The interpretation of the portal which featured many ‘rooms’ comes to life in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Only until tomorrow (Sunday, September 20, 2015) you can actually browse through Hermès iconic scarf collections: La Maison des Carrés.

Last week, I was invited to their private event, and I wandered freely around the ‘house’. They did it in a mall where they actually don’t have Hermès store, and I was surprised to see how colorful and fun the showcase was.

Hermès tattoo? Yes, please. 

Made origami’s out of Hermès printed paper.

This hammock made out of the scarves, was unfortunately for display only.

Bow ties galore.

Boys can actually have fun on their own Hermès way. 

And of course, scarves display!

As fun and colorful as Hermès La Maison des Carrés can be!



If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’ll love HEYBEB.

This is not your ordinary fashion online shop. They have a curating concept by their own buyers and creative director, so what you see in their website are totally on trend, based on runways and social media. Consists of womenswear which named HEYBEB (which was actually inspired by “hey babe”), menswear which named HEYBRO, and the most unique one, petwear (currently for dogs only) which named HEYWOOF. 

As starter, they have quite a wide collection of simple and easy ready to wear fashion items. And yes, they have opening promo 25% off for all orders (what a bargain, considering that their prices are already that affordable-nothing over 500K rupiah). What’s more, they have their own blog which covers most of the trending topics about fashion and celebrities. 

At the launch event, they showcased their collection on models and muses.

The brain behind HEYBEB: young entrepreneur, Michelle E. Surjaputra and creative director, Ferdy Thaeras.



From Semarang to the world. I wish more fashion designer are as humble and down to earth as Yosep Sinudarsono. 

His name made famous in the fashion industry, thanks to Malin Akerman who wore one of his design on Golden Globe Awards 2015. This week, he took center stage again on Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week, where he showcased 40 designs from LOTUZ (that’s his ready to wear line).

Inspired by the Roman Goddess named Pomona, the show started with ballerinas gracing the runway with his collection. Romantic mood kept on flowing, lots of details like handmade floral embroideries on his ultra feminine dresses. I saw lots of peplum, body-fitting dresses with plunge neckline and fierce jumpsuits. My favorite: the all-black collection for his closing sequence. 



Like chicken & eggs, which come first? 
For me, number one is comfortable factor, followed by style. But for this particular high street brand from UK, I can have them both. Plus added bonus, their easy to mix n match factor. 

Earlier this month, Dorothy Perkins Indonesia launched a Style Essentials collection in Penang Bistro, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. With fellow bloggers & press, we were able to see all of the pieces that you’ll love for Spring Summer this year. Well, this season, there are 10 must have pieces: 

  1. The Statement Shirt
  2. The Block Heel 
  3. The Jumpsuit
  4. The Maxi
  5. The Midi
  6. The Cami
  7. The Boyfriend Jean
  8. The Mini Bag
  9. The Soft Trouser
  10. The Lace Top

Judging from my lifestyle, my favorite will be: the soft trouser, the boyfriend jean, the statement shirt, the maxi and the midi. And what I love about this Style Essentials Collection, even though they add Spring Summer 14 to its’ name, they’re actually fashion pieces that will last longer than that. And do you know that Dorothy Perkins Indonesia didn’t carry that much of items on every style? For example, the mini bag didn’t even reach 100 pcs available in stores. So consider them a (very) limited edition. Hurry down to Dorothy Perkins stores to get them, and while at it, do join the competition (see pic above) to win shopping vouchers (Yeay! More shopping). For more infos, follow their twitter account, here


Ines de la Fressange: French fashion icon, once a muse for Karl Lagerfeld, star model for Chanel for 7 years in a row, now collaborates with Uniqlo.

Parisian chic style really gets me. I mean, come on, dress like a Parisian is so elegant yet effortless, who wouldn’t love it? And one thing for sure, we don’t have to live in Paris to achieve our very own Parisian chic style. Thanks to a special collaboration collection of Uniqlo & Ines de la Fressange, just in time for Spring Summer 2014.

Last Wednesday, March 26, 2014, I was invited to the launch of Uniqlo Spring Summer 2014 at Ice Palace Theatre, Lotte Shopping Avenue. There were special guests at the event, Daniel Boey and Pevita Pearce, Indonesian actress. Yasuhiro Hayashi, President Director & COO Uniqlo-PT Fast Retailing Indonesia also commented on why Uniqlo use the tagline ‘LifeWear’. “It actually came from our customers. Something to wear everyday, it’s not sports wear or casual wear. It’s LifeWear.” I totally agree, as I found Uniqlo as very comfortable for Jakarta’s harsh weather, and very affordable as well. Linen and Supima Cotton are just two of their premium materials, fabrics that offer a comfortable experience for those wearing it, everyday. So comfortable, Ines de la Fressange, the style icon herself, is indeed a real customer of Uniqlo before her collaboration collection launched. The Ines de la Fressange collection comprises four lines, “Petite Parisienne”, “Bleu, Blanc, Parisiennes”, “Note Parisiennes” and “Souffle de Parisiennes” in total about 70 items which will arrive gradually in Jakarta stores. Meanwhile the first line already in stores since March 26, 2014.

At the launching event, I also got a chance to meet Daniel Boey. You might recognize Daniel from his works for Asia’s Next Top Model, and he worked for celebs like Tyra Banks, the gorgeous supermodel Bar Rafaeli and Adam Lambert. The ever humble Daniel shared his tips on fashion styling for everyday wear, “We need a strong foundation of basic items, which we can find easily with attractive prices at Uniqlo. And always dress for yourself, don’t pick up the trend just like that. Pick a fashion trend that suits you.” He shared his inspiring ideas to mix and match the LifeWear 2014 Spring Summer Collection. Three looks to be exact: Denim on Denim, Eclectic Mash Up & Athletic Chic (see the pics above).

Denim on Denim is my personal favorite. Daniel recommends to play with different colors of denim or texture, add some accessories like suspender. Foremost, is to feel confident on the look. For Eclectic Mash, you can start conservatively like a simple basic T-shirt then mix and match prints and colors. The point is to go bold without being over the top. And Athletic Chic screams sporty not sloppy. Add feminine touch like a scarf and accessorize to make this look appropriate for work.

Fellow bloggers, fashion students and stylists were asked to join the styling competition at this launching event as well. Two bloggers won the competition, chosen by Mr.Yasuhiro, Daniel & Pevita as the judges. And the other fashion students won favorite style, chosen by the guests. After the event, all of guests were invited to Uniqlo store, just downstairs of the venue, for a store tour. Fun fashion day, indeed.





Once upon a time, there was a simple type of footwear, worn in a very casual way, mostly at the beach, named Flip Flops.

And now, there’s Havaianas! Not your typical (read: simple) kind of flip flops, they have come far long the way since their first pair in 1962. Made out of a secret 100% rubber formula that don’t smell and lose their shapes, Havaianas is one global fashion phenomenon. The explosion of colors made them fashionable and fun, yet very functional. 

Their playfulness didn’t stop there, apparently. To celebrate this festive season, Havaianas collaborated with Swarovski to add those bling to your feet. The best part of all: we can make our own Havaianas. Customized and personalized right to the bling!

I was invited to their event yesterday at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, Indonesia. At their pop-up booth (located at level 1), me and fellow bloggers were “challenged” to be our own designer for our own pair of Havaianas with crystal pins from Swarovski. To tell you the truth, it was so hard to pick only one out of 10 color choices for soles, metallic straps and those bling-bling Swarovski pins. I almost changed my mind couple of times. Haha.. But, in the end, I decided to go with Lime Green Soles, Pool Green Straps and the classic Crystal colored Swarovski pins. 

The first step of Make Your Own Havaianas is to pick your Havaianas color combination from the wheel. Spin the wheel to see what colors you love most. Either match them, or (I personally suggest) mix them up to create a playful flip flops. Pick the soles and the straps (Rp 349.000), then crystal pin (each Rp 49.000) from Swarovski. You can also locate your pin position, to make them more comfortable to wear. After you picked them all, you can see personally how the Havaianas team at the booth created your Havaianas on the very same spot. It was really fun to see them made the sandals (how they made the holes and put on the straps and pins in it). It took about 5 minutes for the team to create my new pair of blingy flip flops (yeay!). After finished, the pair were put inside a black zipper travel pouch, perfect for traveling. 

Better hurry, because Havaianas pop up booth at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, Indonesia, will only be there from now till Christmas (Dec 25, 2013). If you’re not in the mood to create your own Havaianas (WHY?), you can also purchase a pair of limited edition Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh in black or white soles (Rp 899.000 each) which were displayed at the booth. The Swarovski crystals are handstitched and sold with beautifully gift box in a Havaianas velvet lined hard case, perfect for Christmas present!


Of Fashion.

Pardon me for such late post about the most anticipated closing event from Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. Friday, October 25, 2013, when 5 of famous Indonesian designers (FYI, all male) presenting their collections. 

Under the theme, “Tales of Goddess”, the designers showcased their interpretation of modern Goddess and I was blown away. Of course, a closing event has to be ‘something’ right? That’s why Dewi Fashion Knights always intrigued me for the whole concepts which brought dearly by each designer involved. They impressed me right down to makeup and hair, shoes, head pieces, hair accessories and leggings! Deep fashionable thoughts were made for this show, I believe. Just check out the pics above if you don’t believe me.

I have to admit the most wearable collections of them all was Populo Batik. First timer to Dewi Fashion Knights, Bai Soemarlono and Joseph Lim, the designers behind Populo Batik presented more than just traditional batik (all made by hand by their artisans in Yogyakarta). More contemporary batik were shown with casual yet modern cutting for women and also men.

Also a first timer, Toton Januar. By the way, he’s the youngest of all knights. But that certainly didn’t stop him to catch up with his seniors. With Indonesian seas as his inspiration for his ultra modern collection, he used lots of silk & brocade with (of course) sea colors tones. But I saw lots of white, off white to be exact. And I particularly love the sheer leggings embellished with coral embroideries. Yes, some of Toton’s dresses used traditional embroidery from West Java & Sumatra. 

Mixed of colors were shown at Oscar Lawalata’s haute couture collection. I love all the black ones (obviously), with more edgy touch to them. Even though some of the brighter colors have their interesting patterns, considering that those simple dresses were made by Moulage technique. (that should explain the beautifully draped dresses!)

Let me just say something about Priyo Oktaviano. For me, he’s like the most friendly and approachable designer I’ve ever met. And…he’s very into intricate details. Just look at his couture collection, named Galore. Inspired by French Baroque, with traditional handwoven Tapis (traditional textile from Lampung, South Sumatra), his collection looked very glam. 

Tex is just being Tex. Need I say more? But being backstage with him before the show, I can see why. He personally watched Qiqi Franky (the head of makeup & hair do at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014) did his models’ hair for his show, which was waxed with black mud. And he personally put his edgy tiara on his models’ head afterwards. That’s Tex!


Yup, it has been a hectic week for me.

I promise to update as soon as I can, folks. Meanwhile, please check out my work (lots of them), in conjunction with the most anticipated fashion event in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. 


Celebrating Spring Summer 2013 with a new hair highlight. Me likey.

Last week, I attended the launch of Ombrés Nature, the latest Spring Summer 2013 Collection from L’Oréal Professionnel in the new hotel in Jakarta, JS Luwansa. Collaborating with local fashion label, Alex[a]lexa, all the floral prints seem to fit in for the hair creations by four Hairdresser Ambassadors of L’Oréal Professionnel Indonesia (Andy Lie from Lie Salon Medan, Arie Hidayat & Bambang Harryono from Arie Harry Salon & Bridal Surabaya & Bali, Irwan Doke from Irwan Team Hair Design Jakarta and Lie Kuang from Lie Kuang Salon, Semarang). Check out their fabulous Ombrés Nature creations above.

Thanks to Gisele Bundchen (which I personally think was born with that gorgeous hair), ombré became a huge hair trend, celebrated by many (celebrities or not). From time to time, this trend evolved and become more subtle than the previous technique like those dip n dye spotted on Jessie J. And thanks to L’Oréal Professionnel for bringing this trend more applicable to us, mere mortals from a tropical country, I think I’m super ready for rocking their latest trend, Ombrés Nature. By the way, I am so into “Cool Nature”. Don’t you just love those messy bob style with warm highlights?

Very natural and very Spring Summer, it’ll reflect naturally when hit by lights, making our hair look more multidimensional as the technique is more in highlight terms rather than those bold and obvious lines. Which one is your favorite out of three Ombrés Nature trends made to life by James Pecis  and Nathan Walter (from Trevor Sorbie Salon in the UK)? Sophisticated, Cool or Pop Nature?

People, it’s 2013. Time to concentrate on the technique for hair trend, instead of just the color itself.