After oxblood color dominates many runways last year, get ready to turn to other color.

Wine. Darker shade of red, sophisticated, warm, yet it made us look cool and expensive at the same time. Check out the latest runways from NY Fashion Week Fall 2013, covered with wine colors, different textures and styles. 


Will the world still be there in 2013? Another calendar finish?

One thing for sure in the fashion world, prints will still exist in 2013…on pants. So printed pants lovers, indulge.

Check out the Pre-Fall 2013 collection above, from digital prints at 3.1 Phillip Lim, ethnic prints at Tory Burch to houndstooth prints at Carolina Herrera. 


The secret to a successful Christmas Party Dress is to keep it as humble as possible, as polite as possible but still as stunning as you can be. Read on.

For those of you who always feel pressured to pick the right Christmas Party Dress, don’t be. Yes, there are lots of choices out there, but here’s how:

– Details : Asymmetric line will give a modern touch to the whole look.

– Fabrics : Stay out of cotton which screams b.o.r.i.n.g. Instead, opt for lace, chiffon, silk or anything in between that say c.o.u.t.u.r.e. 

– Colors : Black is fine if you’re comfortable with the slimming effect, but try another color for the sake of Christmas. The latest color, teal, will also give similar slimming effect plus a lady like look. Or go for metallic, it is time to shine subtly. 

– Length : Keep yourself free of stares for wearing mini dress. Especially, if you have to visit older (read: parents or in-laws) relatives. Knee length is the best choice, anyway, it’s easier to sit without having to pull your dress all night (it’s not a nice gesture, ladies).

– Fit : Put a rest on your body-con dress. This is not the right time to put it on. Loose dress is also a big no-no’s, as you might look sloppy and unprepared. Choose a fit to your body dress, which will give a sophisticated look, and still comfortable to wear. Remember all those Christmas menus that we have to consume later, though. 

Check out my personal picks from net-a-porter. 


As an ordinary human being, I drive. And as an ordinary woman I wear heels. But how on earth can one drive with heels?

What will happen if we picked the wrong choice of footwear for driving? The Telegraph in UK reported a poll by the AA in 2010. 27 percent of respondents had encountered difficulties while driving because of the shoes they were wearing, with 5 percent claiming that their footwear had actually led to them driving dangerously, loosing control or having an accident. 

So is it better to drive barefoot? Nope. Bare foot will perspired then making them slippery. Flip flops? Bad choice. They will come off easily and jammed under a pedal. Yikes! How about high heels and wedges? Don’t push it. While driving, the heel of your foot needs to be on the floor to achieve the correct pedal action. 

Driving shoes is the savior for us, ladies drivers. Somehow, it connect fashion and safety altogether. The rubber soles on the bottom and the heels will protect your life, the shoes itself and your dignity. Slip them on, drive safely with them, then walk around without changing your shoes. Why bother to change if you have these cute driving shoes on?