Congrats to Swarovski for opening another boutique in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

My first Swarovski was the charm bracelet my hubby gave me for Christmas. I guess for some (read: lots of) men, it’s super easy to pick up a gift for the loved ones at Swarovski. Women + Bling = Done!

Yup that bling Swarovski sent out will definitely cater our need to look our best at any given moment. From the simple long necklace with pendant to statement colorful collar necklace, they have it all. Attending Swarovski’s boutique opening at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, this week, I was also surprised to see Men’s Collection (though not many), and cute Hello Kitty’s crystal statuette’s. 

Just in time for the new boutique, they also launched Fall Winter 2014 Collection, starring Miranda Kerr. Nope, there was no Miranda at the event. But I love what she wears for the campaign, very easy to wear yet look stunningly bold. Check out the pics above, my personal favorite from the collection, ranging from those long layered necklace worn on models on the runway and those stacked bangles on Miranda’s. I truly believe that now it’s a whole lot more easier for your loved ones (ok, and yourself too) to pick a thing or two, or more from Swarovski. 


Once upon a time, there was a simple type of footwear, worn in a very casual way, mostly at the beach, named Flip Flops.

And now, there’s Havaianas! Not your typical (read: simple) kind of flip flops, they have come far long the way since their first pair in 1962. Made out of a secret 100% rubber formula that don’t smell and lose their shapes, Havaianas is one global fashion phenomenon. The explosion of colors made them fashionable and fun, yet very functional. 

Their playfulness didn’t stop there, apparently. To celebrate this festive season, Havaianas collaborated with Swarovski to add those bling to your feet. The best part of all: we can make our own Havaianas. Customized and personalized right to the bling!

I was invited to their event yesterday at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, Indonesia. At their pop-up booth (located at level 1), me and fellow bloggers were “challenged” to be our own designer for our own pair of Havaianas with crystal pins from Swarovski. To tell you the truth, it was so hard to pick only one out of 10 color choices for soles, metallic straps and those bling-bling Swarovski pins. I almost changed my mind couple of times. Haha.. But, in the end, I decided to go with Lime Green Soles, Pool Green Straps and the classic Crystal colored Swarovski pins. 

The first step of Make Your Own Havaianas is to pick your Havaianas color combination from the wheel. Spin the wheel to see what colors you love most. Either match them, or (I personally suggest) mix them up to create a playful flip flops. Pick the soles and the straps (Rp 349.000), then crystal pin (each Rp 49.000) from Swarovski. You can also locate your pin position, to make them more comfortable to wear. After you picked them all, you can see personally how the Havaianas team at the booth created your Havaianas on the very same spot. It was really fun to see them made the sandals (how they made the holes and put on the straps and pins in it). It took about 5 minutes for the team to create my new pair of blingy flip flops (yeay!). After finished, the pair were put inside a black zipper travel pouch, perfect for traveling. 

Better hurry, because Havaianas pop up booth at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, Indonesia, will only be there from now till Christmas (Dec 25, 2013). If you’re not in the mood to create your own Havaianas (WHY?), you can also purchase a pair of limited edition Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh in black or white soles (Rp 899.000 each) which were displayed at the booth. The Swarovski crystals are handstitched and sold with beautifully gift box in a Havaianas velvet lined hard case, perfect for Christmas present!


How to save without closing your eyes when you passed by their windows. Aha!

My best friend didn’t call me “Shinta-The Power Shopper” for nothing. She knew pretty well that I can shop my heart out in only 30 minutes time…before the store’s closing time. While she came home with one paper bag, I could end up with more than 5 bags from different stores. 

How did I do that? Here’s “The Power Shopper” tips:
– Don’t go to the mall before you know exactly what you need.
– What you need is NOT what you want to buy (this is kind of the difference between Love and Lust, ladies).
– You are allowed to look at other things, too. But strictly hold on to this rule: Look, Touch, Don’t Buy. 
– Don’t let your friend(s) ‘poisoning’ you to buy things that you don’t actually need just because they said it looks good. If they said it looks good, why don’t they buy it for themselves?
– Know your weakness well. Mine will be bags…and shoes. If I ever got my eyes on a certain item, I’ll think immediately about my closet. How many black bags do I have already? How many nude pumps do I have already? Seriously, do you think you need another one of item that you already have? Usually, I’ll aim to other colors or other luxury brands to invest. We all need investment, right? 
– Last but not least: remind yourself that you didn’t pick your money from your money tree at your backyard. Hold on tight to that credit cards. Use it wisely.  

There you have it. Meanwhile, I’m going to share that the sale season is definitely on, right here in Jakarta. These are some of them, which I might go this weekend. Please feel free to share things that you bought over sale season all through this December. You can go to my facebook fan page, and make sure to click ‘like’. 

Happy Shopping, ladies.  


Number 23 in the famous Bond franchise is coming to my hometown, Jakarta on November 1, 2012. Are you ready for some action or some glam feast for the eyes?

Skyfall is the 23rd James Bond 007 movie, and reportedly is the one of the most hotly anticipated movie of the year. Daniel Craig as Bond no 6 is coming back to the 007 franchise with hotter body ready for some huge action. Enough about him, let’s talk about the Bond girls, shall we? 

Especially Berenice Marlohe whose character, Severine, will be wearing a gown with  glittering Swarovski crystals, 60.000 of them. They all applied by hands and it took 6 months for the Skyfall’s costume designer, Janey Temime to create this black backless gown. Watch closely for this gown which will be appeared on the casino scene, when Severine meets Bond for the first time. 


Never leave your style when it comes to traveling. Airport style has never been cooler than these trunk and trolleys.

Got my eyes hooked on Louis Vuitton Pegase45. Dots looking cheerful and ultra chic, luckily this US$4000 trolley is cabin sized, so one does not have to worry about the expensive luggage being smacked rudely.

Looking like a rib cage is Samsonite by Alexander McQueen. It was designed to protect your belongings like the human rib cage protects our vital organs when we move about in the world. How thoughtful.

The only trunk in this post is also from Samsonite. It’s from their Black Label Collection, back in 2008. This extraordinary piece is full encrusted with Crystallized Swarovski elements and reportedly is sold to the luckiest (and richest I supposed) 30 people in Europe (they were limited edition, folks). 

And the funkiest and baroquest of them all, not to mention the latest, is Anna Dello Russo collaboration’s with H&M. The bright turquoise cabin sized luggage, adorned with golden baroque motifs ala Anna. Love it.