If you’re not into football and that FIFA World Cup thingy, the new collection from L’Occitane is a great way to put a colorful mood of Brazil for your body care regime. 

Feito no Brasil (made in Brazil) was born by L’Occitane founder, Olivier Baussan’s trip to Brazil. Not just the craze of Brazil, but also the artists, musicians, spices, perfumes & flowers. Two new ingredients was picked for this new range of body care products, JENIPAPO (fruit tree from Cerrado) and VITORIA REGIA (giant water lily from Amazone). Thanks to Brazil illustrators, Andres Sandoval and Joana Lira, the packaging looks’ are very very Brazilian indeed, with all the colorful designs. 

I was invited by L’Occitane Indonesia to their event at Skye on a very nice afternoon with all the Brazilian snacks and drinks, I felt I was in Rio. LOL. There were Capoeira and samba dancers too! 

VITORIA REGIA has two scents, made from two different phases of the water lily flowers. The Day Flower’s fragrance is fresh with green notes, mixed with orange, lemon & green apple. While the Night Flower’s fragrance is more floral and powdery with a touch of green notes and lime, hyacinth, peony, musk and sandalwood. 

JENIPAPO, also included a range of sunscreen for face and body, with fruity and floral scents, such as citron, watermelon, pinacolada, lily of the valley, frangipani, musk, sandalwood & vanilla. 

My favorite range is VITORIA REGIA Night Flower. I love how sophisticated the powdery scent from the Eau De Cologne. I wish they’ll make Eau De Parfum version of it. These range will be available in L’Occitane Indonesia stores just in time for the World Cup kick off, on June 12, 2014. Get ready to shop!