Never underestimate the power of primer.

But, do we really need one? Investing in a face primer is necessary for those who want their makeup to last longer. And having a fungal-acne prone skin and adult acnes are still hunting me, it’s not easy to find one that’s safe. But I found them. Read on!

As you might all be aware already, most of primers do contain silicone (which might come in different names on the ingredients’ list like dimethicone), which still become a debate on how they will clogged pores or not. They are widely used for primers, just because they do create a barrier and make sure our skin looks smoother by filling in pores and lines. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to silicone. Those who have acne-prone skin or have rosacea, are not recommended to use anything with silicone as it may occlude pores and make them worse. So, proceed with caution.

Personally, I don’t use primer everyday. I use it when I know I’m going to be out and about for longer hours. Or I use it when I filmed for YouTube and create content for IG and this blog. On daily basis (now that I’m not working full time), I only wear concealer and compact powder as base.

I believe these primers below helped me to create healthy and glowing looking skin. See my ‘before after’ pics, and you’ll agree with me that all the ‘after’ pics do look similar in terms of giving my skin that “not dead matte” look. Lately, I’ve been avoiding matte base as they will settle more on my lines and pores. Well, matte no more!


As the name stated, we can use this as a primer and/or setting mist. Perfect if you want that glowing look, I’ll let my pics be the judge.

You can also spritz your beauty blender with this, if you wish to glow subtly. Or spray directly and evenly all over the face before foundation, or after makeup to set everything.

PRO: Comes in a spray form, feels lighter on skin than ordinary creamy primers.

CON: By the end of the day, if you live in a humid and hot city like me, you’ll look oily not dewy and fresh like when you initially spray it.


Now, this one will keep makeup looking and stay fresh all-day. With its’ gel texture, this apply lightly on skin and very easy to blend. Personally, I use this with damp beauty blender before applying liquid foundation.

PRO: Gave velvet-smooth looking skin and safe for fungal-acne

CON: It’s fragranced


I’m not sure why they categorized this as moisturizer. Probably because unlike other primers that I’ve tried, this actually add hydration. But anyway, I treated this like a primer, because of its’ pore-blurring capability.

PRO: You can feel that moisturizing feeling and it’s safe for fungal-acne. And it looks better at the end of the day (weird but true).

CON: It has alcohol and fragrance



Welcoming the first ever tint in oil lip color on the beauty market, VOLUPTE TINT IN OIL from YSL. 

Described as a revolutionary lip color with a lip tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil, truly I was feeling a bit skeptical about this latest invention. I mean, mixing oil with color? Was that even possible? Will the color stick on the lips long enough before that licking temptation? Apparently, nothing is impossible. What you see is the infusion of color with four essential oils to be exact: apricot kernel, coriander fruit, jojoba seed and possiflora seed oil. Using Color Link Infuser technology, it enables the tint particles to dissolve homogenously in the precious oil emulsion.

Another surprising point I found out at their launching event this week at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, YSL Beauty Indonesia does carry the total 8 shades available. Priced at Rp 450.000 each, they come in a range of very light to subtly bright colors. If you’re too lazy to swatch, or disgusted to try the testers on the counter due to sanitary reason, just check out the Volupte Codes. Yup. they color matched the ring on the tube with the actual shades inside. IMHO, these are not for those who love intense color on their lips. Nor for those who are looking for long lasting lip color. Their textures are very fluid but emollient enough, they won’t slide and making mess on the lips. Make sure you apply with the ‘Bouche A Bouche’ applicator for more precise & uniform application, though. 

I’ve got No 8 (Pink About Me) to try at home. It does look a bit purplish on the applicator, but once applied, it turned baby pink. Awesome! I love the way it turned my lips into a healthier looking one. That luminous shine is unbeatable, feel light on the lips…and believe it or not, it’s not sticky (actually it felt kind of balmy somehow). Now I know what they meant by “this tint will enhance the natural beauty of the lips”. It will look pretty on those who already born with those naturally pigmented lips. For those who are not so lucky, I recommend using their best pair, ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE Lipstick beforehand. 

If you’re looking for more natural healthy glow result without looking too wet, try blotting with tissue. Blot once and you’ll get this similar but less wet look on your lips. This is a great alternative for those who got serious chapped looking lips while wearing those ultra-matte lipstick, or just bored with that one dimension stain. Don’t just buy my words, give this tint a try, and you’ll know how Volupte Tint in Oil will make your lips look prettier. 



Frankly speaking, I’m not a huge fan of liquid foundation. See, I love to do my makeup as quick as possible, and using liquid foundation with brush and the need to blend them didn’t attract me. Until…

Yves Saint Laurent introduced their latest foundation, YOUTH LIBERATOR SERUM FOUNDATION. It’s the first serum-foundation by YSL and infused with the latest skin science, Glycanactif Complex, which does 3 actions in 3 compartments of skin for lift & pump effect. Let’s just say it works long-term under the skin as well as instantly gives that glowing complexion at the surface. 

I tried shades B30-Beige, and I love the result. My first selfie pic on the left shown myself without any foundation and concealer. The middle pic shown after using foundation only. And the after pic on the right shown after I set the foundation with powder. Surprisingly, even though the texture is quite thick, it was very easy to blend without using a brush. I pumped twice for the whole face only and it didn’t take long to blend. 

As for the coverage, it is a medium to high coverage foundation. So as you can see, I didn’t use any concealer to conceal my uneven skin tone (worst part on both sides of nose). Very good to hide any redness and small blemishes. I did feel like my skin glows from within without using any brightening powder, and even after I set with a non matte face powder, it’s still look naturally dewy. Thanks to YSL’s Color Tune-Up which reduces the appearance of the visible effects of time & magnifies skin tone to add a natural healthy glow to the complexion. 

It lasted really well throughout the day and the best part, it didn’t cake. Don’t be surprised if the shades look a little bit lighter on your face once applied, because it has SPF 20/PA++. The shades somehow will tune in to your own natural shade by time. 

Of course it’s a winner for me as it does save my time doing my makeup with a glorious glowing from within result. 

  1. I can skip my face serum
  2. I can skip my sunscreen
  3. I can skip my concealer

Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation, now available in Indonesia at retail price Rp 750.000. Remember to always pick your shade correctly. 


Controversial, Edgy, Dare to be different?

If you do, then you’ll love Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. Originally launched in 1978, the makeup line known for being extravagance through their palette of textures and colors has been marketed in Indonesia for five years under L’Oréal Indonesia. According to Novi, Brand Manager YSL Beaute Indonesia, the brand voted as Indonesia’s highest growth beauty brand last year. No surprised, considering they have their best selling products like Touche Eclat (reportedly sold one every 10 seconds in the world) and very strong demand in lipstick category.

Last Tuesday, I was invited to the Media Gathering where Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Indonesia announced their collaboration with Gusnaldi, one of the top makeup artist in Indonesia. He’s the most sought after makeup artist among our local celebrities and his works can be seen on many of our top local prints as well. Back in the print days, I used to worked with him a lot, and I can see why he fits to the YSL’s criteria. He’s definitely the one that can be in line with YSL’s signature makeup, edgy, couture and sexy.

Gusnaldi reinterpreted three looks which was originally created by Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Makeup YSL Beaute. As makeup are reflected perfectly by lights, then these looks are all about experiencing the magic light, created by YSL’s best selling products. Named Studio Lumiere, the light belongs to Yves Saint Laurent, check out the steps to the beauty ritual above. And…as expected, Gusnaldi worked his magic hands by giving summer colors a bold boost, through his “Parisian” look, artsy and very fashionable for his “Couture” look and set smoky eyes with different strokes for his “Tuxedo” look.

The exact steps of the exclusive global ritual were followed by Gusnaldi on his two models at the event. Prepped the skin with Forever Youth Liberator and according to Gusnaldi “will make pores look smaller”,  diffusing the light with the Le Teint Touche Eclat “foundation inspired by Touche Eclat”, sculpt the light “it’s highlighting not concealing” and set the light with additional tools like powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush. Gusnaldi loves to pile on lips, he used lip gloss first to moist and add lipstick on top, then another lip gloss to make lips look healthy and keep the lipstick last longer. Hmmm…good trick. 


Asian…rejoice. The latest products from Yves Saint Laurent have been especially created for us.

Who doesn’t love YSL ‘Magic Pen’ Touche Éclat? Reportedly sold one every 10 seconds around the world, this little gold stick has been a favorite among beauty addicts since its launch in 1991. Well, good news for those who want more of this highlighter in different texture. Now, it comes with the foundation and compact. Le Teint Touche Éclat UV & Compact will help us who live in this crazy hot and humid weather, to (literally) stop melting and stay radiant plus flawless all day. Yup, these lightweight foundation and ultra soft compact foundation are specially developed by YSL for Asian Complexion. Thanks YSL to keep us in your mind. Hold your horses, as these fabulous duo will reach Jakarta’s store sometime next month. 



The wildly romantic and iconic Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance is turning 30, and we are celebrating…

with this inspiring Limited Edition Fragrance, PARIS PREMIÈRES ROSES Eau de Toilette Légère 2013 Limited Edition. Created by Sofia Grojsman with the iconic PARIS fragrance in her mind and a symbol of eternal love & tenderness, the Rose Centifolia.

More light than the original version, it’s going to be a delightful scent for spring time. Imagine a walk in a lovely rose garden, and indulge yourself in a floral-green-musky fagrance.

YSL PARIS PREMIÈRES ROSES Eau de Toilette Légère 2013 Limited Edition will be available in Jakarta, Indonesia by July 2013.



How to save without closing your eyes when you passed by their windows. Aha!

My best friend didn’t call me “Shinta-The Power Shopper” for nothing. She knew pretty well that I can shop my heart out in only 30 minutes time…before the store’s closing time. While she came home with one paper bag, I could end up with more than 5 bags from different stores. 

How did I do that? Here’s “The Power Shopper” tips:
– Don’t go to the mall before you know exactly what you need.
– What you need is NOT what you want to buy (this is kind of the difference between Love and Lust, ladies).
– You are allowed to look at other things, too. But strictly hold on to this rule: Look, Touch, Don’t Buy. 
– Don’t let your friend(s) ‘poisoning’ you to buy things that you don’t actually need just because they said it looks good. If they said it looks good, why don’t they buy it for themselves?
– Know your weakness well. Mine will be bags…and shoes. If I ever got my eyes on a certain item, I’ll think immediately about my closet. How many black bags do I have already? How many nude pumps do I have already? Seriously, do you think you need another one of item that you already have? Usually, I’ll aim to other colors or other luxury brands to invest. We all need investment, right? 
– Last but not least: remind yourself that you didn’t pick your money from your money tree at your backyard. Hold on tight to that credit cards. Use it wisely.  

There you have it. Meanwhile, I’m going to share that the sale season is definitely on, right here in Jakarta. These are some of them, which I might go this weekend. Please feel free to share things that you bought over sale season all through this December. You can go to my facebook fan page, and make sure to click ‘like’. 

Happy Shopping, ladies.  


You remember this famous concealer mishap pictures of Nicole Kidman. A lesson for us mere mortals not to over do it on under eyes concealer.

I won’t lie, it feels good to know that even celebrities who have their own glam team can still experience make up mishaps. Yes, I know dark undereyes, panda eyes, raccoon eyes or whatever they called it can be such hell. But, there’s hope. Really. And please don’t copy Nicole Kidman’s makeup artist trick for her look above (most probably he or she is fired after Nic saw her own pic). The darker your under eyes circles doesn’t mean that you have to piled up on too light concealer and white powder. 

Trick to avoid tricky eyes concealer:
Best choice is to choose one shade lighter than your own foundation, pat a little concealer with your ring finger and dust your ordinary face powder on top with brush. Personally, I’ll never put foundation on top of concealer, because it’ll intensify more fine lines. So if you do have fine lines under the eyes already, I suggest you to skip foundation on top of concealer. And if you have dry skin especially under the eyes, pick a liquid concealer, rather than the creamy ones. More on staying power, easier to blend in so it’ll appear more natural. Yellow tone concealers are your best bet if you want to cover the raccoon eyes naturally, too.
Here are my own items/favorites:
– Soap & Glory Trick & Treatment
– Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
– Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
– Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 


Check out the ad from YSL La Laque Couture Collection. 30 shades of nail color, consist of original shades inspired by Stefano Pilati.