Seems like my problem about having to carry a big glass perfume bottle for traveling is over. Thanks to Maison Francis Kurkdjian who just launched GLOBE TROTTER.

Yes, you’ve been there also right? You love to smell good while traveling, but you have to think twice to put your favorite perfume bottle (especially the glass ones) inside your hand carry bag due to those traveling regulations & standards. Not too mention, it’s fragile (hello, it made from glass, people!) and heavy with a chance of spilling all over your belongings. Ouch! Worry no more as GLOBE TROTTER come to the beauty rescue. GLOBE TROTTER from Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a savvy travel spray case (currently only available in Zinc color for Indonesia’s market), with a pack of three fragrance refills which sold separately (currently only available in Aqua Universalis Forte). Just slip a vial inside the case and voila! You’re ready to travel with this chic companion. 

Inspired by Francis Kurkdjian’s trip around the world, this special case can store an interchangeable glass vial of his fragrance. Fits perfectly in my hands, perfect for hand carry bag, too. Bonus point: this luxurious fragrance traveling case will securely holds the vial with a magnetic clasp and a chic fine leather pouch

For me, it’s very travel friendly and very good looking (thank God I’m not into girly stuffs). And I just can’t wait for others fragrance refills scents to be available here in Indonesia.



Thanks to Living at The Papilion, I was able to meet the person behind the fragrance I’m wearing.

Francis Kurkdjian, Master Perfumer, Co-Founder of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris was here in Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday. And lucky me, I was invited by Living at The Papilion to meet him and had a chat with him & fellow press. Check out my twitter @shintarosvita for my pic side by side with Francis!

Anyway, Francis was here to introduce Maison Francis Kurkdjian new scented range for the body. Five new body creams were added to his collection: Aqua Vitae, Amyris, APOM, Lumiere Noire Femme and OUD. Each was created in perfect harmony with the same name fragrances.

Why body cream? “Body cream is important. Some people just like to wear body creams only. And I think it’s important to have consistency in the range. They’re a favorite in the US and Europe. Very good for the skin as they’re very rich,” said Francis.

Surprise, surprise…In my lazy (OK, super lazy) days when I didn’t even bother to spray any perfumes, I always count on my shower gel and body cream. But what do you expect if you purchased those typical shower gels or body creams from the grocery racks? Scents will be gone once you walked out that door. So, imagine my happiness when my favorite perfume now has a scented body cream. Not just enhancing the perfume, the body cream is nourishing and moisturizing (thanks to Shea Butter extract as one of the main ingredient). And lately (thanks to aging), my skin needs more than just ordinary body lotion which didn’t work well like it had before. So, body cream in thicker texture is my skin savior, especially if I have to spend time indoor with AC on for 24 hours. My favorite? Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae Scented Body Cream. Carrying the same fragrance whose name it bare, (Aqua Vitae) with notes like Lemon from Calibria, Mandarin from Sicily, Tonka bean and Gaiac wood, it’s fresh, light yet sensual like a second skin.

Always remember that layering is a trick to wear the perfume you already have, BETTER! This will extend your favorite Maison Francis Kurkdjian scent throughout your day, especially in our weather.


  • He teaches (for five years now) at a perfumery school named ISIPCA Versailles (outside Paris), which he graduated from in 1993.
  • Most of his students are female (considering there are more male perfumers out there).
  • Between 1995 and 2013, he already designed more than 40 fragrances for luxury & fashion brands, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Lanvin, Dior, YSL and Elie Saab.
  • His average time to produce one fragrance is 18 months (even though he admitted that he’s not a very patient person when it comes to work).
  • He only wears a fragrance that he’s currently working on. Once it was created, he won’t wear it anymore. He confessed that he’s only using Maison Francis Kurkdjian Liquid Detergent to wash his clothes.



If I ever going to buy a piece of art, spend a lot of fortune on it, I’ll make sure that it won’t just stand there collecting dust. If it’s that beautiful to look at, it should be useful as well. Of course, use with lots of care.

Attending the launch of Flora Di Fornasetti by Fornasetti at The Papilion, Jakarta, last Monday on the fifth of November 2012, was like visiting a contemporary art gallery indeed. Beautiful and unique pieces of Fornasetti are everywhere, from tables sets, trays, vases to scented decorative objects.

Fornasetti’s production is endless. From ceramics, porcelain, vases, home and fragrance collection, wallpaper, rugs, tiles to jewelry. Buying a piece of Fornasetti is like buying a piece of art that will increase its’ value from time to time,” said Gabriele Ferrero, Head of Global Sales & Marketing Fornasetti.

We have an atelier in Milan, so we produced in Italy. Yes, we do have many selections, from small chests, tables, stools and chairs that are useful, comfortable and beautiful. We believe that we have to create any kind of products that you use for your house and in your life. Put one Fornasetti’s piece inside the room, and it will immediately give the room a sense of art,” he added.

Gabriele and his colleague, Laurent Delafon, CEO United Perfumes, were in town to introduce the second scent from Fornasetti home fragrance. “Our scented decorative objects are very Fornasetti, beautiful and useful. For example, the candles which are made of vegetable wax which can burn up to 60 hours. The candles’ vessel are made of ceramics hand made in Italy, and after the wax is finished, we can put anything inside the empty vessel, or just leave it like that as a décor on your cabinet,” Laurent explained.

Their luxurious scented candle really makes a great focus piece with its’ unique design. The uniqueness doesn’t stop there. They have different packaging and method for home fragrances, but only one scent, at least until now. “Before there were only one scent, named OTTO. It was conceived by master perfumer Olivier Polge, a Fornasetti collector himself. He was the nose behind fragrances like Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Dior Homme and Viktor and Rolf. He captured the smell of Fornasetti’s house, like the scent of antique furniture, fireplace and old paper archives. It’s very much around woods and incense,” added Laurent.

Fornasetti does have incense sticks as one of their home fragrance collection. It’s a Japanese incense stick made from cherry wood base mixed with OTTO fragrance. Use one stick (will burn about 20 minutes) to get rid of cooking or smoking smell. It’s (again) an unique and different method to scent your home with a touch of fun art. Fornasetti do have the incense box and scent sphere, a very stylish alternative to traditional home fragrance.

And now, they do have alternative for the scent as well, Flora Di Fornasetti. If the first fragrance was inspired by inside the house of Fornasetti, this time, it was inspired by outside the house, the garden. In the form of a scented candle, it is lighter and more fresh than OTTO, their first fragrance. “Lots of different flowers such as white rose and gardenia, captured and put in inside the candle,” said Laurent.

I can’t help myself attracted to the image of the vessel of Flora Di Fornasetti. It is the beautiful enigmatic face of the opera singer, Lina Cavalieri, which Piero Fornasetti (the founder of Fornasetti) found by flipping through a 19th century French magazine. FYI, he was so fascinated by her face, he took her as a muse and used them again and again throughout his career.

For more about Fornasetti history, collection and images, please visit: www.fornasetti.com




I’m a huge believer that a scent will develop memories, to take a nostalgic journey back through time. And for one particular perfume house and its perfumers in Paris, Dyptique, all their perfumes are journeys. 

This year, Dyptique presents its latest fragrance, Volutes. Inspired by memories of transatlantic crossings from Marseilles to Saigon made by one of three founders of the Dyptique House, Yves Coueslant, his childhood journey blends together in this concoction. Imagining elegance and freedom, with its beautiful female passengers wearing their expensive perfumes and the male were smoking tobacco on-board. 

To develop all of its memorable aromas, Dyptique and perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin blended an intense and bold tobacco with an Amsterdamer note, with accents of wax, honey and dried fruit. Top notes from fresh spices, pink pepper, Madagascan pepper and saffron give it warmness, and smoothened by golden honey. Iris, immortelle and myrrh are the contrary of tobacco, which cover all the facets of the fragrance. To give the olfactory power, storax, opopanax and benzoin which extracted using a brand new process, completed the balance of this genderless fragrance.

Volutes are available as an Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette which notable by the color of the label. Black is for the EDP and white label is the EDT. As I’ve attended the private dinner for Volutes launch last September, I noticed that the EDT is more transparent and light compared to the EDP. It does what it categorized: fruity, floral, aromatic and spicy at the same sniff. Unlike any EDT that I have tried and tested, somehow Dyptique will last longer, so if you’re looking for softer notes to wear throughout the day, than EDT is just perfect. For night, I do recommend to wear Volutes EDP. Elegant yet soft at their first spritz, but powerful in the end. So powerful, someone who noticed your smell that night will surely memorized you.

Even though one of its’ ingredients is tobacco, don’t worry, they are sweet ones. Instead of the strong smoky scent, you’ll smell the woods, incense and musk. Believe me, it’s nothing like your smokers friend shirt’s scent. 

Dyptique Volutes will be available in Jakarta at mid October 2012


I love this fashion ‘journal’ from one of my favorite store, The Papilion. Featuring their latest collection from Autumn Winter 2012, like Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney, Carven, Tsumori Chisato and Comme des Garcons, with the essentials like bags and shoes, I’m so excited to see all the new season goodies in their two stores. Oh, and now, they have M by Missoni! Love them even more.

The Papilion: Jl. Kemang Raya 45AA, Jakarta, Indonesia
The Papilion Duo : Ground Floor Pacific Place, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta, Indonesia.