Ladies (and gentlemen who loves their spouses), be prepared to have a new destination for lingerie and beauty shopping.

Even Lady Gaga (US weekly reported) loves the luxurious lace body suit from this US brand, Naked Princess. If you visit their site, you’ll see boudoir luxuries lingerie made from the world’s finest lace, silk and cashmere. And, they also carry their own beauty products, such as lip gloss, shimmering powder, and candle which are stored in beautiful keepsake vessels.

I love how their collection look more European-ish and lady like. Kudos for the beautiful imagery and the fact that their beauty products are free of paraben, phthalate and talc. Prove that smart chic ladies won’t sacrifice their health for the sake of luxury. 


If you are a supermodel like Miranda Kerr or Alessandra Ambrosio. 

You remember when Orlando Bloom proudly made a standing ovation when his wife rocking the runway with a US$2.5 million Fantasy Treasure Bra on the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year. FYI, Miranda just delivered their son on January 2011 when she walked the runway on November 2011. You do the math.

Well, this year we might see Jamie Mazur, Alessandra’s fiance, on the side of the runway cheering his children’s mother for modeling the super expensive undergarment. Oh, the 31 years old supermodel mom delivered her son on May 2012. You do the math, again.

The Fantasy Bra is a company tradition every year around the holidays, and this year it will be air on December 4. By the way, Alessandra was still breastfeeding her 3 week old son Noah when she got the news from Victoria’s Secret that she’ll be modeling for the Fantasy Bra in the upcoming fashion show. You bet, she’s working out as we speak.

The theme for this year is floral, so it’s called Floral Fantasy. It’s a Very Sexy push-up bra set, adorned with more than 5200 precious gems like amethyst, sapphire, ruby and diamond. 

Hmm..two years in a row, Victoria’s Secret has been tapped two new mother (OK, the supermodel ones) whose bodies are in amazing postpartum shape to model their most precious undergarment. Are they sending a message that there’s still hope for new mother to shed the baby weight and appeared with a flat tummy in the speed of light? Yeah right!


There’s always a time when I have to take a day trip and too lazy to bring my whole makeup stuffs. These are my weapons to survive those 24 hours trip.
– Deodorant from Nivea : This particular one helps a lot since I wear black and white most of the time. It won’t leave white marks on black tops and yellow stains on white tops.
– Shampoo, conditioner and body wash from Fresh : I love this brand. It smell terrific and somehow the aroma last longer on your body. Perfect size for travel.
– Moisturizing oil from The Body Shop : Multifunction stuff always works for traveling purpose. This will help moisturize skin, hair and face in a light way, which is cool if we’re traveling to a humid place.
– Lip balm from Vaseline. Another multifunction item to moisturize lips and give a tint of rosy color.
– Face moisturizer from La Mer. Because taking care of our skin while traveling is still a big must.  
– Face cleanser from Clarisonic. I love the machine, Mia, (shown here in pink) and it comes with the traveling size gel cleanser which turns out to be refreshing.
– Eye serum from Biotherm. This Skin Vivo eye serum doesn’t make my eyes sting as I have super sensitive eyes that can go teary if I put on wrong eye cream or serum. 
– Pillow mist from L’Occitane. Being a clean freak myself, I always carry this around when I travelled to protect me from those smelly pillows in the hotel room. 
– EDT from Victoria’s Secret. Sheer Love, my favorite fragrance. It’s sheer and not too overpowering for everyday use.  


Eat your heart out again ladies. There’s no chance or so whatever for us mere mortals, as Adam Levine is falling in love again with another Victoria’s Secrets Angels. Her name: Behati Prinsloo, and she’s from Namibia.