I screwed up. My skin was angry.

Not sure what I did, I didn’t over exfoliate, I didn’t try new products, I didn’t change my skincare routine. It certainly not caused by weather change, since I didn’t go on my winter holiday (thanks Covid). 

Maybe, it was just one of those hyper-sensitive days? My skin was extra dry, dehydrated, sting, burn, red, basically all the bad things that can happen to one’s skin. It even went to my neck, and it was hard even to open my lips.  

So how do I make my skin back in tact, in just 4 days? Here are my new healing routine (and I’m going to stick by it for awhile until it fully recovered)


  • Cleanse with cool water and gentle facial cleanser
  • CSM with DIY’s Oat Water (soak cotton pads with it and leave them on for 10 mins max)
  • Apply moisturizer with soothing purpose (aloe, propolis and allantoin are my go-to)


  • Cleanse with cool water and gentle facial cleanser (again with VANICREAM GENTLE FACIAL CLEANSER)
  • Spread Hyaluronic Acid Serum evenly
  • Spray with Thermal Water, and while still damp, go to next step
  • It’s not slugging method, apply petrolatum jelly as thin as you can on damp skin (and only on problematic areas).


  • Do not exfoliate at this damaging period. Also, watch out for hidden ingredients in your current skincare routine that might have exfoliating properties. 
  • Don’t use any face oils, occlusive like petrolatum is better to prevent TransEpidermal Water Loss.
  • Never apply petrolatum jelly on active and fungal acne.
  • Using petrolatum jelly on face is not pleasurable. Use it at night in a full AC room is preferable. 
  • Avoid any alcohol and actives.
  • Avoid trying new skincare products at this time.
  • Avoid sunscreen until fully healed, please stay indoor when you can.
  • Stay at home until your skin healed, because wearing mask and makeup will aggravate the damaging condition. 
DAY 1 & DAY 2
DAY 3 & DAY 4
DAY 3 & DAY 4



There’s always a time when I have to take a day trip and too lazy to bring my whole makeup stuffs. These are my weapons to survive those 24 hours trip.
– Deodorant from Nivea : This particular one helps a lot since I wear black and white most of the time. It won’t leave white marks on black tops and yellow stains on white tops.
– Shampoo, conditioner and body wash from Fresh : I love this brand. It smell terrific and somehow the aroma last longer on your body. Perfect size for travel.
– Moisturizing oil from The Body Shop : Multifunction stuff always works for traveling purpose. This will help moisturize skin, hair and face in a light way, which is cool if we’re traveling to a humid place.
– Lip balm from Vaseline. Another multifunction item to moisturize lips and give a tint of rosy color.
– Face moisturizer from La Mer. Because taking care of our skin while traveling is still a big must.  
– Face cleanser from Clarisonic. I love the machine, Mia, (shown here in pink) and it comes with the traveling size gel cleanser which turns out to be refreshing.
– Eye serum from Biotherm. This Skin Vivo eye serum doesn’t make my eyes sting as I have super sensitive eyes that can go teary if I put on wrong eye cream or serum. 
– Pillow mist from L’Occitane. Being a clean freak myself, I always carry this around when I travelled to protect me from those smelly pillows in the hotel room. 
– EDT from Victoria’s Secret. Sheer Love, my favorite fragrance. It’s sheer and not too overpowering for everyday use.