skin. I use this as the very last step on PM skincare routine.

I believe this range is good for drier skin, with problems like dark spots and fine lines. Those with sensitive skin, please be aware that these are fragranced. Patch test is always recommended.



I used to have a very simple haircare routine, shampoo & conditioner. But with this expansive world of beauty, when they keep on creating new regime, of course I want to keep up.


FYI, Yves Rocher is a very affordable French brand with a lot of range for personal beauty products. And this Rinsing Vinegar is actually not the latest haircare regime invention. People have been using apple cider vinegar as a final rinse to help clean scalp and hair from product build up. But as you know it, apple cider vinegar smells like stinky feet. LOL. 

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar used organically-grown Raspberry, which off course smell like sweet not acid berries. So what did it claim to do? It promised to add shine to the hair fiber, and bring back beautifully radiant hair. 

As my hair had been curled & colored too many times, and I shampoo everyday, my hair does look dull and unhealthy. Since it’s very hard to find clarifying shampoo to wash product build up in my hometown, I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this product. Because it’s vinegar, the texture is watery and not foamy. So be careful when pouring it as the final rinse after you shampooed and conditioned your hair. Yup, use this as the final haircare regime in the shower, because it’s not a leave on. Yes, you have to rinse this away after you applied all over your hair & scalp. As I have very oily scalp, I concentrate more on scalp. It did make my hair & scalp feel cleaner and look shiny. I used it once a week, and that raspberry scent did last long. Overall, I’m satisfied with the performance of this product and thank goodness now it came in big size (400ml). But if you want to try first, they have smaller size (150ml).